This game has lost its charm

Been a dedicated player and heavy spender for over 2,5 years! I’m a member of beta and I used to love this game! Got fed up when SG didn’t deliver the much anticipated HA in anyway expected and especially just completely ignored our feedback. Started playing another game and with that in mind (or comparison) I just don’t see the charm in this game anymore!

It’s waaaaay to much about rng and especially where I play. Meeting +20 Tellurias and company and fighting 14* titans - it’s all about the board. You got lucky or not? And I don’t blame SG for releasing overpowered heroes, the problem lies in the basic gameplay where you can reuse the same defense over and over again AND that defense has a 20% boost and - heal, arrows or dmg buff. I mean, it doesn’t make sense anymore since the emblems came. It’s so unbalanced it’s ridiculous!

Two options is what you should consider SG!

  1. Make the emblems cost exponential. Meaning cheaper at start and very expensive in the end.
  2. Either be able to reuse your heroes both in attack and defense or NOT be able to reuse either of them!

Both options would balance the game and bring back some charm, strategy and skill.

  1. Lower emblem’s costs and bonus stats to allow players to spread them more.

Anyway if someone dislikes some game modes it’s perfectly fine to give up some loot to not stress ourselves:

(I don’t play 5* Rush Tournaments anymore for example)

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:arrow_up: This absolutely.

I worked my butt off to get up into diamond tier, expecting to get compasses and sturdy shields and such on the regular.

Imagine my disappointment.

A lot of work for basically the same loot I was already getting in platinum.

So… I choose not to worry about it anymore.

I encouraged people to raid me, and they did. I keep getting knocked down to platinum again, and that’s fine. It’s a lot less stressful doing revenges when the cup ratio is +45/-15 vs. +15/-45 for a win vs. loss against a team that is already much stronger than mine. Kind of annoying when you have to fight a heavily emblemed GTV team and they actually have less trophies than you…

Like, great… I just beat a much stronger team than my own, and I only get 12 cups for it. :neutral_face:
Yeah, that was totally (not) worth it.


It is reported as known issue.
[KNOWN ISSUE] Bottom 25% loot in tournament while being in top 5% or top1%

Not really, I really were bottom 25% as I only attacked to lose and my score were only awarded by my defense’s score.


A third option to consider would be to wipe out the emblems altogether as part of rebalancing


Well, I understand the frustration, but the thing is, you are not alone as it affects all players from across the board, including new ones. But the ultimate decision is to quit and stop the rant. Ranting presupposed the idea that something can still be done when in fact it is very slim, or it takes time, months or years perhaps.

I just wish there could be universal emblems. For example, it sucks when you have invested all your Paladin emblems into someone like Telly and then suddenly you get Clarissa. You’d love to use her at her full potential but you can’t unless you strip emblems away from Telly.

It’s very hard to find 5 heroes of all different classes for an ideal defense team when it’s already hard enough to get a damn 5* hero in the first place.

I love the idea of classes but the emblems should be universal among all classes so you aren’t bottlenecked by specific heroes in your roster. I have 4 heroes fighting for paladin emblems and over 1,000 unused barbarian emblems.


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Most raids I don’t even notice the cups. Not why I raid.

For me it’s: I just beat a much stronger team than my own and I got 5 heroes for my chest. And yes the chests are pretty meager fare but they do occasionally belch out a gem. Last week I got a set of rings from one.


Exactly! Emblems have been the problem all along :+1: Actually nobody wanted them… At least I don’t know anybody who did.

I miss the old times when we played Events with just 10 Stages. I also miss the good times without OP heroes like Finley… And now we fight that boring OP Telluria + Vela combination everywhere, which makes me even more disappointed.

After almost 2,5 years of playing and spending some money, I’m really sad about what’s happened to the game. It used to be fun.

The game deserves much better reward system and overall balance.


I just think the game over the past year and a half has become more and more about the store and the summons portal and less and less about a well balanced game where everybody has access to comparable heroes, if patient.

When the game first came out and even during the first year and a half when alliance wars arrived, there really was a true sense of balance and trade offs.

That is almost entirely lost in the current meta. It is really a shame.

It is also really hard to quit the game, as it has become a habit for most of us. I would much prefer a huge revamp in order to make the game strategic at a high level, like it once was, vs more stores to summon via.

I suspect the only way to properly rebalance the game would be to force people to rotate the heroes in their defense (including dupes, replacing one telluria for a dupe isn’t really rotating) and then to also fix the power trade off between slow and fast. Very fast heroes should be like Grazul where their actual impact is very limited (2 turns immunity, 15% heal) and not like GM. Meanwhile, Quintos and Elena. not to mention Owl, should be given meaningful base stat changes so that the probabilities of them activating on defense or offense at least once, are very very high.

Believe it or not, with data and testing, it is very possible to say, we want Quintos to go off at least once in the flank position 80% of the time on defense and 90% on offense, and then adjust his HP accordingly until this occurs.


The release of emblems have made it a struggle but it will slowly equalize. In wars we probably see mainly 18-20 nodes on defence and maybe have 1 or 2 heros on an attack team this high.

Over time once secondary heros are brought up or you spread embs over several heros the gap will shrink more and more.

I agree it messed with the balance originally and currently but it will come together hopefully.


@Ultima introducing a war mode where emblems aren’t included could be very fun! Classic Wars mode.


When my husband and I first came to the game (it was three years ago), we came to it only because we were told by knowledgeable people that this is one of the few games in which beginners and experienced players, F2p players and donaters do not overlap and do not interfere with each other. I wish things were the same now. I am sure that children should play in their sandbox, and experience should play a bigger role than money. But, in my opinion, this point is already lost and nothing can be fixed.


Sure why not, theres hundreds of things they could do. Any change would be fun wheather its wars or titans etc.

I also thought that a war where you’re defence worked like the tavern of legends and you build 6 defence and can not use the same hero. Upon respawning it moves to your 2nd defence then 3rd.


That was also the impression that I got when I joined… there are whales with plenty of $, but they don’t affect me.

Since then, I have come to learn that much of the top end of the game, where the rosters are equalized, is actually dominated by skilled, intelligent players. The recent release of Raid’s winningest Heroes confirms this: Telluria is not in the top 5 defenders. The vaunted OP Hero is not so hot (partly because of the nerf, of course).

My problem, and the unhappiness I see from so many long-term players, is this: through long play and grinding, I have risen to where some of the whales play… but only the really bad ones. Those people that, after a short period of reading reviews, spend a bunch of money to get the “best” thing, and that’s the extent of their participation. It’s easy, participation is limited only by your wallet, and anyone doing this will immediately feel somewhat successful. But they never really progress, or learn.

It’s a very common approach in the meta-meta-game. It happens, not just to microtransaction games, but everywhere. Plenty of rec league sports have this problem, too, for instance. And wading through this group is real boring.

But it’s not a problem with the game, per se. It’s a problem with people. It’s a problem with anything that gets popular. And very few businesses have found ways of creating a good game that doesn’t also get popular.

Me? I’m just not gonna talk to anybody, and keep plodding along. I’m never going to be a top player, and I knew that when I started. And I’m still happy, two years later, with many of the paradigms of the game by which I measure my success.


@LordDust the so called analysis on telluria is just sample size rubbish dude. lol look at your experience and see the truth

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Whose analysis are you talking about? And, yes, I have my own experience, but that also suffers from sampling issues. I’m not sure that only my own personal experience should be counted as “truth”.


They’ve actually explained that since the event heroes and newly released costumes are much rarer and less prevalent then telluria in the raiding arena that their smallernsample size tends to skew the results.
Trust me, most top allis wont take you unless you have telluria, and there’s an awfully good reason for it lol.

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