This game is fair and worth the money I have spent, and I intend to keep spending

You read it right. No typos, and English is my first language, so any grammar mistakes are because I am lazy.

On the surface, this thread seems like I am trolling the folks who complain about the game being unfair, that the RNG is not real, etc… You know the folks… these are the same ones who say people are quitting in droves, etc. Okay, perhaps I am. But maybe my perspective is worth something, too.

On Spending / Pay to Play

Back in 2017 I was eager to download this game when I first heard about it but couldn’t recall the name to search. I was happy to find it on an ad for some other time-waster I was playing and downloaded in October of 2017. I’ve previously spent thousands on mobile games because I’m an idiot and love wasting money. I’ve seen these mobile games pack up and leave the players with no explanation. Eh, sunk cost. I moved on.
However, I did not plan to spend on this game. At all. I made it through October, November and December without spending a single penny.

Then the grind hit. The new year turned over. I saw my W2 and thought “Huh… I guess I don’t need to keep ALL this money for good causes…” So I dropped 30 bucks in the kitty for 2800 gems and bought my first Yellow 10-pull. I got Joon, Wu Kong, Li Xiu and Natalya. Then I pulled one more time, got some 3* (I think Dawa) and a second Natalya.

I thought to myself “Huh. this was fun. I will do it again. But I will wait a bit and build up my teams.” I was still somewhat of a novice even 3 months in, eating heroes to keep one solid raid team. Ate more than a few 4* in that time. Oops. It’s okay, most were Kungfu Panda.

I bought the 5$ total gem deals for pirates, avalon, guardians… but only ended up getting Merlin for those 3 months. I also tried hard for Aeron & Delilah (spent about 50 each of those 3 months) and then finally gave up. I was quite frustrated. After failing to spend anything in April, I saw Alaise and thought “wow, that hero is amazing. I must have her.” I dropped 100 bucks. I got her as well as a few other nice 5*. I think that was in May. With Alaise, I was off to the races and have been trying to ensure that I get every HOTM. I haven’t missed one since.

I have them all, some multiples. I also spent 150 in June for Fables and got Bosswolf, Redhood, Grave, Gretel. Really good fortune there and love all of those heroes.

I’m not here to brag, but to illustrate that I enjoyed the luck I had and the “luck of the draw” is part of why I like the game.

Have I failed? ohh… goodness… I spent over 300 bucks in October trying so hard for Victor. Nope. I did end up with Aegir and 2 Zimkitha. I also have failed to get most Season 2 5* I have tried hard for. I’m fortunate to have Inari & Misandra on my team… but the HOTM re-issues of Athena, Hel, Delilah, Alby, Zeline… or the fun ones like Tarlak, Kage, etc? Nothing. I also spent about 100 trying for xmas heroes but failed.

All told, I definitely do not pay as much as some of the big spenders, but I may have invested about 3000 in this game so far. Do I wish I had some of the heroes I do not? Sure.

I have spent more money in failures than I probably should have. None of these things compelled me to write a nasty post in the forum or demand more for my money.
I may be foolish for spending, but I am informed about what my chances are and have appropriate expectations

Are there bad actors who cheat and find other ways to get gems to get heroes? Sure. whatever. That’s fine. I’ll still destroy them in a raid. I got a good enough roster. No amount of money yet has been devised to make a roster that my team can’t beat, I don’t care if a millionaire sinks millions into it.


Oh, the struggle is real.
I am competitive and I like to win, and I do not like losing, nor do I like losing to teams I view as lesser, particularly when it really isn’t worth my time or effort to revenge because of the overall cup cost if I get a bad board.

I’ve monkeyed with my rosters enough to know that Flags + Time = Money.
So, with this, I don’t waste flags on stupid mono rosters, or even 4:1 raid rosters (unless I’m going against a purple tank, never leaving Inari on the bench). I maximize my chances to win, even if a raid might take a little bit more time. I use a 3-2 or 3-1-1 or a 2-2-1 stack for raiding and I am successful more than when I go rainbow or full mono.
however If I am strapped for time and want to fill a chest, and have a couple raid flasks to burn… I might make an exception. But I know the risks and go for it anyway. Kind of like being an informed consumer.

Loot RNG? Yes, it is frustrating. But it makes me happy that everybody gets nothing fairly often, as well. Because I’m misanthropic and enjoy the misery of others. Also because I also get nice surprises in my loot time-to-time and again, that’s why I play. Because I like this sort of thing.

Yes! Some things are unfair

Do I believe things are unfair?
Yes. To a degree.
I believe that people should not go starving in this world while other people win eating contests.
I do not, however, begrudge the people who have money to spend and spend more than I do to get more than I have.
I also do not begrudge people who spend more time on this game to stay in the top 10, top 100 etc… I have six kids and they are more important to me than any single human being outside of my household.

What feels reasonable to consider “unfair” in this game, I suppose, is the fact that the upper echelon of all challenge quests will 100% be unreachable for the average FTP/CTP player. It’s not going to happen without ridiculous luck the likes of which RNG has rarely provided.
The only people who take down the top 1-10 spots have the dough to drop down for world energy flasks/refills to respin each board until it is perfect, speed up farming, speed up battle items, etc. There is a proven strategy to “do well” in the events. And I dutifully use the “items items items” strategy to get more than the silver token in the top two tiers (never bothered with rare).

So yes. Challenge quests could be considered unfair, because that is absolutely P2W territory. Informed consumer and all that. I don’t spend THAT much, I don’t have THAT much time, so I get my participation rewards and move on. Good enough for me, and I’m not bothered.

On Gameplay

Okay… so money, covered. RNG, covered. Fairness, covered. What about the game itself?
I enjoy the puzzles and their interactions with my hero specials. I like mixing my teams up and trying different synergies.
i want the wonderland heroes more than any other heroes ever, particularly Cheshire Cat, because I simply love the out-of-the-box thinking. Danzaburo / Rumplestiltskin were nice tries but… nah… I’ll pass.

The grind is what it has to be for the nature of this type of game. We have to trade work/time to get a thing, or a chance at a thing. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fun and we’d have nothing to complain about and, if all the whiners were placated, the game would fold up because everyone would have everything, everyone would realize that the game is a sham and actually pretty evenly balanced and they would all quit!!

Okay, maybe sham is too harsh of a word, but if people realized exactly how fair/balanced the game really is, they would probably quit instead of trying to be the best. There would be nothing in it for them to play for.

As for me? I’ll play until the game goes away. It is fun for me.

I will spend, I will match 3, I will train heroes, I will complain about crappy A+ loot on titans, I will exult over great loot from titans and I will enjoy the company of my alliance which I believe to be the best alliance to be in, for me.

Now, I'm going to name names of people on here who just need to shut up and stop talking

HAhahahaahaha… nope.


This is brilliant, thanks for taking the time to share it!

I really appreciate the way you’ve organized your thoughts, and your evaluation of the game’s value to you on multiple fronts. :heart_decoration:


This was brilliant, Thanks for bringing your positive and constructive views onto this forum. It was nice to read something that wasn’t just a bunch of complaining. Really, It’s appreciated :slight_smile:




I love this! And it echoes many of my own feelings and thoughts, but probably much better than I could have done!

Like you, I didn’t spend the first couple of months, but as I learned the game a little better and came to enjoy the challenges, I got the VIP and started spending here and there on pulls and some deals offered. Not quite as much as you, but probably over $1,000. and some change. To me it’s no different than going out to dinner, the movies, or any other thing you find entertaining and enjoyable.

That was over 9 months ago, I still love the game, have an amazing alliance and still play daily.

I scaled back spending when I realized I have more than enough heroes to ascend for quite some time…I save my tokens nd coins and usually just try during the special summons/events. I am more than happy with my cheap-to-play status, probably more now that I am not worrying about pulling a must-have HotM or event hero.

I think it is human nature to complain when you’re not happy about something, but rarely do people say “well-done” when the situation is to their liking.

Thanks for posting! Love the positive (and realistic) outlook!


@PeachyKeen Thank you for a thoughtful, witty, balanced look at why the game works for you! I thoroughly enjoyed this. I think a lot of us enjoy the game on balance, but that sentiment doesn’t get voiced nearly as often as people’s frustrations and upsets.

My likes are on cooldown right now, but here’s a Genuine Limited Edition Garanwyn Cooldown Like :sparkling_heart: (you can tell it’s limited edition because of the sparkles).


I expected to open the thread and see “…said no one ever!!”


This post is good and worth spending the time to read.

Thanks for taking the time to share!


It was a good post and i’ll really like to give you a little heart.
But you get two 5* on your first 10x pull, so you are evil and you not deserve a little heart.

But here is a T-Rex :t_rex:


Great post. Since reading all the whinging on here, I’ve considered myself to be a W2P, or “want to play”.

Nobody’s got a gun to my head regarding playing or paying (or at least I hope not, best turn round and check… Nope, all good :grin: )


Thanks all :slight_smile:
I wanted to combat the vast whining and negativity without being a part of an argument on a whiner topic.

Besides, I feel that there has to be SOME redeeming quality to the game that we all play.


PeachyKeen, bravo indeed. I also love this game and my Alliance mates, and the money I spend is well worth the pleasure I get in return. Even when I pull another Dawa.


@PeachyKeen, you may be my trollmate…but I’m too lazy to find out! :wink: Your post was glorious! That is why we all still play, because we really do enjoy it. Thanks for the upbeat post!


I would like to complain about people who complain. It is about time something is done about this! And why is it I catch every red light? And what about my lousy football team, can’t even win on accident? And why do my socks droop while my underwear defies gravity? And…

OK, I love this game, too. :grin:


Great post! Im glad to see a positive one.


blinks eyes at OP

What? You’re… Happy? No complaints?

Cool. :joy::joy::joy:


That list is too big and time aint your friend since you have to autofarm those WEs :smile:

Gratz on the post! :+1:

Nice to see a :rainbow: in all the :poop: the complainers post. GG!!! :slight_smile:


brilliant!!! So nice to find someone that has a positive and balanced view of the game. Kudos! And well written, to top it off. :+1::clap::tada::bouquet:


The game offers enough to enjoy whether you pay or not. Those with money has a bit of an advantage but that keeps the game going. There are many things that make it a long term game to play. First you seek heroes, then you look to feed them, then you start to look for ascension materials ets. Initially you try to build a strong team later combinations are becoming more important… Bottom line is that I agree… The game offers a lot with a bit of frustration and if you cannot stand the frustration then it is time to leave. But for now it is good to just stay a little longer and hoe to get to the next step… Eventually


I read this and immediately thought of Luis in Antman and the Wasp spilling everything under the influence of truth serum :rofl:


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