This game is overcrowded; start combining families

I’ve said it a million times before and I’ll say it again, this game is already frightfully overcrowded.

I have already suggested combining the orcs and goblins from the classic and monthly heroes into a single family and instead of doing that, you not only created a new goblin family that we didn’t need, but you didn’t even bother making them related to the goblins and orcs that already existed in the game.

Related in the same way that guardians and nightmares of Atlantis are linked to original Atlantis family members.

Even though you have now created a classic family group, which as rather lousy perks in my opinion, I still think it would be great if you would get them adopted into these newer families.

And even create new families within the classic family group, such as the panda bear family. :grin:

Makes total sense. Will all the new heroes for event portals, they are creating silly new families so if we hit the lotto and actually get 2 legendary from the same portal, they could easily be other families. This is something that rarely gets a complaint, but it’s another crappy thing they do to us that adds a log to the raging fire of discontent.


It is the game evolution. I don’t think SG will merge any family together. But on the other hand, I think SG will merge events instead like the challenge event (to create more event to sell more heroes).

They have already proven that they can merge families by making the Nightmares-of-Atlantis family in the same family indirectly with the regular Atlantis family.

I say the same about the season bonuses.

If they can give Egyptian heroes a season bonus for use in season 5, then they can do the same for other heroes of their respective season.


I know they can do but it doesn’t mean that they want to do.

Merging family will cause some problem and doesn’t make any more money for SG. So, I don’t think they will do. SG is busy at making and selling more heroes for now.

I recall years ago there were complaints that Hel was not included in one of the S3 families.

Not to mention Magni …

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My complaint would be that the rate of release of new heroes is waaay too high. It’s too much for some to keep up with. No specific family complaint. But I DO like the idea of overlapping families that cut across season lines, like a “panda” family, (or all birds or fish or whatever other animal that reoccurs), or an elemental bonuses for mono-color teams, or talent bonuses for all rogues/wizards/whatever. Like an all-male team would have an attack bonus (men being stronger in real life) and an all female team would have an HP bonus or a revival bonus (women having longer lifespans in real life).

Like an all-rogue team could be particularly dodgy, or an all-barbarian team would have stronger bleed bonuses, an all-cleric team getting mana generation bonuses, an all-paladin team getting defensive stacks with every special skill activation, an all-nature team giving attack-down stacks, an all-fire team having a “steam heat” bonus that makes ice neutral to them instead of strong, etc., etc.

These kinds of families would give people more layers of configurations to play with that are (potentially) viable. Of course, it’s added complication to the game, but let’s be honest, some of us nerds love that sh*t. People love to customize. It can be really fun to play with your thematic creativity. And some of us still have fun while just ignoring certain layers of the game anyway.

Hire me SG! Just kidding. . . . well, half-kidding.

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Gorcs? Orclins? Something else?

Lions, tigers, and bears… oh my


Bunnies, sheep, stallions with big… Wait, what’s that about? Should I have read the original post first? :thinking:

Combining the family warrants a new name. They could make a Mistress of Gorcs hero that is the den mother of all of them.

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