This can't be real?

I’ve been poking through the leader boards for the event and found the guy in 5th place on the epic event has a team consisting of apparently one fully levelled Hansel? I mean surely that’s just not possible a score to achieve with one hero? I may well be wrong but that seems incredible. Fair dues if he’s achieved that with one hero.

He’s just hiding the team he used so others can’t get ideas from him :slight_smile:


How do you do that? I was obviously looking through others team set ups to get ideas I won’t lie. Seen a few people like that.

You can just change and save your event team before logging off.

In that case, I just now finished the Epic level with 1/1 Hawkmoon.

But that’s a neat trick.


Sneaky and I like it.

One of these days I’m gonna win with an unleveled Layla… :wink:


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