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One last gripe about my HotM pull. So I’ve done 130+ Seasonal summons, might even be 150 and still no show on Evelyn. Seasonal wise I’ve pulled 4 Buddys and about 20 Rudolphs. Managed to get one 5 star in Azlar and a fair amount of 4 stars. Is this a normal thing or is my luck really that skewed? When Aegir was available I got 2 of him in 10, and managed 2 Zimkithas in about 30 pulls. Status on the Evelyn topic seems most people pull her in about 20ish. Scarier still I had an alliance member pull her off of one Epic token. Any hard data about percentages for 3, 4, 5 stars during summons?

I’ve spent 30 epic hero tokens on this seasonal event and guess what.
No HOTM nor M.N nor Santa.
So its normal.
All about RNG in E&P …

The average number of pulls to get a HOTM is 77. At 130 pulls, you have about an 82% chance of pulling at least one Evelyn. At 150 pulls, the chance goes up to 86%.

So failure to get an Evelyn in 150 pulls is just a little more likely than flipping a coin 3 times and getting 3 tails in a row (14% no Evelyn vs. 12.5% on the coin toss).

In other words, you got a little unlucky, but not crazy unlucky. The 95% probability point for getting at least one Evelyn is 229 draws.


Sounds like you’ve been lucky before, and are having more expected results now.

You can see the summon % when you press the little "i " in the upper left in summon portal.
1,3% for Hotm and 1,5% 5* on the epic pull.
So, somewhat bad luck but nothing unheard of.

Little (¡)
20 cents to be nice.

God dam autocorrect :smiley:

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Ahahahahahaha I got your back bro :smile:

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My condolences that you summoned that much and didnt get lucky enough to get her once. Doing 130+ summons and not getting a hotm is unlikely but unfortunately can be considered normal :frowning:

The percentage is disclaimed. 1.3% chance of pulling the hotm as a bonus on every seasonal, epic, event and elemental summon

Cool, glad I’m not crazy. :):grinning: Thanks for info on percentages.

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