This game is really starting to get under my skin

Ok I am stuck trying to beat level 1 world 14,I have tried for awhile now to get a decent ice hero because I have none. Well I got what I thought was a good one today and put her into the line up and still bad results. Doing slot of leveling up my base but damn it takes forever to level anything now, like is what I got and it just seems to me like I should be doing better than I am but I still get my ■■■ handed to me sometimes in battles. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong or any constructive criticism would be appreciated .

You have not ascended heroes that why you cant beat that stage. You have good 4* heroes but i see you probably doesnt have mats for them so first you should 3* rainbow team Baltazzar-Bane-Azar-Ulmer-Belith.
You must join active alliance for mats and help, Boldtusk is awesome but not on 1^40


Clear issue: so many of your useful heroes are at too lowly leveled to be viable.

Max out Bane, Balthazar and Belith. Those are great 3 stars to have leveled up.

Also get Sonya, BoldTusk, & Kelile to teir 3, that will make everything a lot easier.

After those are completed, focus on the others.

Go back to farming lower levels in the mean time. You can’t expect to advance to stronger provinces if you aren’t advancing the strength of your heroes


You can replay earlier levels to gain more heroes to train with.

Try to bring your training camps to lv 11 and do extra low cost training to achieve a regular flow of heroes to empower the ones you already have.


Have a look through one of the most useful guides for beginners here: Coppersky’s Compendium for Empire & Puzzles

Should help you out with levelling heroes and upgrade priority.

Feel free to post here if you need advise as to which heroes to level first. The above mentioned should be top of your list for now.


You’ve received very good advice so far. Don’t be afraid to put the campaign progress on hold and keep farming low levels for recruits and mats. Train your top rainbow 5 (if campaign and events is what you’re focused on) and try again in a while.

Leveling up the base has nothing to do with your ability to get through the map. The only exceptions to this rule are the training camps that help you level up your heroes (don’t forget to ascend them! Trust me, it’s worth that food cost to do so) and of course the forges that let you make items to help out your heroes.

Actually, I’d say you’ve done really well for your heroes being so unleveled. Boldtusk is one of the best 4* heroes out there when he’s maxed and sonya is a great ice hero, but at teir 1 level 9 you can’t expect much of her. A well leveled team of belith, bane, balthezar, boldtusk, and sonya should get you quite far into the map, maybe even finish it. Just don’t forgo ascending them!

Strongly disagree with that. Even if you don’t need 5* heroes to finish the campaign, you will need the proper 4’s. Where do you expect to get those? Relying on lucky summons and TC13 will take a very long time.

On top of that, training 4* demands a lot of ham, the higher the farms and watchtower, the more ham you’ll have, then you will need a place to store that.

On a side note, while training 3’s don’t forget the special, it’s quite easy to bring a hero to 3-50 with the special just at 4-5/8, that is something you don’t want.

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Like everyone else said, you have good heroes but they are underleveled.

Finish Bane, Balthazar, Azar and Belith. I wouldn’t waste my time on Ulmer, nor Jahangir.

Once you get those heroes to 3-50 start leveling Sonya, Boldtusk and Kashrek. At least to 3-60. And once you have the mats ascend them to finish their leveling.

In the meantime go back to 8-7 or 5-8 to get recruits and backpacks so you can put your TC to work non stop.

Also try to feed the 3* with the same colour, they level up too fast and if you feed them with different colours odds are you won’t get them to special 8/8 (is not that bad, but if you can max their special better) and also you took advantage over the 20% extra exp.

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I did mention the training camps as an exception, you know. And my impression is that the OP thought that the heroes/his strength as a player increased with the base. I was trying to make it clear that ONLY the heroes (and items) have an impact on how far in the map he can go.

I am well aware of the benefits of maxing the base.

If you have no patience for days of grinding, i would really reccomand to stop it now.
This game is about months of even years to reach a single goal you have in mind.

Days are literally nothing.

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