Thirsty Beavers Seeking 2 Members

Thirsty Beavers
We have two spots available. One is open now and we have a player leaving right away so the second will be open when we find someone to fill the first.

We farm to level heros; cups don’t matter to us. When we push for cups we are a Top 25 alliance.

We kill all 9* Titans & most 10*s Titans.

We want you to have at least one good team of 4* & 5* (or all 5*) heroes.

We want you to be friendly and chill and ACTIVE.

Apply via LINE to Artemis-75

We have 3 simple rules:
1 - people first.
Teamwork & respect are mandatory. We understand if you need to be away for a few days - just let us know.

2 - Communicate & Participate.
The app Line is required. Participate in Titan attacks & Alliance Wars & pay attention to communication.

3 - Grow & Learn.
Grow your team as best you can & never hesitate to ask questions!

Thirsty Beavers

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