This game is fair and worth the money I have spent, and I intend to keep spending


That list is too big and time aint your friend since you have to autofarm those WEs :smile:

Gratz on the post! :+1:

Nice to see a :rainbow: in all the :poop: the complainers post. GG!!! :slight_smile:


brilliant!!! So nice to find someone that has a positive and balanced view of the game. Kudos! And well written, to top it off. :+1::clap::tada::bouquet:


The game offers enough to enjoy whether you pay or not. Those with money has a bit of an advantage but that keeps the game going. There are many things that make it a long term game to play. First you seek heroes, then you look to feed them, then you start to look for ascension materials ets. Initially you try to build a strong team later combinations are becoming more important… Bottom line is that I agree… The game offers a lot with a bit of frustration and if you cannot stand the frustration then it is time to leave. But for now it is good to just stay a little longer and hoe to get to the next step… Eventually


I read this and immediately thought of Luis in Antman and the Wasp spilling everything under the influence of truth serum :rofl:


Thanks… have more or less the same opinion about the game. well done


I made this post only just the other day The Ridiculous Complaints thread, I think it kind of agrees but probably in a way that befits the thread. #rc830


Definatly agree with you.

Seeing a lot of complaints about game degradation by the more advanced (5* maxed all). The game is over for those players.

Those of us starting and enjoying the game are still alive. We are still fighting. When we get to your levels, we will move on. This is my 4th.

Developers <- LOVIN the game!


At fırst I thought this post was just a joke, but when I realized it was serious. I couldn’t stop staring at the screen in disbelief & lost for words.


Is this a paid Thread? I don’t want to complain about the game and never did so far but when I read that people spend $1000+ for this game, I must believe they are crazy.
If this is the only way to get up to some 5* heroes this is definitely a pay to win game.
Other question: are you willing to pay €1000 for GTA V, FIFA, PES, Battlefield, Overwatch,…??
I guess everybody would say that is totally overpriced.


…six kids??


Love both antman movies. Luis is awesome.


Let’s just say I do other things with my time that don’t involve mobile games. :wink:


and that is the only thing that caught your eye??


Technically I paid with my time to write this thread :slight_smile:

Sure. If you only look at dollars paid, this is overpriced.

It is not that you NEED to spend to get certain 5*. Plenty get cool 5* for free on gems and tokens. Proven, though, is that those who get more chances to try for them, will be more likely to get them.

It is all a matter of perspective.

I choose to spend my hard earned money this way and have no issue with the cost because I have reasonable expectations

As I mentioned, I sm just tired of those who do not have realistic expectations of this game and expect, say, a 60 dollar game that has almost all of the elements available at static progression points.

I play those too when I have the time. :slight_smile: ps4, xb1, ps3, xb360… the kids have a switch, DS and ps vita. It is a gaming house. Naturally they have screen time limits. But yea we got the things.




I know it takes a lot of my time as is. I couldn’t imagine 6 kids and having time for this.


Great, another complainer about the complainers! You could avoid their posts like i’m going to do with yours from now on. Sure I’ll miss your self righteous indignation but my life will be ok just like yours will be if you avoid the complainers.


Great! Another useless reply to an otherwise productive post!

(See what I did there?)

It might help you to click the little arrows to see that I formulated a reasonable post beyond the troll-like preamble. It’s what readers do.


Oh yes very productive just like the hundreds of posts exactly like it. Spend money, you do you, I’m sure everyone cares what you think especially you. This topic has been beat to death but now that you have made it clear about how you think i guess we can put it to rest. Just so you know complaining about the conplainers is… Complaining.


You are so right and I am so wrong.

Amazing job!

Gold star, keep up the good work.