This is bull crap i used 300 gems to get a 3 star thats bull crap fix this app and take those 3 star hero out of the top and put them in the bottom that is such bull crap you all are ripping people off fix this

We would like to have new heros and troops we all are getting the same heros and troops it would nice to start getting new heros and troops plz update them thank you


Would be nice to have more heroes with unique abilities, as well as troops, this thread could be moved into ideas and suggestions.

Limiting new heroes is a great way to maintain balance. A HOtM is good enough for new heroes andnthe occassional additions here and there. Tmif monthly events are like the previous then we will get new LE heroes monthly with these events. This current set up is excellent.

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Y’all do know this is getting really old try and update the Hero’s and troops and maybe y’all will get more players to start buying gems people is tired of getting the same old ■■■■ and you shouldn’t have 3 :star2: heros up in the eric hero take the 3 :star2: out and put in new Hero’s thank you

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