This game is fair and worth the money I have spent, and I intend to keep spending


I read Narf.

Animaniacs unite!


I believe that’s the next event after Wonderland. I want a 5* Pinky.


BTW brilliant post PeachyKeen


I will be using all the money SG has given me in an attempt to acquire Snowball. There is just something sinisterly desirable about a genetically- engineered hamster.


The game is fair IF you pour money into it.

Some things I’ve noticed.

  1. If you leave (say) a holy hero out of your line up, your board will consist of mostly hero tiles. To the point it’s extremely difficult to match even 3 of another tile. I have three 4 stars, one 5 star and alternate my 5th position between two 3 stars. This is the case almost every time.
  2. Ascension items for 4 and 5 stars can take up to 6 months to collect if you don’t pay for them.
  3. The ebb and flow of raids is way off kilter. I’ll do really well gaining trophies for a while with fair fights, then randomly for days, every time I open the app I’ve lost 100+ trophies having not fended off a single attack. Often times when trying to regain those trophies, I get annihilated by teams that shouldn’t even be able to hold a candle against me. That’s super frustrating. I’ve left the game once because of it and it’s the reason I refuse to spend money on the game anymore.


The game is fair. Your perspective is that of frustration.

  1. This point is wrong, it assumes that there is no Random Number Generation. Everybody Gets Bad Boards
  1. This is partially true, and varies. It is one way the game maintains some semblance of balance
  1. People color stack to win raids. Raids favor the attacker, whereas the defender is vulnerable. The game remains fair because you can do the same thing. Nobody forces you to spend and I have heard many people on this board report an uptick in ‘enjoyment’ of the game once they stop spending. Also-- The defense teams “that do not hold a candle to yours” do not reflect the attack teams they use to defeat you. Unless I get 3 bad boards in a row (which I have) there isn’t a single defense team constructed that I cannot defeat. I don’t care if it is Zero and he has fully talented 5* heroes or not.

Your complaints are not new ones, nor are they rare to hear. However, these are based upon incorrect assumptions and often the result of conspiracy theories and misfortune. While we do have to take it on a bit of faith that the developers are telling us the truth, my experience has been that it is truly a RNG for the board, for summons, for loot drops.

I urge you not to spend any more, since you clearly do not trust the development team and have had bad fortune. This will guard against further anguish and, for all my misanthropic hopes, I would rather see you happier and not complaining than to be irritated and angrier.


This game is fair and worth the money


Good one, still love the game tho._


I am going to admit to something. I checked my phone battery app. E&P has been ‘active’ on my screen for 70 hrs over the past 10 days. (most of it was autofarm & forget) and some of it was during my insomniac mornings, raiding while watching The Punisher.
Over the course of 15 months playing, it projects out to ~1.01 an hour of enjoyment (based upon my spending). (3000 dollars spent divided by 2975 hours spent). Some months I spent more, most months I spend less, but over 15 months, it works out to 200 per month. Some days I play more than 7 hours, most days I play less than, but it works out to 7 hrs/day over these past 10 days.

When I play it, it costs me 1.01/hr to play.

I’d say that it has been worth it.


This isn’t a political post. Gee golly do I admire your defense of the game, but I’m telling you my experience with it and my experience doesn’t change because you say so, eh comrade? This is what I’ve seen.


So maybe take it down a notch.


It’s not a political post for me and I’m not defending the game, I’m defending the facts.

Your experience is somewhat relevant, if only as a gauge to enjoyment.

However, if you come onto a thread that I created as an outlet to be positive, but you start spouting factual inaccuracies, I will correct them.

You’re a bit silly if you think telling me “take it down a notch” will matter.

You posted on a thread that you didn’t agree with and the person you didn’t agree with said more things you didn’t agree with…

Color me shocked.

Go fly a kite.


Oh yep.

I’m stating my experience. I’m not making it up, so you can claim “inaccuracies” all day and twice in Sunday. This is my experience with the game. It is accurately my experience with the game…so I expressed that…accurately.


Seems like @PeachyKeen posted a measured response to the claims you made. Some of those claims were fair, which Peachy acknowledged, and some were unsupported by evidence, which Peachy pointed out.

It’s difficult to imagine how that response could be “take[n] down a notch”, unless you mean that you expect all aspects of your opinion to be accepted unquestioningly and not subject to criticism or challenge. Or do you mean something else? What, exactly?


I’m expecting my experience of the game to not be called “inaccuracies”. I’ve been at it for a while. I calls 'em as I see 'em. Maybe your experience hasn’t been the same and that is super duper fantastic. All of the kudos.


Everyone is always welcome to share their experience of the game here. But if there is significant evidence that the way you describe your experience is inaccurate, or if it is just unsupported by evidence, then that will be pointed out.

There’s no need to be oversensitive about that, or for anyone doing the pointing out to “take it down a notch”. If you think the way you describe your experience is defensible then go ahead and defend it. If it’s indefensible then that’s fine too. And if you just don’t care then I respect your indifference.

But you are not entitled to express your opinion and have it treated as gospel. None of us are.


Who are you, and what have you done with @Brobb???


I think my issue is when people confuse “experience” with “fact” and, ESPECIALLY in the case of RNG, this just is not possible.

There are a lot of people that come here and read a few posts, or find it from the net and take it as truth. This is the only reason I engage with people like this, to ensure accuracy.

  • Yes someone has a bad time / poor enjoyment
  • Yes someone has bad luck
  • No, not everyone will have a bad / good time
  • No not everyone will have bad / good luck
  • Yes, RNG is real. You have overwhelmingly more of a chance of NOT getting wanting what you want (boards, loot, heroes) than getting what you do want. People do not get this and it creates discontent. It may not be liked, but it is still fair.


(Sigh…) Of course, makes me wait until Sunday…

All of them?! How does that work, does, like, the person with all the kudos have to distribute them out after that? And if so does that mean that someone had previously given you all the kudos, that you were able to then give them all to someone else? And what if they hoard all the kudos? Aaaaand what does that mean for the kudos I had been giving out?? Do kudos bounce like a check would?

Forgive me, I’m not familiar in the realm of all the kudos.


Here I was, pretending to look busy and productive during a meeting and this made me chuckle.


For the record:

I consider all replies (even dissenting ones) as well as the degenerative silliness as “on topic”.
The silliness is fun and part of the community, and part of why I like the game.