This game is fair and worth the money I have spent, and I intend to keep spending

Hey @PeachyKeen just curious but do you still believe this?

From Day 1 my decision was the opposite to yours - to never spend any money


No. I’m kind of over spending.

I am just down to VIP and POV now.

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Hmmm… are you over spending, or overspending? I’m confused. :wink:

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BTW, I just discovered this thread, as I had only just started playing when it was originally posted and only later discovered the forums.

I have to say, in your original post, you articulated very well what I enjoy about the game and why I continue to play (and pay). Nice to see it resurrected, so I could enjoy it.

I am waiting for a rematch of the epic PeachyKeen-Thoth throwdown (in the first of which, @PeachyKeen was the decisive victor).

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Perhaps my decision to spend money on the game (apart from the blessing of enough disposable income) was colored by the fact that my 2nd pull ever, on day two of playing, was Vivica + Frida. I had no idea what a HOTM was at the time, and didn’t know how lucky I was. So I thought, "Hmmm… I’ll just buy some more gems and get some more good heroes. And the luck continued, so I kept spending. I pulled every HOTM to date (except Telluria, despite dropping nearly $400 and hundreds of pulls trying to get her) and probably have averaged around $150/month (with the notable Telluria exception, or debacle, as I like to call it.).

Since March '19, I have 67 5*, only 21 of which are maxed. I don’t think $150/month gets me close to whale status, but I guess it’s a fair amount. I have considered lately moving from an overspender to being over spending, but haven’t made the move yet.

One way I justify spending this much on a “meaningless” game, is that I $$$ (or €€€ match, in my case). For every €1 I spend on E&P, 1€ goes to a charity. This helps with the CFO as well (my wife).

Anyway, I will not complain about the complainers, but keep to the positivity of the OP.


perhaps I’m over overspending. :slightly_smiling_face:

I definitely had some help from other sane members of the community. He had nowhere to go but out. Haven’t seen Thoth around much since this thread. Seen the overly negative types flame out a few times over the past year and a half I’ve been on the forum. I re-read the thread. that was a fun bout.

I guess another thing that enriches the game for me, that I didn’t mention in the original post here (but have other places), is the forum. I can go
off on a whimsical tangent (An Interview with Domitia, Magitech Loner - #7 by PeachyKeen) or read one of @zephyr1 (& @Guvnor’s) well-crafted beta-beat posts, or have many fun little conversations I have with fellow players along the way.

To be honest, it might be harder to quit the forum than it would be for me to quit the game.

Anyway, good to meet you. Thanks for the reply!


Side note, I see you are a Malazan Book of the Fallen Fan XD fantastic series!

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His name feels like a weird Rick and Morty Crossover. Did Rick jump universes and take over Moonspawn!?

That would be a cool episode actually…

Nah I think its a reference to the character Anomander Rake in the Malazan Book of the Fallen series (Anomander Rake | Malazan Wiki | Fandom)

Lol I know but @AnomanderRick name is Anomander Rick.

Maybe his RL name is Rick… or Richard… :man_shrugging:

I’m gonna let my mind run with the Rick & Morty cross over :stuck_out_tongue:

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MBOTF for the win!

I am Rick, and Rake is one of my favorite characters, so…

And a MBOTF/Rick & Morty crossover would be sublime!

PeachyKeen, i am agreeing 100% with you. I am sick and tired of the never ending group of complainers here…only, look closely and it’s always the same folk. So really, it’s only a few.


PeachyKeen, i only now checked the date now. Seems nothing much has changed since then. I have been playing for 15 month, accumulated 44 heroes (32 unique ones) and am very happy with most of them. I am spending about 80 pounds a month, and to me that seems okay. I think the devs have developed a great game that has so many layers and is keeping me interested, grinding is fine. Am in a family of alliances and don’t regret time or money spent. if I did, I’d leave.

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did anything ever change for you from the original post?

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There’s a goodbye thread:

You dig up some interesting stuff!

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ah yea there is that

guess I’m moreso curious if he was to re write the OP after leaving the game if it would be written any differently than it was so long ago, and if it would indeed be written differently, how different…

thanks for linking that thread though

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Bringing me back from the dead. Necromancer.

There are several factors that changed from the original.

1- Life got hard. Really, really hard. Lost enjoyment in many things

2- The post was true when I wrote it. I still believe the game is fair, but it was no longer worth the money for me, so I stopped paying. Also? The game was less fun when I stopped paying. And when I paid, I got no satisfaction.

3- The developers made some awful choices which drove a nail in the coffin. Tavern of Dawa, Costumes and… the overabundance of deals. Used to be I wanted specific ones… but i never wanted to hit a barrage of deals. A lot of really stupid choices by the developers changed the feel of the game.

4- if it stayed closer to what it was when I wrote the OP, I might still be playing. At least I would have kept the game installed

5- A reflection on my criticisms of the game on this forum told me that it was time to move on. I like most of you, but the barrage of stupid from the select few is exhausting and not worth it.

It’s just time.

When I miss the game/forum… I miss the fun people. Not the game or the feeling of obligatory, slavish tap-mining.