This game is just PURE joke

I am still waiting to meet a team that I am stronger than and to meet a team that is weaker than me where/when this should work. I usually get my ■■■ kicked most times in both scenarios :flushed:

Of course not. Simplified, it means that if there are only two boards in question and you get 2 yellow tiles on the first board, the next will have 12 yellow tiles. Of course, we’re not talking about starting boards only and the algorithm applyes to an infinite string of boards. Still… where’s my 12 tiles board? Cause the 2 tiles one comes over and over and over again…

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I’ve done the same thing related to dodge attacks. I found just the opposite relates over 200 attacks. If it is a 45% attack, the defense will dodge about 65% which also makes sense since I’ve read through give the defense an extra 20% defense but I think it also applies to the special skills.

I recently had a match where I lost because everyone kept Reviving and no one had Superior revive. just ran out of time. it showed me a valuable lesson. make sure to bring Lewena with me whenever i have to raid these people.

Haven’t tracked Dodge myself, but I did track Cleric and Monk mana block resists on the defense team over a span of 300 raids after S4 came out while Elizabeth came out and it’s been pretty much on the stated odds. Can’t imagine Dodge being any different.

I did track it for 200 so may not be overlay accurate but that seemed to be what I encountered before I started a tally on it. This was also about 2 years ago when CKad seemed to dodge a ton more that what the card had stated

For those whom can’t make it to Norway, one can always go to Hell, in Michigan, USA.

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Ah, Revive.

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And I thought Detroit has improved somewhat in the last decade…

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I think it’s rigged….just keep suckering you in. You guys keep saying it’s probability etc.; it’s just like a casino game… odds are against you. That’s why tiles don’t show up when they supposed to and when your heroes are level up, there’s new more powerful ones and you’re behind once more.

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So it’s random but it’s not random…
Ye whatever…

Why explaining to me what I just explained to you ?
I just said just because average is 7 doesn’t mean you will get 7.

There is 50 /50 chance you can get more or less… Do try to keep up old chap.
Unbelievable :rofl:

[quote=“HELLFIRE, post:139, topic:326931”]…
Do try to keep up old chap.

… well, it did take you almost two weeks… talk about keeping up…

It is random!!!

Unfortunately most people confusexrandom with average. On the long term it averages out, but in between nearly everything is possible. Thats true randomness.

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Wait, a coin has 5 sides and it’s still a 50/50?

Dang tiles failed tale school!

RNG means there is no “supposed to”.