This Game Has ROBBED me!

Hi Zephyr, there shall be a rule that when somebody posts something like that it shall be ignored. When harsh language is used, attitude like “SG needs to return the gems”, capital letters and the whole paragraph this guy wrote is just insane, not mentioning he thinks it is a glitch.
It really kills the mood of those who love the game to deal with such players.
The moderator’s nice attitude and the “american” way of being nice to everyone cannot work.
We can afford to lose players like these, they are acid and there is no place for them in the game or on the forum. We shall be able to do something about it and I really believe that the best way is ignoring the whole post until the person comes to senses and writes something with heart rate under 190.

It is because players like this one that I read the forum less and less.

PS: Maybe there could be a section called: “Acid posts - to be ignored for the time being”


Agreed for sure, but I can’t deny that there’s a part of my brain that found this entire thread wildly entertaining…


Pobre si has gastado tanto y no la has pasado es que necesitas mejorar mucho. Otro año sers

Is this a joke? I mean…did you spend 12k gems on a stage to get a ring and a crappy avatar?? Please tell me is a joke


I respectfully disagree. @zephyr1 & @rook’s rational, firm approach was an opportunity for others to learn -although the gem issue was one some of us have learned the hard way (hopefully sooner).

I refuse to let angry people ruin the game for me. I am still merry -if a bit sad that such angry people have to live with rage & aren’t open to learning from such generous people.

I learned a lot!!!

Peace, love, joy…good boards and great strategies to all (love hearing that someone beat the challenge with 3100 team power!!!)

:vulcan_salute: :bouquet:


Seems to me as a succesfull trolling attempt. Cant believe somebody with TP 3800 is so ignorant and doesnt understand the basic game mechanics.


Lol i just wish i wasn’t out of likes :joy::joy::joy:


Any post that triggers @Rigs is worth the price of admission. It’s like watching an episode of Survival … get your popcorn, folks :grin::joy:


@AirHawk will be disappointed that he missed this one

And if anyone hasn’t read the replay by @Vixx it is one of the best reads in this forum I’ve seen in awhile


I kind of actually do sneeze at any team power under 4100 nowadays.

But I beat Christmas last year with about 3650.

You’re claiming a glitch with no evidence

You’re trolling.

You’re being rude.

You set up a poor team that couldn’t win without nuking; you didn’t nuke; and now you’re sour.

And I really doubt you put so many gems into winning. Post evidence or I call BS.


I think where the alleged spending of 12000 gems is concerned, the emphasis really needs to be on the ‘alleged’ until some evidence is proffered.


Wow in less than 12 hours all this flagging.

How in the world does someone spend 12k gems and not win?

That’s 160 tries. I don’t even know anyone would spend more than 150 gems and and not
quit. Try again with more suitable heroes and better battle items.

Overly exaggerated claims will not be believed unless with evidence. Video of it or it did not happen. 12k gems in one go on a single level is quite remarkable. Qualified for a super ridiculous claim.


The only answer is:
You can’t hit Santa on Christmas Day.
You should only try after Christmas.


That seems … harsh.

It would most likely further enrage the poster

[Rage Godzilla] would be an interesting tag … but the OP can edit it back.

If there was a separate sub forum, OP can return post to General sub forum.

On some forum software mods can make certain changes and lock them.

P.S. Do not go on any WoW / EO forums unless they have gotten drastically better.


Click for notes


Interesting discussion about opinion posts versus testable posts

("Dislike" button)

Flame wars

Keep Calm and kindly explain the situation



Much less than that, like I said above. First attempt is 75 gems. Second one is 100, 3rd is 150 and after that the cost is 100 more for every attempt (I speak from my last year knowledge). After 10 attempts, one single continuing is already more than 1000 gems.

P.S. I cannot guarantee these are the exact costs. It is an ex-teammate experience, who paid 4 times and told me how it works. I am not 100% sure that after 3-4 attempts the cost is not even higher than previous cost +100 each one. Only a staff member could provide this information. Or the guy who opened this thread :slight_smile:


I have no idea how much it costs but for anyone to spend 12k gems on a single level is ridiculous.


Of course it is. He practically died over and over again, MN healed all the time, he paid for continuing every time he died and every single time the cost was higher and higher. Practically he spent 12k gems for 15-20 continuing option in a row. Of course it is ridiculous and a really sane person wouldn’t do something like this. So… hard to believe anyway…

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The OP putting the first thing last…should have sought help on the forum before several retries,…it actually doesn’t sound like the OP wants any help.

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Definitely. If you don’t have the right heroes at the right level, you won’t be able to beat the final stage of this challenge with or without Time Stops, Revive Scrolls, or whatever.

I’ve yet to complete the 3rd stage of a trial mission without spending gems or using a valuable item. When I realized I was losing probably more than I could gain, I resigned myself to accept the reality that I simply do not have enough heroes of any given class leveled up enough to be competitive to beat the final stage of a Trial Mission, so I no longer worry about trying Stage 3 anymore. Eventually, I will be able to finish without sacrificing so much. Just not right now.


Read the whole thing, new favorite rant thread (displacing the Rigged Raids thread).

Sightly more on topic:

Who thinks they could beat the last stage of the Winter Challenge event with the team OP posted? Or, perhaps a better way of asking it is, ‘what do you think the odds are that you could beat the final level with this team?’ Let’s assume you can bring any four items from the forge and / or harpoons. Which I really don’t think is much of a boon, as the team somehow lacks mana control, damage, healing, AND cleansing. That’s a pretty sizable burden for items.

Also, if I let you sub in a +20 Carver or a +20 Pixie for one of the heroes, do you do it and who do you bench?

@Rigs, I know you want to play!

(I kind of hope some of the Valor Challenges are like this - forcing us to use a wickedly sub-optimal team and see how well we can do. I mean, some of the Trials are a bit like that if you don’t yet have a fully filled out roster, and I enjoy the challenge.)

@zephyr1, move out of Bugs forum (certainly though, there are issues here)?


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