As Aeron is described as a judge, it stands to reason that Corellia has a criminal justice system.

What crimes should you be looking out for around the strong hold and what is the appropriate punishment?

Fortunately for you, I’ve listed them below:

Crime: Possession of Potent Leaves with intent to Supply
Punishment: ten years hard labour down a mine

Crime: Failure to be in Possession of an Offensive Weapon
Punishment: Community Service at Grimm’s loin cloth laundry

Crime: Cutting Healing Potion with cranberry juice (aka Forge Forgery)
Punishment: Being fed to the Snark

Crime: Theft of Ham
Punishment: Death! Death! A thousand times Death!

Crime: Kicking Azlar in the butt
Punishment: Mucking out the lion den (assuming you survive the crime).

Crime: Kicking Renfeld in the butt
Punishment: 50 free gem and a medal :medal_sports:


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Crime: Kicking Bane in the ghoulies.

Punishment: 10 epic hero tokens.

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