This Game Has ROBBED me!

This one post took ALL of my likes and I’m not even halfway through?? Can’t I buy a like please!!! Just one?


It’s a shame isn’t @anc1ent1? I went in immediately feeling sorry for the poor guy but after reading a few of his posts I realized I didn’t feel sorry at all. He brought a knife to a gun fight and decided he could still win? He didn’t want advice, he should have his gems back, the ones he threw away? Wow, it’s come to this now, on a game I play for fun?


I beat it without spending a gem first try too, but I cheated - I used Proteus. (Pause for moderation while the forum hiccups on the C-word.)

I honestly thought the OP was a parody at first, but it turns out the poster was serious…!



:scream_cat: :scream: :scream_cat: :scream:

How can someone afford that much for one stage and still only have Kadilen, Cyprian, Colen, Caedmon, and Master Lepus as their best team?!?!



Valid point there @Vixx, possibly just a grinch who has spent the last of his Grandmoms credit on a game you play on your phone. Realizing that Christmas was today his only chance was to hope that somehow those gems would be returned (in the form of credit, to previously mentioned card)?

Merry Christmas All!!
When having a marshmallow vs rock fight you never want to be in two places
#1 Marshmallow team
#2 in the middle


Let’s keep within the confines of the Rules: “constructive criticism”.

If this is not possible, the thread will be closed.


Just close the thread so we can spend our holiday time elsewhere that doesnt offend you

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It’s not about offending me. It’s about the rules, as you well know. Since they seem to be forgotten by several in this thread, here’s a quick reminder:


Lol whatever blows your skirt up

Silence my account, delete it, whatever

I honestly couldn’t care any less. I mean everything was goin smooth and people were just talkin.

If someone wanted to harp on rules, last night would have been the better time when the :poop: storm was taking place. Not after the fact whenever the storm has already blown over.

Sometimes people sleep, and are unaware of the storm; they reply when they wake. :wink:



You were here but i didnt see that rules list posted then. Zephyr was here as well. And think even littlekalf was lurking

And the topic is dead. The OP has gone ghost(probly silenced if i had to guess).

I literally see no reason this thread is still going. All the advice has been given that could be given and it’s now just a thread for small talk and conversation which could be taken elsewhere.

If anyone else sees anything productive coming from this continued discussion; by all means chime in…

Personally I’ll be muting the thread

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The OP did.

Not a chance… maybe slight chance with carpet bombing… if they are lucky enough to pass the mob waves…

I would rather bring healers and carpet bombing items…

But Carver and Pixie… maybe I will replace Kadilen (her skill is conflicting against Cyprian’s Riposte) and Master Lepus (I don’t think ice/blue is a good color as there are 2 green bosses)…

Maybe because it become a platform to rant against ranting.

Maybe you can mail the OP if he want to close this thread.


When y’all troll someone, no matter how deserving some think him to be, the rules get invoked.

Sorry, that’s the gig. (And Rules get invoked all around, not just to some.) :wink:

If you want to discuss this in further detail Rigs, my door is open in Line: chibipotato16


I got better things to do




I’m curious if it’s possible to win the final level using the OP’s stated heroes? I’d try, but I don’t have them all… :confused:


Use 5x harpoons, dragon attacks, bomb attacks, and axe attacks.

Try to get lucky and pass the mob waves without using any items, if you do, victory is guaranteed.


12k credo che hai sparato alto?!

Moderator’s Note

I’ve moved the strategy recommendation posts in this thread to the main Santa’s Challenge thread: 🎅 Santa's Challenge 2019: Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion, and Links – Christmas Event

If anyone would like to continue discussing strategy, or would like help with their own attempts to beat Santa’s Challenge, please do so in the thread linked above.

As the OP hasn’t returned and didn’t seem interested in help with beating Santa’s Challenge, this thread will be closed.

If the OP would like to contact Support about the gem usage, they can do so by following the instructions listed here: How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)


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