🏅 [Third Raid Tournament] Final Results & Rewards – Share Yours & Discuss!

This thread is for sharing your final Ranking and Rewards at the end of the Third Raid Tournament.

Which Rank did you get?

What Rewards did you get?

How did this Raid Tournament go for you?

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Maybe you want to lock this thread as the tournament final ranking is still in a few days.

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So I was quite surprised by my results.


  • I got knocked out after the second day, having won 6 out of 10 attacks.

  • My Defense Grade by the end was a B, with a 53% win rate.

I would have thought all of that was pretty crappy, but I ended up in the 10-25% ranking…certainly better than I expected.

The loot was mostly junk, as expected for the reduced loot, but I did get 5 Monk Emblems, which is as good as it gets for my tier with the reduced loot.

Click for loot


Knocked at day 2…
Defense was miserable as I got wrong information regarding matchmaking thus I lower my defense… Instead of matched based on defense team, it is based on 5 strongest heroes… so ended up with D E E E…

Result: 25-50%

Notable loot: Epic Troop Token.


Congrats on the token, that’s not bad at all. :slight_smile:

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I had the same result as you.
Loot was: dragon bone, silver token, 3 cleric emblems, 2 atlantis coins.

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25/50% with 4 wins and 4 losses.
The only thing that made me do some nice points was the difense. I was attacked 28 times with a 54% B class final result. Made 1/3 of the points with the difense. Got only junk.

Edit: made almost half of the points with the defense like 3/7.

@zephyr1 59xx something

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What was your final score?

I was knocked out on the third day after 12 matches. My defense ended up at 56% which was a B. I was attacked over 40 times. Loot:


Did like 3300 with the 8 attacks, the rest till 59xx was all defense. I believe first day was A then the rest probably B.

Interesting, so I only won 2 more attacks than you did, but my total final score was something like 1500 higher, apparently.

I won all attacks except 3. got E grade for defense every day. Ended rank 4858 and got a hidden blade and 20 emblems

Yup you won two more but made 10 attacks.
I only won 4 and made a total of 8. 2 of them were pretty bad with only one hero killed, so that was two times 110 pt. Definitelly a tournament the has to be revised. They look at your top 5 heroes but dont consider the fact that one player could have GM while the other could have Vivica… I couldn’t use my best teams in defense or while attacking.

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Good point that I got additional points from my extra attacks, since I had partial kills on them.

I agree, I don’t think just looking at your top 5 qualified heroes is a great system as a starting point for matchmaking — at the least, it seems like you’d want to consider more heroes, so you had some sense of bench depth.

I also think 5* Bloody Battle is one of the hardest possible Tournaments.

I’ve heard from Staff that they’re working on more extensive improvements to matchmaking. I don’t know the details, but I do know they were hoping to possibly have the next version ready as soon as the next Raid Tournament.

So hopefully we’ll see some improvements.

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matching is still out of whack. my alt 2300 defense team has a grade B in no star limit tournament?
in the first tournament, they matched strong with the weak. kind of makes sense to weed out the weak players so that the strongest would fight in the final day, but the problem is that even though you were eliminated, your defense team was still in play, and they kept matching up the strong with the weak.
now they match up strong with strong and weak with weak, allowing some weak players hang in till the end. that should not happen.
I dont understand why it is so hard. they dont have to re-invent the wheel - I am sure it has been done before.

5339 points

4339 from 9 attacks
1000 from defense…

Alt account:
Score: 3949
Attack: 1799 (7 attacks)
Defense: 2150 (B C C C)
50-75%, loot: nothing important.

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10-25% got compass troop token 3 emblems so can’t complain

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Maybe they make some improvements and to rewards… 1-5% for me and just compass is only worthy loot that i got…:triumph::triumph::triumph:

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