🏅 [Third Raid Tournament] Discussion and Feedback on the Updated Raid Tournament Matchmaking & Difficulty Bonus

I wondeer if they brought it forward by a day because the battle stage would have started about the same time as the last levels of Atlantis are released.

The servers always seem to struggle when one starts let alone two at the same time!

It’s possible, but unless they already know they plan to take off another week after this one, presumably the starting day would be the same every week — so it may be that they just decided to make a permanent change relative to the schedule of War/Class Trials/Challenge Events/Atlantis etc.

I like the idea. I don’t have any 5* healers maxed anyways so this suits my defense very well lol. Hopefully the matchmaking looks better. I’m glad I won’t be raiding Delilah tanks or Aeron or something equally annoying. Probably still lots of Guins though.


Delilah’s minions could be useful even without healing, but you effectively pay a price for using a healer whose stats/speed are otherwise balanced to include their healing.

I bet we’ll see plenty of Buddy and Santa, though.

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There’s probably people who are kinda stuck using Delilah just because it’s their toughest yellow hero, their only maxed 5* yellow. So actually I change my previous statement to “I hope there’s lots of Delilah tanks” as she just gonna be a meat shield without the healing ability lol


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🏅 Third Raid Tournament! — FAQs, Teams, and Discussion

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I have a defense with TS 2.400 and my first opponent has a defense wit TS 3.280


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Looks like the loot is as bad as last time…

My first matchup is interesting…

My Defense Team

First Matchup

So it looks like I’ll face teams similar to what I see in Diamond normally, but without healing.

This should be interesting…

EDIT: I won with this team


Yeah, that’s unchanged. It’s still this situation: Reduced Raid Tournament Loot During Work on Matchmaking [Developer Response in Post 334]

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Well, I got mostly over 4100tp and my actually usable team is around 3850tp.

There’s just one exception:

I thought that this would be somehow prevented already


First day matchmaking resulted in significantly more difficult battles than both previous tournaments. The team powers were comparable, but in every match, the enemy team cost was higher. As in many raids, I feel that the troop power is undervalued.


Did you get that match after losing one or two before it?

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That was my experience too. My defense TP is 3783 and my opponents were all 4098 to 4202. Lots of gravy (one double), zeline and alasie. The pain train, let’s call it.

I’ll be knocked out tomorrow, no question.

It’s a nice lesson, I’m clearly way too reliant on my healers when I raid. But this tourney rule makes it feel very much like the 3* round, first 1-2 moves determine the outcome. Wreck or get wrecked.


Not directly before it. This guy was the last one and my matches were {W L L W W}, so directly before him there was a win, but before that there were two losses in a row.

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Went against a team with Atomos.
He did ressurect in battle.
Seems that part isnt solved yet.
Should’ve put a healer on my def team :joy::joy::joy:


Lol had the same against a Boldtusk, he revived twice!


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