This game sucks!


How is I attack someone once and I get 15 but they can attack as many times as they want and get 50? Really do not spend any money on thus game.


It sounds like you just need to learn how raiding works. If you attack someone weaker than you (less trophies) then you won’t win many trophies, but they’ll be able to “revenge” attack you and since you’re higher than they are, they will win back more trophies.

They can’t attack as many times as they want. They can revenge you once then they can roll for more opponents. If your name came up on their rolls then that was just chance.


I would like to know how the roll system works all week I have been120-150 inthe world when I roll for opponents all I get is teams that are 200-300 power points higher than me, most are fully ascended 4 and 5* and they have less cups than me also, I just roll past those as it’s not worth going against them, so I roll until I get a better return on my raid but again the power is way higher than my team. Raided 25 time today and won 6, pretty bad record.


@Pyper hit the nail on the head. The rules of raiding are a little obscure, but once you understand the system, it’s much more enjoyable. Take a look at a video tutorial I made to specifically address these frustrations:



One other minor point. The person who raids you does not get to raid you as many times as they want. No one can select who they get to raid. They do get to revenge on you though if you raid them first. But I can’t go into the game and “pick” who I want to raid.


Neah he was given over 3 shots to get me. You should play other games. Then you will see


Same here. They try to make up pay for upgrades.


I always seem to be matched against fully ascended teams that are several hundred power grater than mine… even when I re - roll… how is that even fair? I also really enjoy having to raid to try to obtain chests for materials (because I am told they are only available there) only to consistently find standard 1* and 2* crafting materials.


When you see multiple attacks from the same person, are the first two losses for them with a final win?

That’s someone who rolled you up, failed to beat you and tried again (at a cost of cups to them, I might add); they can keep trying–and keep losing–till they win.

Does that help?


That is the only way I have seen the same name on my list more than once. So in the end I usually have received far more than I lost once they did win.


From what I understand, you roll within 300 Cups either way, not Power.


I quit playing found a better game to play


Thank you rook for clearing that up for me


Interesting, yet you still come here to share how much you dislike this game. Seems like Trollish behavior to me. :smile:


Once or twice, I have beaten a player while raiding only to immediately draw them as a target again. So it’s possible to beat someone a couple of times in a row, but it’s pretty unusual. And the target gets a revenge opportunity for each win you get.


I wonder what the odds of a random pull of the same person in the same day is. It can’t be that common.