🧭 Third Path of Valor (Valour; PoV3) Log and Discussion – Starts Jun 1

While I respect how you want to manage your game experience, game developers do not.

Not just Small Giant/Zynga. All game developers.

It’s a well-established rule for milking the most money possible out of massive multiplayer online games using micro-transactions.

What you do is this: you create a aspect of your game that uses clans/alliances whatever you want to call them. Groups of people. By doing so, you create an environment where humans bond with each other. Then, you rely on the social strength of these bonds to keep any particular individual human invested in playing your game longer than he/she would likely do if they were playing it all by themselves. Friendships develop. Gaming support networks develop. Game experiences are shared (good or bad). Game frustrations are shared. When an individual is thinking of quitting, they hesitate, because they enjoy the social structure of their clan/alliance.

So if your alliance is only two, and you only wish to limit it to approximately four, that’s all good for you.

But it’s not what the developers want you to do. Because it’s easy for a small number of 2 or 3 or 4 people to all be frustrated at the same time and to all quit at the same time. But if it’s 2 or 3 or 4 out of a group of 30 players, you have many other voices offering calm support, or soothing understanding, or shared venting, and you tend to stick around because of the bond of the others.

Small giant understands this well. So they have crafted a game element that rewards clans/alliances that are full (or at least “fuller”) and denies those rewards to small alliances or individuals who refuse to partake in an alliance.

It’s all about forcing you into a setting where the setting itself becomes a force to keep you playing.

So it will never change.

It’s a tried and tested game design. If anything, all game developers worldwide are only seeking ways to exploit its nature even more efficiently and effectively.


I know I’m hurting myself being in a small alliance. Whether it be from everything you’ve laid out or just the general loot. But I’ve been in bigger alliances and it just wasn’t for me. That’s all on me. I know none of the things I want to happen ever will. Just putting another perspective out there.


With 10 days left I got the darts. Another two titans down and a few daillies and this PoV has ended for me. The tournement battles VI isn’t needed to finish the PoV.


Realize you also have 4500 available in dailies to get those avatars.

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I’m going to updating strong hold and advanced storage food in the same time.
How can i creat a village?
In the path of valor, daily challenge have an item that need to creat a “Greet 1 Villager”
I don’t know how???
Can you please help me to how can i do it?

Tap on one of the humans walking around your base. He will greet you back.


It’s been done, but I think only on PC, and maybe a tablet where you have a clickable input device.

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What I think you are missing is that you are on Tier 4 of the Tournament Battles. That 5/20 should have increased by now. It progresses like this:


Where x is the number of wins you have in the current Challenge tier.

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I’ve been lax about posting my progress, but my normal plan is to get to tier 48.

I’m well on pace, and might end up at tier 49. I guess I could push for 50 with summons, but it seems pointless. The good looking avatar is on the paid path, and my Ice Kitsune is plenty cute.

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I have an alliance that kills titans almost every time. So with 7 days to go I’ve finish this PoVIII. It’s time to upgrade the craft building because one of the daillies was craft the battle item time stop and I couldn’t do it. Still not paid for this PoV and none of the loot is claimed.

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You can take the dragon down on a phone, I’ve managed it a few times :smiley:

It definitely is a challenge though not a PoV one (sadly).

@ImmortalExpanse @Zteev

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Apologies all for the delay. Have finally updated the OP with the last couple weeks worth of Daily Challenges.

Also have Updated the FAQs to have a couple new questions & answers for some of the new Daily Challenges that have been popping up.

INCLUDING regarding the Season 3 Special Realms (e.g. Jottunheim today):


Any idea which emblem and trainer hero we will get for next PoV ?

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Based on the past, I’m going to guess premium is darts and free is a royal tabard.

  • premium
  1. Scope
  2. Rings
  3. Tonic
  • free
  1. Rings
  2. Tonic
  3. Darts

The question is will the tome of tactics or Damascus blade be introduced in PoV V (like rare quests) or not (like rare titans). I hope to see a Damascus blade soon.


Thanks for the special stages chart @Guvnor. Helped a great deal. :blush:


Got to tier 50 on this one. Didn’t really care about getting past 48, but i had already cinched up 48, when the final Titan task trickled over, and there’s not really a reason to do things like “Win Consecutive Raid Battles”, “Gain Iron”, etc. So ther ewe have it - an avatar I won’t use, but it’s mine.


POV Update

POV3 is in it’s final day & ends at 2020-07-21T08:30:00Z


After PoV3 ends, you have until the START of the next PoV to claim any Remaining Rewards; but you will NOT be able to purchase the Valor Pass

The New PoV thread (POV4) is LIKELY to start on the 3rd of August. The new forum thread will be out in a couple days so stay tuned to the #pov or #path-of-valor hashtags.


It will start on August 3 for sure.
The countdown in the live game points to that :slight_smile:

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Exactly. My hubby’s account is a mid level platinum at his very best. So he is completely shut out of the final level of Diamond raids in Valor. For newer players it’s even worse.

New thread:

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