This guy is insane

If the player highlighted by OP reads this post, could you change the positioning of your D-team? Fenrir and Freya should swap spots. :smiley:

Fenrir on right wing so the AI can has the best possible odds to hit a weakened target for maximum damage.

Freya on flank is better so her ravens actually matter earlier in the match.


“By planning in advance…” aka: Visa black card.

Not going to lie, I wish I had that amount of money to burn on hobbies on a monthly basis.

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That’s not even a hobby… it’s like something you do in between your duties and hobbies, like a poo time. Honestly, I would never state this game is my hobby, even though I spend like 2 hours on it daily.

Wow, i really hope people that can afford that much for this game do some charity from time to time.


What deities have you been sacrificing too?!? More to the point, what have you been sacrificing?


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Not my pull lol. Someone posted it on a line channel and they said it was posted on FB.

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No…it’s not…

[…] compiled and leveled that team within 52-58 minutes of Season 3 launching…not 3 hours


Seen videos of @NittanyLionRoar maxing heros said takes time n effort which is obvious. but 5 in a day that’s insane! Dude must of been preparing for ages plus cash helps but respect is due!


Would love to see a video of the maxing dont care if it in Czech language be cool to see it all happen

Caught me by tapping claim :rofl:

i think you mean kudos to SG for getting an entire month’s worth of salary for a couple of their employees from a single player :slight_smile:


Money helps, but it is only part of making it to the top. I do have to say there are few F2P players in the top ranks, but they are there. Time is a factor as well.

I know some people who have literally spent 10’s of thousands of dollars in game and still are not in the top ranks. You cannot just throw money at the game and be successful. You need to be mindful of what you are getting for the money you spend.

The Black Knight/LotL thread that Cvs linked earlier in the thread was also […]. So, absolutely no surprise there. Also, considering (pronoun) finishes at the top of most Challenge Events where additional 4* AMs are awarded, it’s even more likely to be able to do this with or without buying every offer.

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One offer more or less…
Who cares?

How do you know he did it within one hour of launch?

I want to watch the video of the guy power leveling 1 hero in an hour and then say, “see here you go”

I don’t get the saving for ages thing either. PS does this every time new heroes are released. Every time… lmao

My question is. How does he top this?! 5 heroes max’d out within an hour of release, just :flushed:

Edit: I just figured it out. Within an hour after release he has 5 new released heroes max’d out and fully emblemed!

Man I can’t wait to read all the comments about his amazing tapping skills then :rofl:

I don’t understand how someone can continue to play a game for more than 2 years like this. Where’s the fun?

I mean at that point pulling heroes isn’t about luck anymore, it’s just a statistic. Just keep pulling. It’s like using a online virtual generator, there’s no adrenaline rush when you finally get that good hero; you are expecting it anyways.

I like to play games with cheat codes. But only for a little while before I get bored.

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I thought I saw my line timestamp show him finish earlier…

…looking back on line it looks like I posted it in chat around 7:19am

…so I was probably wrong…

it happens.

i mean, it’s not really that hard to believe… all you have to do is keep making 30x pulls (just make them say 30 times without looking at what you got. Takes like 5 minutes.)

And then sort your heroes, select the 5 you want, feed away, buy food refill, feed again, food refill.

It really shouldn’t take any more than 10 minutes if someone really TRIED to speed finish these guys.

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a player claims to have met this team during the raid 3 hours after the launch of season 3 … is it really possible?

Yes. See this thread…:

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