This game is completely a joke

i don’t know with what to beginn. This game is beginning to be a joke. I play this game from about 3-4 months i invested some money on it not much i few hundreds euros. i have a good team with a power above 3000 anyway lets tell about some issues

  1. Chests: i you kidding me no matter if is hero or monster chest i alway get some food some iron , 3 gems, one adventure kit and one practice sword and that is happening from 2 months continuously. how lucky do you need to be to take at least one time some ascension materials ?
  2. some colours chests ??? exist something like that ??? i get only once per month and i skip the time at least 2-3 time on a sigle day and i get only one coloured chest in 1 mouth .
  3. the vision thing. this is another joke always what i get is 2 gems and 1 turtle banner nothing else
  4. Raids. Another one. with a team power above 3000 i am struggling to beat a team with a power between 2500 and 2800. eventually i beat them and i get 11 cups but after i get a revenge and i lose 40-50 cups really ??? and that is happening because every time i get in a situation where i have no moves
  5. Wars. : really ? again team power above 3000 can not beat a team with a 2700 power because the revenge attack . that revenge attack make that 2700 power team somewhere to be like 3500.
  6. Ascension materials they don’t exist. but what is funny the top guys always have them . Always get the hero of the month and in 10 min are completely ascended and more than a half of the players get no ascension materials in months.

What is my conclusion ? this game is a waste of time it is virtually impossible to get a team of 5 stars heros fully ascended under 1 year of playing. And please don’t tell me that this game is all about patience and time or the top players ( when i say top players a refer to the guys who are in the first places ) are playing 24 hours a day to get all the ascension material they need fast as possible. what i think is that some players have a great advantage and nobody can get to that level without pouring thousands of euros or dollars in to the game. and no i don’t cry but you can clearly see that this game is all about to take money a lot of them from you and never get something back.


You are so funny!
Why do you play this game again?


i am really don’t know why do i play this game anymore. a lot of players are complaining and i think that the developers don’t even bother to resolve the issues. And a game should be fun and not only about the players money. i agree that the developers should get some money ( payment ) because they developed the game but this game i think and is my opinion is worse than a casino. At least in a casino you have sometimes fun and sometimes you win and here you are paying for nothing only to get at some point where have no sense to play anymore because to ascend a hero you need months of play time and the prices for ascending materials are tooooooo big. the ascension materials are not physical gold people


Hello it s shure it will take time around a year but with quest event you still have chance to have evolution stuff for your 5 star to get it well it s also very long but still …with training camp lvl 13 you start to obtain heros 4* and in lvl 20/ 4 and 5 even if you re unlucky to obtain it with your collect game you spare . You will probably take a long long time but it s possible without paid it take s just one more time …
in this case time is your money :wink:
or you can find players wich you like to play with in alliance and that are no prize that can let you stay in game et consider time you spend like a treasor chest :wink:


I play over 8 months now. Got 3 fully leveled 5* heroes.
You know what?
If someone gave me a fully ascended 5* hero for free I would refuse it.
The fun is in the hero leveling.
This game if for grinders and not for whiners.


Result from level 13 camp after 80 training i go 79 3stars and 1 4stars. and yes in this case time is a lot of money.


You’re obviously stuck between a rock and a hard place right now, or you’d not be posting this. The “I just got more than 3k team strength point” eh? I’ve been there. And yes it’s the point where you’ll run into a shortage of warm capes/fine gloves, and your progress will be stunted … for a while.

The good news is that it will also pick up again, if you keep playing. The bad news is that in the near future a new showstopper lies in waiting for you. The ugly news is that by then you’ll be so much into the game you’ll press on regardless because you’re enjoying yourself so much.

Your conclusion is somewhat correct. It -is- virtually impossible to get a team of 5 star heroes fully ascended under 1 year of playing - unless you’re filthy rich catflap. It -is- however possible to get a partial team of fully ascended 5star heroes. I’ll have 3 out of 5 in about a year since I started playing and I’ve spent considerably less than you. So I’m not telling you to be patient, I’m telling you to adjust your expectations.


Perhaps if you took another look at the patch notes, you’ll see that the devs do indeed listen to the players. No, they don’t shower us with moar ascension mats, but they do create new opportunities for them. It seems like you’ve got buyer’s remorse though. I’m sorry that happened to you. You don’t -need- to spend to have a good time though: different to a casino, you can still play without spending.


i agree with you that you don’t need to spend money ( i didnt spent any more money on this game for about a month ) and no i don’t have a spending remorse :slight_smile: i just ask myself how it is even possible that a lot of people are complaining about the ascension materials how they don’t get them and how a few another ones ( i dont want to name them ) have them always get always hero of the month or the best heros and ascend them to max in just a few minutes. here is my problem i think that is no fair for other players. ps: i don’t want to be the best one i just wonder how many months or years do you need to have a fully ascended 4 stars hero team not a 5 stars team because i get only one 5 star hero after paid something like 200 euros for summon tokens

I think people worry about 5*'s too much. They are nice and I have 1 of each color (none maxed) but have also realized a lot of 4* heros can hold up quite well against 5*'s.

The grind is fun and annoying at the same time. There is no winner of the game at the end. Just a virtual leaderboard which is a benchmark I guess. I don pay any attention to it to be honest. I just worry about my team and how they perform in various situations.


I agree with you on some points and disagree on others. It’s all about luck. In 6.5 months playtime i’ve put in about 500 canadian dollars and have gotten 8 5* of which I can max 2 now with the ascension items I have. I just got sartana from a TC 20 training…13th training, and will max her next. The game has it’s ups and downs and does take a ton of effort to get anywhere. Those top guys have spent between 10-20k usd money.


Camp training lvl 20 gives a lot s 4 star heros and some time lvl5 … but that not the point …i heard that the evolution items will be adjust to be more equitable between players …they have allready improve the way to get them not just on titan ou chest reward …by the way if you do not rush the game you have time to obtain it until ypu get your 4 star or 5 star and with the 30 heroes need for war it stay you busy to up heroes anyway

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Just a comment about your complaints re: raiding…it sounds like you’re targeting enemy teams with a trophy level lower than yours. But trophies are a bad way to gage team power. Have you tried specifically targeting teams with more trophy levels than you? If you win, you get +40 trophies for your effort, and if you lose, it’s only like -10. That way you also don’t need to fear losing too many with the revenge attacks that come later.

It’s been said many times before but look at the enemy teams composition relative to yours and adjust accordingly. Example: I have strong yellow and blue heroes, so I do fairly well against purple and red tanks.

Other than that, yeah the loot from chests suck and it has for months now. I finding hard to complain about Mystic Vision since it’s something that doesn’t require any effort. Just keep working on the rare questline (cough Frostmarch is up) and the items will trickle in.

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in raids i get only teams ( opponents ) that are way to stronger than me. I have a team power 3080 and i only get opponents with a power above 3300. Yes i lose 8 from 10 battles and when i reroll i get opponents with a power between 2600 and 3000 and from 10 battles agains them i win 3 or 4 because every time im in a situation i can not hit the opponent. it is strange i know. i don’t specially target opponents with more less power. Between when i manage somehow to win against a team with a power of 3200 i take only 11 cups the next they will revenge and i lose 40 cups. Anyway don’t really matter because after all is a game

Great! There are tons of people who love this game, so I hope you find another game that you enjoy!

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So just to be clear, up in 7DD (whom I assume you’re referring to since that’s who most un-named whining is pointed at), there are plenty of us who have NOT spent anywhere near $10-20k USD and one of our members is F2P.

My guess is that either 1. you don’t really have a good mix of heroes to raid with, 2. you just aren’t very good at raiding, or conversely 3. you are good at raiding and thus have more cups than most players at your team strength and thus are out in front of your skies.

Either way, you could post some videos about your team selection and raiding and get some advice.


I’m coming up on 1 year. Cheap to play, about $5 a month maybe, and have 4 fully ascended 5* and my 5th will be there before I hit the one year mark. I also have enough to fully ascend another two 5*, but no 5* in that color haha.

I’ve mainly taken advantage of the cheap calendar deals and also the event gem deals when I first started.

These devs are smart - in a society that generally has lost of it’s patience, they made a fun as heck game that goes right at what non one has, patience. You want to be impatient, you can spend money to do so by summoning heroes, buying ascension packs, speeding up buildings, etc.

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In 13 months I’ve spent just over $70. I’m about 3500 team power, have three TC20, and recommend the VIP for the double gems.

I rarely raid because I don’t like it (read, “I’m not good at it”) :grin:

I have enough ascension materials to level four 5* or nine 4*, my choice. The game gives plenty, you just have to methodically search ALL the available places, preferably on a daily basis.


You mixed two replies in one? Cause the first reply seemed to be to me, but I didn’t whine about raiding…on the contrary my 3200 raid team routinely beats 4000+ defense teams and I only use that one team. I’ve taken out up to 4150 and do post it on the pvp channel. It’s a mixed bag of how much people spend. I know it’s not all that spend that much even at the top. I said top players not top team. Thinking 7DD is the only place with top players is egotistical as CP and others routinely exchange players with you guys also.The russians HHRU are also almost at the same level but get no recognition as they don’t speak english.

On the contrary, whenever anyone says “omg 7dd so good” i always point out the other strong alliances like CP HHR aggressive mixed nuts etc. Yes many of them fly under the radar because they are not english as a first or second language alliances. There’s been a few instances i’ve seen of people complaining about “russian this or that” and I always point out those guys have been nothing but good sports in all of my interactions with them (and blindly grouping all players from a country into a single group is just dumb to begin with).

However when most people are whining about “only caring about top alliances and players” or “you know who but i’m not gonna name”, 95% is the time that’s refering to 7DD.

Anyway back on topic.


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