Third Degree Burn is LOOKING for YOU! 🔥 spots available!

:fire:Third Degree Burn.:fire: Taking down 11 and 12* titans* We use all of our flags in war and have fun doing so. We win quite often at war. Very much a team environment. Please come and try us out we currently have spots open for active players. Hope to see you soon :blush: Line ID Infernalcloud or feel free to message me here


I can type 20 characters

New players welcome?

I’m only level 17 with 500ish cups but very active and looking to grow and learn. Still figuring out the game but my first alliance was very inactive and i’m looking for something better. Let me know if it’s cool to join.

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Yes Kipzin we would be happy to have you. We have other members that are a similar level to you. Come join the fun :blush:


So glad to have you join us @Kipzin

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We still have several spots open. Would love for you to give us a try. Come one come all and join the fun

May possibly have popcorn…

Unless you do not like popcorn… In which case we have no popcorn

Still several spots open for any interested parties

Hi Infernal Cloud, The Third Degree Burn Alliance sounds like a FANTASTIC Alliance… A cool place to hang out… Can I join PRETTY PLEASE…

Yes we would love to have you! Join the fun!

Thank you Infernal Cloud… What are the Popcorn Rations like… :slight_smile:

All you can eat @Lungie1

Happy to have you on board. Still spots open come and join the fun!

Tired of inactivity ruining your loot hopes and dreams? Come join us open more chests

I can type 20 characters …

Come and kill titans and eat popcorn with us!

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!

Still looking for active player. Spots still open

We have 5 spots left boys and squirrels… come join the fun

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