This has me stumped

I took mono green into a raid finally good enough green tiles for all my heroes of which all are fast mana. Elkanen is fast mana hero and has a four star troop with mana increase however everyone filled up with mana except him.

Really weird has me stumped, am I missing something?

Take a look at your troops assigned to each hero. Some troops give a mana speed bonus and some do not. The percentages can differ depending on level. This could possibly be your missing link? A wild shot in the dark here at least

Mitsuko is a Sorcerer class and so has a chance to drop Mana generation of a hero for 2 turns when she slashes. Maybe she hit Elkanen right before the green tiles cleared?


That is a great thought

We have a winner, thanks didn’t consider her as a sorcerer.

Part of Mitsuko 's skill is to reduce the mana of the target and nearby by 20% if Mitsuko attack her Lianna should have been attacked too.

Not if the mana reduction came from her talent when she hit me with her slash.

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