This has to be a bug- x10 summons mostly 3*

Twice now I have purchased 10 hero’s on a row once on the ten hero stack and once individually. Both times I revived 9, 3* hero’s and 1, 4* hero. Either this is a technical difficultie or little giant is stacking the deck and I call foul. If I want odds that bad I’ll go play I. Vegas.

Nope, not a bug ( Note 1 ).

This is how gacha games work. As Rook has said before, Legendary training is your best bet for 5* Heroes.

I budget $12 USD per month for 3 summons.

Event summons is the only way to get Event heroes like Guardian Jackal and Guardian Falcon.

Elemental summons is the fastest way to get a 4* of a specific color to fill a hole in your hero team.

150 gems for daily summons is a good way for Whales to level heroes.

Note 1)


Some math:

Collective wisdom is that odds of a 5* pull are in the 3%-4% range. (We’re pretty sure that Training Camp 20 has 1/16 odds, about 6%, and devs have told us that portal has lower odds).

The odds of not pulling a 5* 30 times in a row are (1-p)^30, where p is the single-pull odds.

P=3% gives 40% odds of no 5* in 30 pulls
P=4% gives 30%
P=5% gives 21%

So you were unlucky but not terribly so.

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I have tried, twice, to obtain a good five-star Legendary Holy hero by using the Elemental Summon. I used this because it advertises an improved chance of getting Legendary summons.

For my two efforts, I received:
3 Chao
6 Gan Ju
4 Dawa
4 Bane
3 Kailani

There are, let me see… NO 5-star heroes in that lineup.

Both times I watched, with mounting disbelief, as I received repeats. Not only a raft of 3-star and 4-star––which I agree is entirely likely––but repeats of lesser heroes which crowded out the likelihood of a 5-star even less helpfully because the selection was poorer. If I had gotten twenty different 3-star and 4-star Holy heroes, that would have been disappointing but acceptable.

6 Gan Ju? 4 Dawa?? Really???

There are only four 3* and four 4* yellow heroes that can be summoned by the elemental summons. Duplicates will happen. 5* are rare. Sorry for your luck but this isn’t uncommon.


So you’ve done 20pulls. That’s expensive but statistically not large. The odds of a 5* are something between 3% and 5%. The odds of not getting a 5* in 20 Summons are therefore somewhere between 44% and 54%.

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Hey … i’m playing for one and a half year. I have pulled all gems available and spend some money for some more gems. The result is annoying … only 3* and 4*. I have 5 heroes 5* but only from training. This game is only for players who pays a lot. Your effort to play every day and help other in your alliance does not mean a thing to creators. Everything is about money … nothing about beeing fair. There are not so many people who can spend so much money as creators wants. They must think about them too … else, this game will have the faith of other games who were closed after a while.
I still can’t believe i have only 5 heroes 5* after 18 months … this must be a bug or 1000% bad luck.

Sorry, not a bug just a very annoying aspect of rng.

I moved the thread to general category.

I hope the developers will raise the odds a little… my friends are losing interest. I’d also like to ask for more changes of the gloves and compass… there needs to be a better chance for advancement to keep players interested. I have played every day for months but am hitting a stopping point and after researching this apparently is very common…

Lol. You probably should watch some pulls videos on Youtube. Some players make 100 pulls & barely get four or five 4* (and none 5* of course).

That’s life.

Did 60 pulls in a row 2 months ago, got absolulty nothing. Happens.

The good point is that sometimes you also pull only once & get a 5*.

Agreed. I know people who pulled once and got a 5*… and at the same time hero of the month. It’s all about luck.

They haven’t raised the odds in over two years now. No reason to think they ever will. All games have a certain shelf life, even ones like E&P that have no “end game”. Eventually it will become less fun; and you either complain about the now annoying aspects of the game that weren’t noticeable when it was fun, or you move on to something else.

I was frustrated in the beginning for wanting 5s. I didn’t get a 4 until I was at L22. HOwever after about 14 months of playing I now have nearly every 4 in the game(no Boril or Kashrek but at this point I really don’t need them). I managed after 8 months to FINALLY pull Joon and that happened in total anger. I had pulled a 10x in Avalon got nothing. Then I did singles and on my last of 3 singles he popped out. I then ran 3 TC20 for a month and have gotten Khagan, Elena, and Vivica. Then I ran it again and got Domitia, Obakan and Magni. I also did 2 atlantis pulls to get Mitsuko which is awesome since I was only a day away from using rings on Khagan or Elena. But even now with most buildings at l20 or 21 with the advanced ones I still have only 4 maxed 5s a lot of 4s and some unmaxed 5s that I will take up when I get more mats. I am waiting for a green like Lianna or Elkanen and have mats for 2 5s but hope I get Tarlak too.
My point is that you want 5s early but then you won’t have mats to level them. It is only later that you have the mats and even now it takes a large amount to level a 5. it is much harder than a 4.
Finally, don’t forget the 4s. I have Melendor at 4.70+16 and he hits harder than ANYONE at 900 attack with a level 9 4* troop. I have Joon, Mitsuko, Magni and Domitia with him and they are 4.80+6 and only hit at 840ish. Don’t sleep on the 4s. There are great ones in the classic and especially Atlantis heros. Proteus, BT, Kiril, Rigard, Melendor, Kashrek, WIlbur(hopefully he will join me soon…LOL).
As for TC20 odds, I calculated them for the first 100 pulls and it came out to 5% for a 5. Thats a huge amount better than the summons at best 2%. When I got Mitsuko she was a NON featured hero in S2 which means there was a 0.3% chance to get her.
You should search youtube for the summons and watch some people do 30x and some spend 20k to 50k in gems and they get NOTHING. Its all on video. They eventually get 5s but literally have to spend a FORTUNE.


Well, you can start recording summons data and see what happens. Got only one 5* (Mok-Arr) after almost 150 regular+Atlantis summons. Bad luck, I guess.


My summons odds are bad as well vs TC20. I did many token pulls plus gem pulls in Epic, Seasonal and Events and only got Joon. Mitsuko was a blessing that shocked me. Oddly, I have not yet gotten a single HOTM despite over a year of playing. Yet my alt account got Aegir in a single free token pull. I wish I could move him to my main. He was garbage until the update, now he is a certified tank.

It’s definitely RNG. I’ve been playing for 10 months and no HOTM. My girlfriend started maybe 8 months ago and she has at least 4 :open_mouth: I know she has at least 1 Evelyn, 2 Anzoghs and at least 1 Margaret, possibly 2 Margarets? Think she might also have a Frida. On top of that, she also has Santa Claus, Red Hood and a bunch of other crazy 4* and 5* that I haven’t been able to pull. I think she has as many 5* as I have 4*. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

On the other hand, she recently started her TC20 and she’s been getting mostly 3* from it, whereas mine regularly spits out 4*, so there is that.

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