This game is becoming unplayable (raids specific)

I love (sarcastically) how tiles matches stack exactly under the hero or heroes you don’t want to trigger. You look to make a match on a diff Side of the board and you don’t find that match. This recently is happening so frequently that it is now commonplace with every raid.
On a separate note we shouldn’t have only 6 raid attacks attempts in a row. This number is really low, you don’t get to enjoy the heroes you acquire and ascend. These 6 attempts go by quickly and you are left frustrated more than actually enjoying the game.


You are not alone my friend! I was also complaining to my team mates yesterday too hahaha. Tournaments, 3-kingdom, titan, raid revenges - all.the.same! I couldn’t agree more on the ‘tiles match stacked under the hero you do not want to trigger’. So spot on. I was also wondering it couldn’t be so co-incidental right? Another thing also is that when there’s your color tiles, it will be either 2 tiles here and 2 tiles there and you can’t find anyway in between to join them. You are always missing that one tile’s mana to fire off your special.


I have good days and I have bad days for raids/tiles.
Yetsreday was a good day and today started off with a lot of bad boards but then I ended up winning still - for example I had mono red against Lady of the Lake tank, I had 1 red tile on the whole board, the rest were mostly YELLOW. I did 4 or 5 moves and no more red came don’t he board, LOTL fired, and I thought “oh damn, that’s game over” but I continued anyway, and ended up doing another move, got a red diamond, and ended up winning without losing any of my heroes.

Sometimes you can start with terrible boards and then get big cascades and lose, sometimes those cascades can bring in the colours you need and help. Sadly, it’s all luck. Sometimes it goes for you, sometimes against you.

You just need to find a way to laugh it all off. I like when I face a tough impossible team and manage to win, whether it’s a fast win or “by the skin of my teeth”. Find a way to accept you have good or bad boards/days, and how to laugh everything off, then you will enjoy it a lot more.


I’ve been having more of that same experience lately. Really in the tournament. Not getting destroyed by specials but regular hits from opposing team during turn transition. Anyone else experiencing this? Im confused, is it all the double limit breaking? Never came across as excessive before until this and the last few where I’ve been noticing it more. Thanks for any thoughts or advice.


So the developers - who don’t seem to have the time to get many new simple features implemented correctly - have the time to build in a complex algorithm that tries to determine the most dangerous opponents (factoring in speed, emblems, LBs, LB2s, the hero special, which specials you are are close to casting, your hero colors and tyoes) and then adjusting the way the board is formed to align with that? To get an outcome that they could get by investing zero time and letting RNG naturally get to part of the time?


Many aspects are broken in PvP fights. In today’s rush war, I got beaten by a team with two ressurectors. I got a great board and run a strong team and in just a few turns i took down three heroes, including one ress. Then the other one casted and brought everyone back with plenty of health… and I killed them again… and again… and again… each time a ressurector casted, everyone came back, like clockwork… flawless 100% ressurection rate, during rush war… of course, the game isn’t rigged to favor defense, every last one of us knows that… I killed more than 15 heroes during that fight, and when I finally lost with two minutes left on the clock (in a rush war! - that alone must be a record), the other team was all alive and in decent health… this loops only lead to frustration and drive people away… shouldn’t happen. Ressurection, especially during rush wars should be limited to once per fight for each hero…


Resurrection and Dodge are two abilities that I am actually deeply suspicious of the stated odds. Generally I do not buy into any conspiracy theory about rigged boards or sneaky hidden algorithms, but something feels off with dodge and ressurect. I do not get the same luck when using dodge on attack that the defenders seem to get when defending.

But, im human. Im biased. I accept I could be wrong. Would love to see a comprehensive dive into the data for that.


If someone else is willing to take on the dodge and resurrection, I don’t mind doing data collection on the fighter revive

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Nope. I actually lost in one of my fights yesterday due to running out of time. Don’t think I’ve had that happen before. Prof Lind, MN, and Kalo left. I had enough to go control Kalo and keep killing him but not enough to stop the other two.

Now it seems the board is a bit congenial whenever I go rainbow…must be confirmation bias too🤔…tiles became easy to match…anyone…unlike when I will be forced to match unwanted ones!

Although I won’t agree to the title, but raids are somewhat different since the update…but not unplayable…it’s just a bit more challenging!..may be be confirmation bias too!

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For me, the game is changing because the opponent heroes I am facing are changing whereas my heroes are (for the most part) not. I find I have less time to make the moves needed to turn an unfavourable board around than I used to before getting stomped on. But my general perception as far as boards themselves hasn’t changed. There are good days and there are bad days, same as I’ve been dealing with for over five years now. There are now just more heroes that have become auto rerolls.


I dont know. I will reserve judgement until I have my KrampusC fully leveled and LB2. ( Makes a good companion for my purple war tank. )
During the last weekend war Iwas top scorer in my alliance but today I didnt even make 250 points. It seems there are good and bad days.
I got very lucky with summoning last Halloween but since then nothing has come out of any gate or TC in the legendary range.
Doesent matter since I picked Heimdall from FS ( my first 5* reviver ) and really hope to get Loki befor FS changes. :+1:

This seems true. We know for a fact that defenses hit harder by a calculated %. Tested and proven.

It would make sense that dodge/resurrect occur at a slightly higher rate on D. It’s a common complaint that Heimdall will never resurrect for your offense. I’ve used Bastet on every raid attack for months, and I feel like the dodge rate is higher than listed. The defensive rate seems higher still, but I’ve just accepted it as the nature of the game.

It takes away the fun of playing the game when the algorithm determines the outcome of the battles not how you manipulate the board. I want to have a chance at reconstructing the tiles not have the algorithm take away all my options and leave me with one tile match that is the unfavorable one.

I can be cynical too if I had control on setting up the percentages of tiles and matches appearances.

It is simple math, you can lower or increase the chances of certain events happening with elementary math.

I have had that happen… and it was regular Heimdall with his 20% chance rate… fired multiple times and revived at least one defender each time. OTOH, I’ve had a few occasions where the defending Mother North revived no one. But then on offence Mother North never revives for me, so there’s that.

Recently the algorithm heavily ways more on the defense favor significantly more so than before.
It doesn’t matter what team you choose what boards you get (you will get bad ones) you will lose the match.
My lose to win ratio has significantly deepened in favor of losing.


Dont have the same experience. However I need some more food to find opponents where I have a good win probability.

You don’t have the same experience? Do elaborate.

I look for convenient opponents I have deafeat. I’ve been doing it for years. I’m talking about tiles matching changes which are easy to spot through recognizing patterns. Not hard to do.


By the way don’t be toxic trying to insinuate that I am the problem instead of addressing whether theres a change in the game or not. I don’t welcome that approach.

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It means they reroll more to find an opponent against whom they can have a better shot of defeating based solely on the hero match up. You can’t predict what boards you’re going to get, so hero match ups is what you can go by.

Are you taking about a pattern from match to match or once you get into the battle and new tiles that replaced matched ones?

He wasn’t being toxic nor was there any insinuation or anything. Players will have a different experience based on their roster, who they bring against the team they’re attacking, and the pRNG.

What change in the game are you talking about? LB2 and stats boost have made a significant change to the games eco system. If you’re consistently hitting above your weight, your losses will increase.