This Hero is awful, that Hero is better

I know I don’t contribute much on here (if at all), and I know many will disagree with this, but this is just to remind people who play this game, or who are new, to have fun.

I see plenty of posts and videos talking about how certain heroes are so bad and not worth levelling, whilst others are an absolute must. Noor is a prime example lately; with the majority of people stating how bad she is.

Whilst I do agree of course that there are better heroes than others, all I encourage is to level the heroes you want, and to, simply, enjoy them.

People see Noor as slow, and think worthless. I see a single minion gaining almost 320hp from her base HP alone. I look at that and think to myself, how can I make that work, as I like to think creatively.

The reason I’m only voicing this opinion is because the game, by following everyone else’s advice, becomes far too one dimensional. I see people who are ecstatic in pulling Noor as their first 5 star only to be told she’s worthless. What will this do for their enjoyment? It’s an immediate high followed by an immediate low. Just level who you want, and make them work.

I don’t have one 5 star that I havent taken to at least 3^70, because I absolutely love experimenting - it’s what keeps the game fun for me. I do get that there are spreadsheets that push you towards certain heroes, and their absolute best positions, but try something new. I’ve come up against plenty of unpopular heroes and lost raids not because of my choice in attacking heroes, but rather the boards. Whilst the Heroes do go some way towards a win and loss (some more than others, I agree), the boards are random. I’ve had ‘B’ and ‘C’ defense tanks absolutely ruin me because of their synergy with other heroes, and I’ve also had them same tanks ruin me because I haven’t been able to get my skills off due to the boards.

Please, just dont look at a hero for how good or bad they are alone, but rather their synergy with others.

Level them. Experiment with them, and just have fun :slight_smile:


I like your post. I can remember a few times when I pulled a hero (Quintus, Misandra or Agwe) and I was very happy about that. Then I wanted to learn more about them, so I searched for opinions here, on this forum and then I was less happy, because many times people were describing them as “useless”, “not worthy mats”, “too weak” and so on. :stuck_out_tongue: Sooner or later I will ascend them anyway, but I agree with you.


The best heroes are those already in our roster. Others may speak highly about heroes like GM, Telluria, Vela and, co but what is the point if we don’t have them?
Utilize whatever heroes in your posession. Pulling Noor and then, someone told you Baldur is better so you let Noor collecting dust hoping to pull Baldur until you realize you have not gotten Baldur after a year.

Noor could have done you wonders in that period…


Great post. And well said. I remember when my grandson started playing this game, I paid for several 10 pulls to get him started. And he got the HOTM - Margaret. He was over the moon.
Then he read all the post in the forum and was totally deflated.
But I will give him his due he levelled Margaret, she then had a buff which made her lots better and he likes her in his war teams. And enjoys taking her on raids too.
So yes I get your point, we all need to remember It’s just a game and to have Fun …

Edit - got my nerf and my buff mixed up lol


I have leveled so many of the “useless” heroes!

Like was stated earlier, it makes the game fun for me! I had Gobbler maxed with a few emblems long before his re-balance and still use him on my green mono, especially in war with all of the minion casters out there!

Trying to think of other “useless” heroes I have maxed…many say Jabbar isn’t good, but I run him at +7 tank on my purple mono with Kage, Seshat, Domitia, and Rigard +14.

I have Rumpelstiltskin at +9, simply because he was my first 5* blue. Others told me to wait for a better one, but he is fun to play with, and all 3 specials are helpful!

Granted, many of the “useless” heroes I still use are surrounded by other better heroes, but I still feel that each hero has its place in the game!


I celebrate your post bro. Though its true that there are heroes which are objectively better than others , its true too that one isnt always so lucky to have the best heroes around. What to do so? I usually park for two or three months those 5* heroes im doubtful to see if something better approaches.
I do this because , except tonics (have 18) , i dont have plenty of 4* AM to spend on.

In my personal experience i did it with JF. Pulled in February but maxed last month. I was hoping to pull a better red hero, i dont know, maybe Tyr or Marjana, but i didnt pull any of them so i ended maxing Jf.
I find him a good hero, his crit boost is a good thing to have in a red stack and he is on my def team. So no regrets here.

On the other hand my first Purple 5* hero was Grimble. I didnt max him, i didnt like he being niche to be my first purple 5*.
Then Aeron showed up, i didnt need him because by the time i pulled him i already had C.Rigs .
And finally Ursena came to me which maxed asap.
Now i have Clarissa too , to work on, so im glad i didnt spend any tabard on grimble or Aeron.

Anyways , for someone who has already a solid bench of 4* star heroes, and for experimentation purposes its a good idea to bring those 5* to 3/70. We have already the case of @RandaPanduh who until i know she didnt max any of her 5* yet and have lots of them , but she prefers experimenting first .

Regarding tier list, the community rate the heroes for a reason, that doesnt mean the hero is useless, so i encourage to anyone to work on the heroes available in each roster . If any tip as i did its ok to park some heroes for a period of time but if nothing better comes lets go and bring the hero to 3/70 and then if you like or need it max it


On the topic of Grimble… I think Grimble has gained a ton of popularity with Telluria, and all the other minion heroes around. At the time I maxed Grimble, it was because I had 15 Tabards and no other 5* purples to max. I then promptly pulled Alfrike and Clarissa. At first, I was bummed because I “wasted” the mats on Grimble, and didn’t have enough to max Clarissa. However, after playing around with him for a while, I absolutely love Grimble. I hunt minion-generating teams both in raids and wars, using Grimble to gain mana to charge Alfrike, who is her own personal, “I win”, button.

On the topic of this thread, I think the best advice I’ve read is, the best heroes are the ones you have. The Margaret you have is better than the Telluria you don’t. That thought process is only magnified by how many pulls you do. If you’re F2P/C2P, use what you got!


Exactly this.

Whatever you do, don’t spend $33,000 US trying to summon everything under the sun, like this player:

And not to just pick on that player. Quite the opposite. The community should be grateful for them posting their story. There are others who have spent even more. Perhaps they can afford to, and that’s nice for them. But if you can’t, then you need to learn to play with what you have, and make it work for you.

Enjoy the game. Don’t chase glory. There isn’t enough money in the world for all the pixels that developers can code…


Yea, don’t do it!

/punches self in the face


How a player plays is how they should determine what advice applies to them imo

If a player wants to be competitive, they should look for the feedback regarding hero stats, mechanics, comparisons

If a player is just playin to kill time on smoke breaks or whatever, then probly better to look at the “fun advice”

I have seen a mix in both in multiple hero threads

Doesn’t seem too often to me that a whole hero thread is completely negative

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Just for your information a NERF is when a hero or game mechanic is made “worse” or “weaker.” Think, if a real bullet from a gun were made into a Nerf (foam) bullet - it’d do less damage :slight_smile: of course you may already know this and was just a typo. If so, my apologies but thought you might appreciate this if ya didn’t know it already :slight_smile:

What Margaret had in the recent rebalance was a BUFF :slight_smile: a very well deserved one, too! Glad your
Grandson enjoyed the Heroes anyway! :slight_smile: that’s awesome.

Aye. You’re right. Within that particular context this is quite suboptimal.

IF Noor were anyone’s first 5*, they should unequivocally be ecstatic about drawing her, AND Should almost certainly plan on leveling her. (Often the first 5* isn’t an “optimal” level target as 4* provide better bang for the buck early on. BUUUUUT I usually defer to fun and having a 5* is usually more exciting and thus fun anyway :rofl: )

Now, in a totally different context… our top 1000 alliance has 29 people in it. We don’t spend much and our alliance owns a total of 5 Tellurias. ON AVERAGE we are fighting 12 Telluria Tanks PER WAR over our past ten wars.

In this VeryFast 5* Raid Tourney, we are running headlong into an endless stream of Telluria Tanks. In our Raids, it’s All Telly All The Time.

Within this particular context, it makes a lot of sense for player base to be unhappy with Noor. Only 1/5 HOTM are red. Given how stupid the Telly situation REMAINS, POST NERF even!, we hoped for a viable counter.

We are disappointed there isn’t one. Even if our alliance hadn’t drawn this Telly Answer, with the Telly Answer out there, we could’ve hoped that Telly would have become less pervasive.

Unfortunately, Noor missed the mark for the end game crowd

As an aside. I think she’s VERY interesting in design and I am personally excited to see SG exploring a hero with a Passive ability as their defining feature. I think that’s very interesting and I’m excited to see where this goes.

(This is very Noor Centric. But I think it illustrates how the difference in perspective influences how different people feel about the same heroes.)

Last word: i see what you’re saying, and i do think it is a valuable message. BUT I also don’t know what we can do differently. Maybe those publishing tier lists could add a strictly positive spin on the heroes, under a ‘new player’ sorta column header. Cause honestly nearly every 5* hero (pre buff Margaret would probably be one of the few exceptions from what I’ve heard :p) is gonna be valuable to a newer player.


Personally I prefer to ascend a hero that I find more fun to play. For example I ascended Norns even though I have Joon that is universally considered better and more versatile. That’s true, but Norns allow me to try a different playstyle, while there are many heroes that do what Joon does.

That’s also why I am happy I got Noor. She may be not all that useful, but she allows me to try something different. And that is a good way to keep this game entertaining.


Noor is apparently so bad that RNG actually gave me one today. :laughing:

HELLZ YES I’m going to use her! I’m going to keep her, and feed her, and love her. Doesn’t matter how good she is or isn’t… she is on my roster now, and that makes her part of my E&P family. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I just maxed my Grimble over Khiona, Kunchen and Clarissa. I also pair him with Alfrike as well. Great combo. No regrets maxing him.

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Objectives, spending and time playing all impact the value of a hero to you. A hero with excellent synergies with another hero may be less valuable to someone without the other hero (Vela without Telluria for example (ok, Telluria without Vela if you prefer)).

If you want to rank highly in cups and fight 14* titans optimizing you use of resources is needed.
If you want to have fun and win a good percentage of your raids it is less important to optimize and more focus on fun heroes is perfectly reasonable.

I 100% agree that most all heroes can be useful. I wish the forum would focus more on how to get the best out of a hero rather than simply trashing them.

There are a very few absolutely outstanding heroes and then a huge bunch that are similar in strength and a few laggards that are clearly weaker. Each comes with strengths, weaknesses and synergies which impact play style.

It IS fair to say that when ascension materials are scarcer than 5* heroes you must prioritize between several candidates and saying “I won’t take this one to 4-80” is legitimate. Saying “This hero doesn’t add anything to my roster” is also fair. To say, “this hero is trash” is usually objectionable. This is more pressing for those that spend and/or have several TC20s running.

Newer players and F2P probably have a more balance ratio of materials to 5* candidates and will probably have to make fewer of those choices (and will find fewer heroes to be “useless”).


yup, she must be bad. Have two of her just from Atlantis coins (earned, not bought) and challenge coins. Total of seven summons, best 'luck" ever.

One is already being fed…3-70 for sure.

I’ll be bringing mine to 4/80 eventually.

Realistically, her stats are not that great compared to other 5* heroes.

But also equally realistically… 5* heroes are super rare. Gotta take what you can get.


I think all bets are off now about “bad” heroes because of Raid Tournaments. I love the tournaments when all special skills are set to super fast - this really changes my gameplay, using heroes that before I thought were just “wasted space.” Between Raid Tournaments and Costumes, I’m still finding new life in surprising ways to this game :slight_smile: Thanks for the post!


I’d sew that on a pillow.

I love all my players and experiment in teams trying what works for me…