This game has lost its charm

And imagine how fun the game could be (and filled with knowledge, skill and strategy) if the wars were played with six defenses. That way you could balance the game until emblems balances out themselves.

From what I have read here the OP no longer find this game interesting…and so it happens, when the love /like for anything wanes, the tendency to see the negative sides increases…no amount of emblems balancing out or outrightly removal of emblems could influence that feeling, if 52 maxed legendaries couldn’t!

Besides the noise and discord that rotating defense or changing defenses would cause as many players do not have enough max heroes to satisfy such requirement ; that in itself would not bring back the nostalgic old feeling of this game as perceived, neither is it the solution to that feeling of " the game has lost it’s charm." the feeling is a personal perspective, as some people get bored, so some get excited over the same thing.

The factor here is "change ", this game is evolving, more and more contents, efforts at innovations from devs, organizational repositioning etc etc. The best approach to change is adaptation, and if it doesn’t work and one is still overwhelmed with that feeling of nothing more here, then it would be nice to take a break, get refresh and try to return in a pressure free perspective, after all this is just a game for entertainment purpose.

The factor here is that the game doesn’t change! It doesn’t evolve with more content. More heroes, purchasing opportunities and more RNG - yes! But it doesn’t evolve to use those in a proper way. And I’ve heard the same reasoning before for not having multiple defenses. Well I’ve never heard the same ppl say that it’s a problem for offense?

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