This forum is like The Matrix

This forum is like The Matrix, created for the sole purpose of making you orderly and content. I was thinking up an argument in a another thread when this thought hit me. Thinking (or reading) back all those mistakes/glitch/money grabs/nerf/buffs etc has given me the distinct feeling of being in The Matrix. Everyone struggles or complain about something but in the end, we all continue about our “lives” while feeding THE MACHINE.



You can always join the free people in Zion and stop feeding the machine.

When you are ready you don’t have to dodge those glitches / mistakes / money grabs anymore…


little disclaimer

In the end everyone has to decide for themselves what they like about the game and what not, and if they think paying money makes their gaming experience better than that’s great.

No matter what you or someone else chooses, as long as you have fun you are doing right.

When you start hating the game it’s maybe time for some action (reduce spending / stop spending / hiatus / delete the game )


Gimme that blue pill. I’m happy.


Players can exit this Matrix if they want to. Anytime. Not possible in the other Matrix.

Players can influence this Matrix too. It may take awhile for metrics to show up, but they will. Matter of time.



No everyone can be ‘The One’!! :wink::wink::wink:

Describing the average forum user as “orderly and content” is a bit like describing Hitler as “pacifistic and open-minded.”

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There are about 100 or so people posting on this forum. There’s close to 1 million actively playing the game. Thinking that the few people that post here respresent “everyone” is really really naive.

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Forum activity has similarities to the past in regards to content but…
The quantity certainly is not what it used to be


I see it more like a library … There is a lot of information on bascially everything …

Biography topics of all heros , travel the world in seasonal or challenge events , a section on helping fellow folk , bugs topics of all the new findings, a
fictional topics with boards are rigged , or pulls are controlled by sggnet,
A coummity section to have a bit of banter.


It’s not fiction, it’s true just like wars are predetermined who will win.

See the light, don’t listen to those who say “don’t look up”

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If every match outcome is predetermined, why would anyone bother to play then? :slight_smile:


Because the game is amazing

I was jesting.

Yes, primary purpose of a forum is to give players a place to vent. Secondary purpose of informing players of change can be achieved with in game messages.

They are compared to many other places on the 'net.

Am I Neo then?

I believe you to design the woman in the red dress.

I could be wrong

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same can be said about LIFE

besides the obvious (you can’t quit on it), you have to p2live :rofl::rofl::rofl: in this machine

Some have unlimited bank accounts,
to feed away.

But no one has unlimited sand in the hour glass

Unless you break & grind the glass to make more sand.

…Also I’m good with your assessment of me in the previous post

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