This Game Has ROBBED me!

Santa’s Challenge HAD been going well for me until the very final Advanced Stage (24). Even tho’ I had already noticed that some of my hots on Buddy didn’t register, I was still able to advance; that is, UP to the Final Stage, during which I just lost over 12, 000 Gems trying to beat it. The 3 Bosses - Mother North, Santa Claus, and Buddy don’t even take damage half the time. Because of this TERRIBLE glitch, I have now lost over 12k Gems and I want them back!!! I spend too much on this ■■■■ game to be robbed blind like this. Small Giant needs to make this right for me ASAP!!! This is absolutely NO WAY TO TREAT A LOYAL CUSTOMER. I need my 12k Gems to be replaced in my account NOW. It is not MY fault that this horrible glitch is in place. I am Level 36 with an A-team of 3911 Power. Make this right for me ASAP, Small Giant!!!

A VERY Pissed-Off Player :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Holy crap

So what was the glitch?


Yea because you sucked at explaining it the first time

Poor gameplay isn’t a glitch

I autofarmed the entire advanced difficulty man. So not impossible to beat.


Calm down dude, none of the board members is responsible for your inconvenience and it’s xmas.

For what did you spend all those gems? I don’t understand, too.



20 cats bearing the Forum Rules


It will be very difficult for you to beat the Christmas Dream team with your line up.

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Justice blinds inadequate posts. :see_no_evil:


And you say that based on what knowledge, precisely?

Considering that literally ALL teams in this-here game are firmed by sheer chance - the proverbial roll of the dice, as it were, so to speak - I’d say I have a very good team, actually. 3911 power is NOTHING to sneeze at, and this is the VERY FIRST time I have EVER not been able to complete a Challenge Event. So, your feeble attempt to simply explain me away is not working. Do better.

Ok, I assumed you wanted some help figuring out why your team didn’t work out.

Team Power isn’t the issue, it’s the particular heroes that are.

Santa’s Challenge is one of the hardest of all of the Events that exists in the game. Team Power doesn’t matter, but synergy and items do.

It sounds like you just want to vent, which is fine — just don’t take it out on your fellow players who are trying to help.

Cheers, Merry Christmas. :christmas_tree:


I think it is not for figuring out which team would complete the final santa stage, i believe it is for getting 12k gems.

Lmao whatever helps you sleep at night

Btw kiss those gems goodbye

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12k gems is too much even for a big spender just to get santa avatar and mystic rings. But if proven that this really happened, i sympathize with you friend.


If you’re looking for game advice we may have a spot opening up soon. To apply, or for further assistance reach out to Line ID: JriGs



Good one but there is no way i would let someone in that is dumb enough to blow 12k gems on continues and STILL not beat a single level

No frickin way.


12000 g / 75 g = 160 continues
160 * 5 min = 800 / 60 = 13,3 hrs

That’s called patience :wink:


I’m not fully clear on what the deal with the 12k gems is — I wouldn’t have thought someone would use that many continues without asking for help or giving up.

But I don’t know what else that could possibly be referring to, so I assume that’s what it’s about.

Unfortunately there’s not much to be done there. Small Giant never refunds gems as far as I know, so I think that’s water under the bridge. The OP could contact Support to ask, though.


It goes up each continue. When I was a newer player I continued twice… first was 75 2nd was 150. If it keeps doubling each try… that’s a little ridiculous.


Why wouldn’t someone just spend the gems on world energy refills for many more retries than you get buyin em 1x1?


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