This is a sad day

I was using my +20 Vela until very recently and the reason I stopped was I needed the Emblems for Freya (we moved to purple tanks)

She was doing a solid job for me and I still use her unemblemed version in my 2nd blue if we get red tanks. Still does me a job.

Telluria I use on the mythic Titan for the critical synergy with Chameleon. It’s a niche job now but she still gets her day out from time to time. Since the general switch to Purple tanks it’s been tough on all Green tanks. Heimdall isn’t getting used as often now for example. That’s just the game evolving.

Sounds like the OP is being a tad bit dramatic. I got Telluria as one of my first five stars as I started around the time she was released. I much later got Vela (when she was featured in Atlantis not too long ago). The reason I feel like the OP is being dramatic is because if he’s truly F2P, then he would need to get 30 5 stars (and good ones) leveled before he could say that he doesn’t need Vela or Telluria anymore, and that’s not including things like the ToL or Ninja Tower. The devs will always rationalize that your heroes are still useful until you have way more than you need, which is at least over 30. I stripped emblems from Tel, and I have a large stable at this point but I still use her on Titans and war. She may not be a savior anymore, but she’s certainly not worthless.

As a player who doesn’t spend hardly at all myself I would gladly today still take and max Telluria and/or Vela and use them regularly.

Up until formations became a thing Justice was my tank. With formations I have switched to C.Elena – and Justice merely moved to flank. Yes, that’s how good my bench is.


Did we all just go back in time a year or so??

It’s probably still a sad day in E&P world, but let’s moan about something from at least this year, shall we…?

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There are some fully leveled 5* that I drop in favor or fully emblemed 4* but Vela and Telly are not dropped.


I find vela still a pain to fight. Im less stressed vs tella, but I know it be a good fight. Even with debuffs, paired with other heros they still useful. Remember, unless they change it, defense is still buffed.

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From this morning…Once again no black knight but i got 3 tyrums 2 wu and a :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: u in a :poop: draw…

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Telly is garbage now, but Vela is still pretty great. The attack ailment is gold.

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@Mistress_of_Shadows you have less then 8% chance to draw a rare event character and even less for a better character. Believe its been changed again… why i dont spend any more

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Original vela was :gem:.
But before telly release vela was perfectly balanced hero.
Coz before telly there was no perfect green tank available in the game.
Telly was a real golden green tank they ever produced (original version).
But the one hammered hard is vela.
Just like Jean Francois and Clarissa.
JF and Clarissa original version released to beta were golden ones.
But some people worried about their Grave makers and both JF and Clarissa were nerfed before release.
After _ve feed back and nerfing before release, they released telly as she was in beta testing. Coz people asking them for a long time , a good green tank.
And most of us all know what happened next.
Still I’m pretty sad about vela. A perfectly balanced hero war ruined.
In near future if they buff back vela , then telly will be pretty good green tank again with her current stats.

Those days had a huge fun and excitment hitting those original telly vela defence.
Me shouted a lot when those went down. Tried various combos as well.
Nowadays me hitting raid with only one attack team. Which didn’t changed for months now. :joy::joy:

And some blaming s4 is not fun. Only just like other seasons.
I have no idea how it should be ??!!
May be we need those stage bosses with 14* titan HP and defence ???! :joy:

They will set a stage which is beatable with maxed 4* with some battle items.
Or may be mixture of 4 and 5*, that’s it.
Raids are real fun . We can’t use any battle items there.
Now a days raids boring. Minions animation is never ending. :joy:.

Now the question is what we missed on having "real fun " with game. Or in other words y these sad days arrived.
Y there is no fun in raids.
If winning every battle in raids is fun then game allows us to use 1* defense.

If we need more hard season stages, then we can hit those stages with our 3* (dawas and many more ) to make them harder even more.

You guys can flag this post if you feeled inconveniences by this post.
Feel free to do so.
I need one. Thank you. :blush:.
May all your 2days pulls blessed with black knight.

I recently removed my emblems from Telly. It was hard to do and it was a little sad. But with a roster of 54 5*s maxed it’s inevitable that heroes will bump down into my stack of unusable heroes. I’ll use mine as fodder for Ninja Tower since I won’t care about her getting knocked out early

I love and appreciate the debate everyone is having…
Yeah, as time goes by, better hero’s are released, metà shifts ect making some heroes you do have become obselete.
JUST REMEMBER, VELA AND TELLURIA didn’t age with time, they were nerfed to the ground,… Ok fine,… But its not fine… If SG nerfed these hero’s cause they were straggling the game, then why release new OP hero’s like ninjas S3 ect,? If these 2 hero’s were left alone, many players with limited hero’s would have a fighting chance against all those new op hero’s.
Personally, I loved it when telly and vela were as they were, at one point no one really liked vela at the time until she paid up with Telluria, for me personally, yeah OK a little frustration BUT I have to say I really enjoyed the challenge, I got to use so many of my other heroes and 4* hero’s in trying to combat and kill those teams, every time that I did, it felt awesome and I got to use a variety of hero’s which was awesome.
Nowadays, the game is boring and stagnent, same old teams over and over again, same old op hero’s and just no variety. I do have telly and vela but they were never levelled until this year after all the crying over for them to be nerfed.
NOW to add salt to your wound, we now have limit breakers and they are planning to release costumes for already OP hero’s… How does that make any sense?
Vela and Telluria would still be really good to use today in combating all the new metà and op hero’s, instead we’re left with broken hero’s, not because the metà has shifted, not because of the newer shiny op hero’s, not because of limit breakers and upcoming costumes for already op hero’s ect, but simply because SG broke them.
I see many crying for nerfs on new op hero’s, many against limit breakers and new costumes but we’re all completely ignored. NOT that I’m advocating for nerfs cause I’m completely against them even on hero’s I don’t have and struggle to beat.
It’s because of this, things like this is why after the tel and vel thing many players have either stopped spending or and have left the game.
I used to always get really excited about new hero’s getting released, always checking the forum for updates ect, I always wanted to collect them all, but now, I don’t even bother looking at new hero’s after what happened. Just to obtain 1 consists of rediculous amount of money or rediculous luck then there’s always that fear where should you be ever so lucky to obtain 1 hero, spending money and months of resource to finally get it fully levelled and them emblemed for then SG to turn roung and basically say, urmmm, yeah but no but, go f yourself, we’re breaking this hero so that you can get fully demotivated and so that we can release a super hero so that you… Mug that you are… Can gamble loads of $$$ which you can’t actually afford to be able to compete.
Dude,don’t stress about it, use what you have and keep your wallet shut for good UNTIL SG readresses vela and Telluria and most importantly addresses Quality Of Life within the game which they have persistently have managed to ignore.


Mystic Vision… Used to be on a 8hr cycle, now it is a 4hr cycle… Why? Cause they have lost so much revenue they have decreased the wait times on mystic vision to try generate more income…
SG… if you want to regain any loss or increase revenue… MAYBE… JUST MAYBE… It really would be a very smart idea to actually start listening to your player base… Aka your customers and maybe just maybe also start rewarding players alot more than what you actually do to make the game rewarding and fun again.

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I think the main reason to reduce MV intervals was to compensate losses related to the recent changes to the Apple Ad Tracking.

Developers claim that Apple’s privacy-first features are ‘atomic bomb’ for revenue

Listening to the player base is a double edged sword. Some of them talk an awful lot of rubbish. Crazy calls for nerfs of perfectly playable opponents, buffs of quite decent heroes, to have events removed because they personally don’t like them… I sincerely hope most of these are not given the time of day.

Am I the only one that remembers the guenivere nerf 2x in a row years ago? (spelled wrong can’t be bothered to look it up :laughing:)
There was the same outcry and nothing changed and ppl moved on and the same will happen. Nobody even mentions her now. Same will happen with vela and tell sadly. Is what it is.

The faster you’ll accept the “rules” of the game the better you’ll be!
SG makes the “rules” and breaks them whenever they want and this is the sad and only reality!

For us now…
we have to decide what type of game we want and what kind of players we want to become:

  1. If you want higher ranks, trophies and world domination :rofl: then you have to follow SG to their path which means “buy” new heroes so to be able to compete in the game. Sadly the older ones will loose their glory… or they’ll be replaced by new and better ones.

  2. If you want to have fun (quests, raids, wars) like me, together with your fellow alliance members, no matter if you win or loose, then you’ll enjoy more the heroes you already have!

It’s difficult not to get excited with the new heroes, that’s the purpose of the game, but if you balance those two (fun with some good heroes you might have the chance to get) the better you’ll be.

Recently I was lucky and pulled Odin and Frigg, but I’ve read in the forums that some time in the future they gonna nerf them :disappointed_relieved:

They were already nerved.
I can’t guarantee you anything, but I’m pretty sure they will stay as they are now, so you are probably save to lvl them.

They aren’t in every def unlike tell and vela, they aren’t easy to get, they aren’t gamebreaking in any other aspect of the game, and there stats are already “old” and a lot of heroes have already surpassed them.
So enjoy those two…

Bonus meme for you


Thx alot!
Hopefully my hero roaster will be able to survive from all those newcomers with the help of Lord and Lady Loki. :heart_eyes:

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This is not even remotely true.

Since you are not at the highest levels, both of those heros are still very viable and strong. Well above average.

It’s only at the highest levels that they have faded.


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