This Challenege Event was TOO HARD

I’ve been playing this game every day for 4 years. There is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to even complete the final stage of epic on the challenge event. Completely unacceptable.


So you mean to say you found the CHALLENGE event to be a challenge? Wow who would have guessed it.

I for one enjoyed that it was harder than they normally are. Took some rethinking on best approach to beat it.


It was very hard. I used several limit breaked and fully emblemed heroes and only rarely beat the epic level.

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Nah bro, it was too hard.

I liked it. I don’t think it was hard, rather difficult, as it required a bit of thinking and changing your playstyle.
It was for sure easier than CoK and not based on just heavy art usage.
The best tactic I found was keeping counter as long as possible below 50%, and when bosses charged their specials going all in - firing all specials of heroes, dropping all damage-dealing arts, reload mana and fire heroes again - even on 10 stage this got some of bosses killed - the counter will not go above 50% and as bosses charged, they will get stoneskin anyway.
Having an overheal hero helps so you can enter boss fight with 200% HP so it’s easier to survive.
I finshed Epic with a team: Kiril (LB+20), G.Jackal (LB+20), Chao (maxed, not LB, unemblemed), Griffin (maxed, not LB, unemblemed), Li Xiu (costume bonus, LB+20), so not very OP heroes are needed.

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You are not alone. :hugs: We can see from the scores alone, that many players have a similar experience and gave up trying. It’s time to be selective with how one spends their in game time.

If it’s not fun, or you feel it’s not worth your time, do something else. I do. I avoid Towers too, and CoK. The rewards are just not worth it and unless you spend a lot, your heroes just won’t be able to survive it.

I’m looking forward to the gameplay of the Sand event- I recall that was fun :slightly_smiling_face: It’s just a shame that many new activities in game are not (for me of course, I’m aware of that :blush:)

Good luck ahead :four_leaf_clover:


There’s no reason to sound so condescending.

Don’t tear each other down. Build each other up. :brick:


This …. 100% this
At least times twenty



Agree to a point … yes with all these new strong heroes being released it’s getting harder to get through the “new” stuff. And I think that trend will continue. But that’s good because I personally like the challenge.

But in my opinion, you don’t have to be a whale to get to the end.

I came to the forum and read through some of the posts about teams being used to finish off the levels. I used some of those heroes highlighted and was able to complete rare, epic and legendary….

Ok my scores were not “tops” but I don’t focus on that, I just like to finish stuff.

Good luck in Sand Empires


You lucky you had some of these heroes. I got none of them, and still managed to complete epic and legedary without gem resurrections :wink:

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The event was challenging and manageable enough for a player who has advanced quite a bit in the game and assembled a good batch of highly emblemed limit broken 4*.

Sadly, to attain such a roster one needs more than a year of play and/or monetary investment.

Which means that this event is almost impossible to complete if you are a relatively new player and have only several emblemed random 4* at your disposal. Previous challenge events that got deleted were available to complete if you are a new player. And in order for this game to survive, it needs new players, they in term need the 3* mats, emblems and other resources a challenge event gives at completion to progress their rosters.


Yeah its quite challenging than other events, i used proteus, franz, wilbur, rigard and cilian, when you fire specials, go all in, i used some bomb attacks, proteus helps to prevent them gaining mana

Harder than usual for sure, still not CoK level.

Having had a good go at all difficulties, I only managed to complete the easiest! :laughing:
Fell short on the last level of epic, and didn’t get to the last two of legendary. Couldn’t quite get the right combination of heroes or strategy. Always next time.


Well, not really. On rare even new players can compete. Opposite to CoK, where the rare level is a killer for newbies.
And challenge events should be challenging.

I wish I could give this so many more likes.

re the event, it was tough and different… I hated it at first, until I experimented a bit more with the stoneskin bar (with the help of some tips I read on the forum). It was still tough though, and I acknowledge I am blessed with many heroes (e.g., Proteus) who made it a lot easier to finish.


this event was difficult in a boring and anti fun way

specials and items are fun to use in event but this one punishs you for using them.

stoneskin is extremely annoying and pretty much nothing can be done once an enemy fires their special since it cannot be dispelled

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Well there is a significant difference between having Proteus and not having Proteus for event like this. A lot of people even went with two of them.

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three off-color tiles take care of the stoneskin. If you have some kind of mana control (preferably Proteus, but LiXiu, Chao or Gretel can help too) it is manageable.

There was alot of help and advice available