This forum is like The Matrix

Or if you simply turn the hourglass over again.

You know what they say: Life’s a b… and then you die. Then you get reincarnated and it’s a b… again.

Convoluted matrix/forum analogies aside, I’ve never understood why anyone would take the red pill.

Who in the world would choose to live in an underground hellhole, eat dirt and fight vicious machines over living the good life in blissfull ignorance?

Nah, you’ve got to live life how it is. Eventually reality is going to catch up with you however you hide your head.

This, however, is a bit of escapism which we must be allowed to let off steam. It can be as daft, unrealistic etc as it likes as long as we know it is a fantasy.

… anyways, real life has a matrix type of shroud pulled over our eyes… it’s everywhere, from social networks, forums, news feeds, supermarkets, taxes, health systems, politics, coroprations, you name it… we all know it’s there, rulling the way we live our lives, but we all ignore it, choosing “the blue pill”, knowing deep into our ancestral memory that “the red pill”, going against the system, would take us out of the grid, turning us into parias. The matrix is far more real than we care to think… at least here, in E&P, I was able to choose the red pill :wink: