This game is fair and worth the money I have spent, and I intend to keep spending


Like i said i will just avoid anything posted by Peachy i won’ feel it’s necessary to make a new post stating how I am now doing that.


Actually, I found it to be a nice change from those endless posts complaining. Here was a post that was actually positive. Until you found it necessary to complain about it… so, in your own words, you are complaining about someone that you see to be complaining. Kind of funny, isn’t it?


And i to think that I almost made a post about people who go to other peoples threads and overvalue THEIR opinions. Whew. Dodged a bullet.


I guess I see it more as a point/counter-point sort of a thing. Everyone has their own view of a situation. I like seeing different takes on how people perceive the game…sometimes I shake my head, sometimes I learn something, and sometimes I can maybe point them to consider an angle they may have not considered.

The forums are a great place for people to air their views, and whether I personally think their feelings are right or wrong, the bottom line is that they are their feelings…….and they have a right to express them…hopefully in a respectful way.


I think @Thoth has expressed similar sentiments before:- To all of those quitting.

Before we get into the complainers complaining about the complaining complainers rabbit hole, I agree with @LadyAnesthesia, everyone has a right to express a view and provided disagreement is respectful along with any unfolding debate the forum is a great place for that.

For those who do want to go down the aforementioned rabbit hole, I recommend #rc830.


I find it ironic and a bit hypocritical that the person who feels necessary to passive aggressively bag on people who want to vent on this game gets so butthurt when someone questions their motives. My Grandpa used to say “if you don’t want no !#%, don't start no !#%.”.
If you seriously believe that pointing out your hypocrisy is complaining then so be it , i’m not implying that you should shut up. Let them vent if they want to vent, it’s not your forum. Just do like i’ll do when i see your posts from now on and swipe down.


To paraphrase this guy, if the thread bothers you, there’s no need to read it. There’s also no need to tell others what they can and can’t post. I’m not sure why you feel that those complaining should have more or better rights to voice an opinion than those who disagree.


If the irony and the hypocrisy of the main post is lost on you so be it, you know what they say about arguing on the internet. I simply pointed out her hypocrisy, I just found it pretentious that she thinks that she is making some virtuous stand of such magnitude that there needed to be a post on it. It’s no different than the exact thing she was complaining about. Just pointing out the hypocrisy i won’t feel it necessary to post a diatribe belittling her or even discuss it one minute further. Her opinion, your opinion, my opinion who cares? The post was no more productive or necessary as anyone elses.


And you got very upset and self-righteous in the post I linked above, about how people should be able to offer their opinions without being told off by those who disagree or think the opinion is worthless.

Physician, heal thyself.


It is rather suspect that Thoth completely misses the irony in all of his posts.
Rather stunning that it’s been missed this long, when we’ve pointed out he’s dug himself a hole and he keeps shouting “give me a bigger shovel”



And to think i thought it was ridiculous…


Thoth, my strange new friend, let me point out that I have not exhibited any signs of butthurt. I’m enjoying the banter, otherwise I would leave.

I am also amused at your grandpa’s quote… when you are clearly hellbent on starting !#%

when this thread becomes boring… I’ll stop responding.


We’re all just having fun… well… at least I am.


I’m not a moderator, but…oh wait, now I am:

Moderator’s Note

Please remember #forum-rules. Discussing ideas is always ok, as is (civilly) debating whether those ideas are reasonable.

But debating whether it’s reasonable for someone to have an opinion is risky territory for the conversation going off the rails. That goes for both sides of the conversation. :slight_smile:

Present your viewpoints freely, just please don’t stifle others.


I know I’m reaching the troll-line with my responses. I will behave.

on topic
I will say that my original intent was to express my enjoyment of the game, rather than to malign or refuse anyone the right to complain. It’s just nice to talk about what I do like instead of arguing with people who call SGG motives and statements into question.

And congrats on moderator. That’s a new-ish tag!


I think this is a great intention, and much appreciated!

Thanks! I think it’s been a solid 20 minutes at least. :wink:


Fixed your post…



Ok, ok back to the topic at hand :smile:


So… What makes the game worth playing to everyone else, what keeps you invested? I mean, I might have quit if I’d kept bouncing between alliances.

I am drama-averse so I intentionally avoid it and have wordlessly abandoned a few alliances because of it. It wasn’t until I found Helios that I felt comfortable enough to stay. Been there about 8-9 months now and have no intention of leaving. Truly a team of great people. Plus they’re competitive enough to win most wars and take down the occasional 11* titan, so I have no need to go to anything higher or more serious.


Stimme zu. Das Spiel ist fair. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit ist eine Glockenkurve und manchmal sind die Gegner heftig, der Verlauf aber gut und manchmal nervr es einfach. Mein einziger Wunsch wäre es, das keine 1* Sachen mehr in die Truhen kommen. Die hat man spätestens ab Level 20 im 4stelligen Bereich oder kann sie hundertfach selber herstellen. Man erhält sie ohnehin schon beim Metzeln.

Mein Tipp, wenn man die Sache zu persönlich nimmt, Luft holen und eine kurze Pause einlegen. Empfehle auch langfristige Ziele, da sind kurze Schwankungen in die falsche Richtung egal.