🧭 Third Path of Valor (Valour; PoV3) Log and Discussion – Starts Jun 1

After discovering the duck hunt in the first PoV I tapped everything over and over to see what the reactions were. So I know this one off hand. Still disappointed the dragon in the background does nothing. They should make it do loop d loops at least.

Loop d loops, that would be awesome.

Can we have/make a discussion thread PURELY for POV Daily/Valor Challenge Suggestions?
And then hopefully for POV 4 or 5, the Devs can try to add some.

Might be worth a shot?

It can be hunted, it just takes a very large number of taps — you have to tap it basically from the moment it enters the screen all the way across.

Here’s an example:


Haha pity dragon , btw what is that reward in that video, diamond like a Inverted V shape ?

It’s the icon for this offer: 💎 New Offer – Share the Gems! What do you think of this? / UPDATED for return in December 2019

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Aha! I was wondering how the heck people were able to kill the dragon. That person did it on a PC, not a phone.

Mouse click speed > finger tap speed

I’ve done it once. On a phone. Literally only once. I would hate to see a daily task to kill that thing. Too much for my carpel tunnels.


Path of Valor was pretty much the only thing keeping me in Diamond. Now that they changed it It’s just way easier to put up a platinum defense team and fight against weaker enemies.
More/easier wins when attacking, faster way to fill PoV and Raid Chest. A bit lower rewards from Raid Chest, but I think it balances out.

One thing I wish they remove is “level 5 heroes” daily challenge. Currently it’s easy for me, since I got a lot of new S3s, but normaly I’m only focusing on 1-2 and have to waste a bit of exp.
But I like the other daily challenges they added.

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WHy does POV always start at 9 am and obviously the challenges reset then?
Why can’t it start at the same time as everything else does - 8am.

It’s frustrating decided if to wait for that 1 hour before doing Trials in case it might be a “complete 3 quest stages” :frowning:


I’ve killed the dragon several times on my tablet. Did it earlier today just because.

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Tablet has a larger screen than my tiny phone. Probably easier to click on the target that way. With my fat fingers, I have a hard time typing texts on my phone without it coming out like “u habe a jatd yune rupunf im mu pjimr” [autocorrect: you have a jade yule Rupie I’m my pajamas].

Hence why I post here from my desktop instead. :grin:


Starts at 3am here. You must be on the west coast of Europe. :blush:

5 stages of Defeat Enemies

Last stage is 2200 points

…but I’m sure you already knew that by now.

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New rewards => dev can bring boosters which boost the production rate of TC, mines or food etc , this boosters will be greatly help for hero academy for 7d waiting time for legendary


Are there any “Elite Enemies” in Season 2 Atlantis? I’d rather not waste WE on S1 stages if possible during AR rn…

You do realize that it’s based on whoever the current and future HOTM is, and HOTM cycle is always female>male>female>male so bc PoV takes almost 2 months, it’s always gonna be like that? (unless they change the break between each PoV)

None in Season 2.

I am not sure but Season 3 special stages SHOULD also count as they have “elite” style enemies in the waves.

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Dang, thats a bummer. Doesn’t really make sense to me why they didn’t add any in S2…

WE isn’t wasted. You get slightly less what you expect in AR. I did S1-8-4 for the daily task.

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