This is a sad day

A while ago an old stager in my alliance got very excited he had just pulled Telluria and he was explaining how this was a good thing and what a difference it was going to make, I was quite happy myself as I had got Telluria myself , it got even better as I had also got Vela, this was as I understood things a very very good thing, I watched the forums and listened to the people in the know as they talked about the new meta and the shift the new heroes had on the game

now I’m not a very high level player it takes me a long time to level up heroes , I don’t spend money on the game so ascension items come around very slowly, I worked on Telluria and Vela as hard as I could slowly day by day getting them closer and closer to 4/80, the last level was really hard and it seemed that I would never get the items to level up that I needed but I put everything into getting the heroes completed as I could even at the cost of having to hold back on other heroes

Meanwhile in the game all was not well the Telluria controversy exploded, she’s too powerful people wailed, I can’t beat her , I haven’t enough money to buy her and such were put forward as the have nots railed against the haves

I didn’t really understand the problem, it’s just a storm in a teacup I thought, but as the clamour to do something got louder and louder I happily reached the point of completion my two new heroes were nearly maxed out, now I would have a chance of at least competing with people in raids

Then disaster not only did Telluria and Vela get nerfed they got nerfed twice

The heroes I had placed so much hope in were reduced to being at best average or worse my hero roster at best threadbare was in tatters, I philosophically decided to carry on and try and rebuild

Since both Telluria and Vela were nerfed twice I have struggled to rebuild I have waited patiently for good heroes to join my teams slowly acquiring the mats to ascend them watching Telluria and Vela fade as they fell further and further down the pecking order in my hero roster

And now they have fallen off the bottom ,benched by shinny new heroes, gone probably far to early

It’s a sad day, something I built and was ruined before I ever really got to use properly, that I put faith in has been overtaken and put to one side

It’s a sad day


Than prepare yourself for a sea of tears.

Even without nerfs you will always have heroes that aren’t up to date, outclassed or just replaced because you get something better or your playstyle changed.

I have a ton of 3* and 4* heroes I used regularly some time back and I never look at now.
There are also some 5* heroes I just don’t use anymore, although not as many as 3* and 4*, just because I don’t have so many. (telluria and vela are still used regularly)

There are some snipers, like magni or Marjana I just don’t use anymore because my playstyle changed from sniper to Aoe
Isarnia because I got Athena
Kunchen because rigard c does around the same, but is faster, cheaper to lvl and easier to emblem
Morgan because there aren’t anymore field aid wars, and on offense she just can’t compete with many of my other green heroes
JF although I don’t even know why I stopped playing with him, I really liked him

And when I progress there will be a lot more heroes that will be left behind and I’m sure it will happen to you also…

To end on something positive, live in the moment and be happy with those heroes you have as long as they work for you, and don’t regret it if something else replaces them.


Here is what I recommend: Play with easily replaceable, fast to level up and cheap resource cost heroes - 4*. If they get outclassed, ascend the next set of 4* and re-use the emblems on the new ones. And instead of focusing on heroes that might get nerfed or that will surely get outclassed sooner or later, better dedicate your resources on creating an army of very high level troops instead. Troops will almost assuredly not get nerfed or outclassed anytime soon.


There is at least one other thread on this topic

I never had Telluria, but I got 2 Velas when she was HOTM and another from Atlantis. I feel doubly punished Vela was actually thought to be underpowered until Telly came along.

I still use my leveled Vela, since I’ve gone nospend and she still contributes. But not likely to feed the other two… :neutral_face:


I’m level 71 and have a decent roster. I don’t have a vela, but if I got her today, I’d max her. Face her in raids, wars, and she’s still a pain. Honestly I find her a bit worse after nerf since I raid mono and not red, so the extra to fire portion of her skill didn’t affect me.


Lies ! If you will get her you will not max her !

Vela and Telluria are nothing. Less then nothing since the second nerf.
With 150-200 damage your time will expire before you can win a raid with this boards that SGG give us this days :laughing:

There is a topic on this forum where people play a game. Who can activate telluria special more times.
I think 26 times in one raid was the winner.

Question: where is "data boys " titanmafia kids " with theyr statistics about OP circus and s3 heroes now?
Thous who cry to nerf them are still playing this game?


Telluria is probably not the best anymore, I just use her because I don’t have any other minion heroes, at the moment lvling frosth, so there is a second. I probably wouldn’t lvl her if I get her now.

But vela is still great, her first “nerfed” version was probably the best, but even so I like her better than the original version. Her damage was never that big and the Atk- only against fire was great for defense with a green tank. But I don’t have any fun if my defense works only good or great, can’t play with it.
And on offense you will face most of the time a single red hero, so the original version wasn’t that great, mediocre damage and nearly no atk-. There I like the actual version with less damage but Atk- for all at fast far more.


I’m still using Telluria in raids, but Elradir is probably going to replace her–that tiny heal wasn’t making much of a difference anyway, and a measurable amount of damage will be preferable. Never got Vela, but she is still in heavy use. Actually, if I’m being honest, a lot of people still have Telluria at tank, too, particularly in wars.

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I understand from your post that you are free to play. On the hand I understand from your description that you put aside Telluria.
I am curious, which tank do you have which is better than Telluria?
I have Telluria. I don’t have a better tank (even after those two nerfs). I don’t see any better tank coming to me in the visible future.


I too was excited to get Telly, in fact lucky enough to get two. For a couple of months she was untouchable. Also lucky enough to grab Vela. I was spending a bit back then, but not so much that you’d expect to pull both based on odds

But that combo was strangling the game. It became so ubiquitous that it made the game less fun, and affected SGs business model. So they had to fix it.

They have now learned that HOTM, and particularly combos of HOTM, cannot be too good defensively. Most HOTM since are quite underwhelming

Vela still has her place on offense and Titans for me (the crit buff is good), but Telly gathers dust

Don’t invest your emotional capital so heavily in a game. The nerf happened. There is nothing that makes this a sad day really, that whole transaction played out a year ago. That would mean every day since has been a sad day , and it that is how you feel then I recommend letting it go and moving on. In this case your suffering is a choice


I have Telly at +19 emblems, and Vela at +17, and I used both of them very often still. :slight_smile: I didn’t dump them on the trash heap just because other people said they are garbage now. Instead, I kept using them, and I keep winning, because I combine them appropriately with my other heroes. I don’t expect them to win battles solo.

Example: I also happened to luck into Glenda - so putting Vela next to Glenda in a blue stack bumps up Vela’s damage pretty nicely, I think. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


I use Vela a lot, usually paired with Frida. Telly is sharing tanking duty with BK (reverse format). Both Vela and Telly never got beyond +10, as I had too many other calls on the emblems, so I’m not really getting the best out of them. I expect Telly will retire before much longer but equally expect to carry on using Vela pretty much forever, or until something comes along that does what she does with more advanced stats.

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My only regret about Telluria was, I gave her the tonics over Evelyn & immediately the nerfs happened… hardly use her and at +1 emblem…

I occasionally use Vela with ninja troop for wars against a red tanks… but nowhere else !

hopefully they will restore both back as the game meta has changed !

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Almost a year ago when the nerfs took place. Where were you then?

I still use my fully emblemed Telly. She still serves as my main war tank, except during rush wars where my fully emblemed and attack oriented Alfrike appears. I have 2 Gravemakers but only one is fully emblemed. I also have 2 Velas but only one was maxed who was emblemed to +12 back then. Both never ever got to help Telly in raid and war defenses as I made use of Snow White and Mitsuko instead during the GTV heydays. On the latter part of 2020, I stripped Vela of emblems to put my Master Lepus to +19 and to improve the stats of my 2 maxed Gazelles, as well as my other druid heroes of lower rarity. Currently, my Vela now is at +7, only seeing action in my second monoblue team for wars or in certain class quests or during Ninja Tower event or during the Tavern of Legends event.

Both Telly and Vela are still good. But not as good during prior to the nerfings and with the advent of new heroes.

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In defense both are still decent.

Tell’s minion immunities mean that some minion counters are less effective against her - for example Grimble will take 4 minions instead of 5, and that means Alfrike won’t be able to charge up fully. That can be the difference between life and death. The mana down also plays havoc with your special timings. And of course she is still as beefy as she always was. There are a lot of tanks or flanks I would rather face than Tell, although obviously it is dependent on individual playstyle and roster.

I also find Vel can be a danger in defense. Her water DOT is impactful with the defender bonus especially with multiple castings. Her up front damage is not that great which means she can’t electrocute herself on mitsuko, and the DOT is not quite large enough for counters like Lady Loki, Myztero and Elradir to decimate a team if they manage to get the timing right.

On offence I used to use Vela with Frida and she also works decently in softening up Freya and Bera minions for Skadi to finish them off, although I rarely use her these days as I go for a heavy hitting team in blue and Richard already does defense down. Tel I dont have so obviously don’t use her.

To echo some sentiments in this thread, Vela is still pretty decent for defense, and in fact she got a “mini buff” in her current iteration since she gives attack down to all instead of just red. This change I imagine also makes her more useful on offense. She is basically a blue Zeline minus the dispel but with water damage instead. (I don’t have Vela)

Telly… well from my perspective she really hasn’t aged too well. The nerfs made her less of an issue to deal with on defense, but that weak heal also means she’s lost her utility as a healer for offense as well. Despite the initial nerfs, I used her all the way up until the final nerf to her HoT, which basically completely destroyed whatever little utility that was left for offense IMO. And so I stripped all her emblems and never looked back. These day she sometimes gets some play time as part of a cleanup team, but otherwise she is basically just a bench warmer.

As @ferg said though:


I dont use any of them anymore since the nerf
They pretty much suck

Both got destroyed and both became liabilities because of “balancing excuses”

Next month who pops up??? Frigg and Odin and Ninjas, and they call it balancing.

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I’ve had a Vela for ages but was encouraged by forum peers not to level her up (excellent advice). On defence she is pathetic to the point I actively target teams that use her. It’s a guaranteed win even with my vanilla roster

Why is this posted today with present tense?

Why is this a sad day? Wasn’t that all in the past? I thought there is a new sad event today… turn out it was more than a year ago…

I got Vela before Telly came out and honestly I like the current “nerfed” version better as its attack ailment not limited to fire heroes.

I got Telly from ToL and I max her and I like her performance in my war attack team.

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Because OP isn’t only referring to the telluria/vela nerf as a sad day.(although that’s a pretty big part of the post :sweat_smile:)

The day is sad because they now dropped out of his regular used hero bench…

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