This game is crippled by limits


Ok, i have been playing for less than a day and have already gotten tired of all the time limits to get anywhere. im not made of cash and neither is 99% of society…■■■■ sure cant afford to pay for pack after pack to be competative…17 power and 3 power min per plain makes progress so slow, then adding all the other timers and everything…the battle system is horrid with a 5x7 grid only attacking directly above, atleast battle camp let you drag continuously to set up attacks…raids are impossible to get a fair chance at…i shouldnt ever have to deal with being matched with people 2x my stats but that is all i have gotten …option to join alliances is blocked out for some reason…i cant train recruits fast enough to make it worth expanding my house, and no option on types to train for…there is little strategy involved in this game and thus becomes sit around and see how lucky you might be and my experience is not verry…which is not a fun experience…


1: You can join an alliance from level 4, this gives you access to titans and another chat
2: You can do quests from level 10, this gives you access to “more” content
3: World energy goes up when leveling

But it sounds like you dont like the core game mechanic, the match-3 type of game. And if you think it sucks, uninstall it and quit playing :slight_smile:


This isn’t the type of game you play all day long. You have to be patient. Some of the upgrades on the middle levels take days. You’ll hate it.

But the game isn’t crippled by limits, the limits are what makes the game.