🏅 [Third Raid Tournament] Discussion and Feedback on the Updated Raid Tournament Matchmaking & Difficulty Bonus

Guys … this point scoring doesnt work it is just way to complex.

Why not dumb it way down … keep the matchmaking etc as is, but then start by ditching the point scoring.

Gain one point for every enemy hero killed and lose 1 point for every hero on your team killed. On the defensive side keep the format as is but 60% wins now nets you 5 points. 45% = 3, 30% = 2, 15% = 1, and less 0.

This way the points are easily understood and much more fair as is. This way a player with a lesser team will be matched accordingly and their battles would be similar in ratio comparison to a player with a higher defence.

You can take it a small step further by creating tiers for defence line ups. Where as example there are 3 tiers and each higher tier gives an extra point or such.

Iow lets say your defensive lineup is 3800 strong and fall in the bottom tier you gain 10 extra point. 4000 … 20 points and above 4200 … 30 extra points. Below 3600 wont gain additional points.

This way a clean win over the enemy with no dead heroes on your attacking team gains you 5 points x 5 battle flags. A 60% defense win gives you 5 more. Total points you get for a flawless round will be 30 points.

Then let us assume you do this all 4 days will be a flawless battle war of 120 points and because your defence was 4200 strong you gain an extra 30 points meaning you end up with 150 points.

Yes there will be ties but since we work on top 1%, 1-5%, etc it would be all fair and good.

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Strong turnamen so far, very chalenging , this is wath i was expecting from a turnament , strong competitive teams

Posted a 3K defenses team to see how it scales. All opponents 3900-4100 TP. Won 4 of 5 with my 3500 team. Yeah definitely not scaled to defense. Last one i lost too was 5* and emblemed up.

Thanks for moderating and helping zephyr. I saw notes from last raid that showed it would be based on raid defense. Didn’t see any update after. I’m thinking it is based on team score or something else. My first fights were higher than the biggest teams I can possibly build.


You’re welcome!

I messaged the Staff to see if we can get an update to the Raid Tournament Change Log, so we have at least some idea what’s new this time…


True, but when you killed BT with your last hero left with 50 HP, BT revives and strikes your last hero, you lose the raid :wink:
Thankfully that didn’t happen to me, but it’s possible.
Also had a raid against an Alby, but he didn’t bring anyone back.


Have anyone tried if stealing health works? You’re mentioning revival works, which I’ve seen myself, so I wondered if someone tried Leonidas or similar on their enemies.

I think it’ll be considered healing, though.

Got a second attack on my team (and won this time), so it seems they fixed the matchmaking bug from last time where people didn’t get attacked after a loss in the first fight.

Lol this is bad for filling my raid chest. Hope I don’t face this in my tourney, since I can’t reloll it.

Tried a weaker than optimum defense, around 3600tp when could have fielded a 4870tp. All 5 attacks were against teams over 4100, so matching seems to be against your strongest 5 heros rather than your defense team.

Defense team hit 8 times in first hour, which feels like this is already high if all defenses need to be hit a few times to give a fair rating

All the teams I fought against were definitely superior to what i can handle. Not complaining tho, I won 3 outta 5. Without a healer you’re definitely have to rely more on the boards and fast specials. Without those and against superior teams you’re losing no matter what.

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Why is the loot still low? I thought it was supposed to go back up after the last tournament

We have not updated the Change Log as there are no visible changes for this Tournament. We are still working hard on introducing changes and improvements for Raid Tournaments, hopefully already live for the next one - so stay tuned!


Matchmaking seems to be done by the 5 most powerful heroes now. All my matches were around that power. Lost 2 out of 5.

I’m still for a choice of 3, a weaker, a similar and a stronger with different points and opportunities.

But all in all it is fine now I think.

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correct. stealing health is not working



I agree. I woke up expecting some easy raid chest fills since a slightly sandbagged with a lower TP team. I had to wake my brain up early.

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These tournaments are proving that there is a serious lack in communication that SG needs to solve.

I know Kerridoc is not a SG employee, but he stated (based on what he understood about the rules I assume) that HP only goes down in this tournament, not up.

That sounded pretty reasonable if you read the ingame description of Bloody Battle (healing and resurrection have no effect).

But I saw a Boldtusk triggering his talent, reviving and healing for 1HP (a clearly visible green number 1 appeared).

So what’s the rule? Which healing/resurrecting/reviving/draining/linking abilities are affected and which are not on this tournament?

I wouldn’t mind if a window can be poped up with a extense text that explains in detail how Bloody Battle works, so every ability is covered and explained if it works or not. SG really need to put a bigger effort in communication.

(It was frustating to see Boldtusk reviving, hitting and killing my last hero)
(I have a talented Valen in my defense team and I can imagine the frustration of someone attacking him, seeing him reviving and striking his special)


my first target lol


Whats more ridiculous is the points this target worth , this tournaments defibetely r making me possibly leave the game , or i just will refuse ro partecipate anymore on this bullshut tournaments…

As it is only the 3rd time around the tournament is being held, and SG already stated that there is a lot of work to be done before they are perfect, maybe you better not join them for a while.
Don’t want to see players go because of something that should never have gotten out of beta and into live game the way it has been done now. So if you are having so much problems to play the tournament, better skip it for now and enjoy all other things in the game.


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