Third Annual Staff Appreciation Event - aka 'Petri Day' 🎈

Morning forum friends,

Firstly, apologies, I normally try to give a bit of notice to build some momentum, but here we are.

As you may remember, many, many years ago, the venerable @Duaneski arbitrarily designated the first week of October to be ‘Petri Day’.

This is an opportunity to share fun content and say thanks to the staff for their hard work.

We all know that the game is imperfect, however it still provides hundreds of hours of fun and excitement to millions of people.

If you have things to say about deals, loot, summons etc etc, there are other threads for that, this is a place for sharing friendly greetings :slightly_smiling_face:

The two previous Petri Day’s have been a roaring success and I thoroughly recommend you check out the superb content from our fellow players.

First Annual Staff Appreciation Day - Here

Seconnd Annual Staff Appreciation Event - Here


@Petri @KiraSG, thanks for all your hard work with the community, it’s a pleasure to work alongside two smart, patient and good looking people.

To all the developers, programmers and artists,

In this year of firsts, thanks for providing a diversion from all the fear and confusion. I wish you and your families all a safe rest of the year and 2021.



I suspect Petri knew this was coming so he hurriedly went back to the old war matching and gave us a fair match up!

Good job, @Petri :grin:


…Commendable temperament in dealing with all issues, good job! In all, wishing you all the best in your other RL endeavors.


Happy Appreciation day to all the SG Staff! :grin:


Thank You all at SG for giving me one more thing to look forward to and enjoy with my days! Grateful to be a part of this gaming community.



Courtesy of the ineffable @vixx



Ok it’s a great big thank you from me to @Petri and everyone (absolutely everyone) at SG …
For keeping things going in difficult times
For keeping the game fun for us all
For all the hard work you all put into this
For sometimes having to take it on the chin
For all the new stuff that is appearing in the game
For working hard to make things better both in the game and the community



I’m not sure how to start this out,
I still have issues I complain about;
Overall the game is good,
Just doesn’t work how I think it should.

What should you care, I’m just one guy,
But you all know I’m never shy
When it comes to sharing opinions
Posting them here like many minions.

I know you guys need to make that money
And I wish I could share more of my honey,
But the lord hasn’t given me a Mercedes-Benz
So while others drive Porsches, I can’t make amends.

Thanks for trying to make wars just,
Though your last try was a bust,
I’m thankful that at least you’re trying
To save the weaker teams from dying.

I never meant to say you’re jerks,
I don’t know how your business works;
The heroes cost too much for me,
But at least I get a few for free.

Best of luck with all your sales,
I hope you don’t lose all the whales;
If that system works for you,
Then keep on doing what you do.

Hope you don’t take this poem as snide,
Because all of my complaints aside,
You’re keeping people in employ
And made a game that we enjoy.

Seriously. Good luck guys. Very neat game concept and I hope it hangs around for a while.

My random complaints here and there, think of them more as suggestions. It’s not a “hate” thing. There are many products that I very much like overall, but still have complaints about, and I voice those complaints because I want the product to be improved over time. I do not even waste my time complaining about products that I’ve lost all faith in. I just toss them in the garbage, give them zero stars, tell everyone else what a worthless piece of junk it is, and never touch their products again.

E&P is a fun game, with a lot of potential to be even better. “Subjectively speaking” at least. Obviously we all have different opinions on how the game should be improved. But the opinions are out there, all over the forums. As long as you guys make an honest effort to address the most common complaints, I think this game can remain profitable for years to come. :+1:

Live long and prosper. :vulcan_salute:


Congrats! I’m a fanboi on the whole so that doesn’t mean much. But congrats anyways, keep the game cool for us!


thanks for all your hard work @Petri @KiraSG @mhalttu @ScottySG apologies if I missed someone

from Imgflip Meme Generator

many of us criticize certain features or decisions, but we do it to try to give constructive suggestions - and we do appreciate your hard work. thanks for all that you do!


Yay Petri day!

Thank you guys for all the hard work you do @Petri @KiraSG & @mhalttu

Here are some music to celebrate!


@Petri @KiraSG @mhalttu Happy staff appreciation day and thanks for your hard work, carry on the good communication on this forum and bringing us new exciting game features.



Varjo, the Finnish descendant of Viking cats, wishes you all a happy Staff Appreciation Day, and demands a small boat. Strange cat! :grin:


Happy Appreciation Day to all the staff! Thank you for putting up with all the BS around here and still showing up to bring us a game :+1:

You're Cool


Thanks to all the staff at sgg. Bradley who helped Me get my account switched cheers.
Keep up the good work


I’ve been playing for… way too long now. And its still a blast. New challenges and keeping it engaging. We all have suggestions and comments, but at the end of the day, I enjoy what the Devs have made and am happy to support it with my VIP and POV passes.

I’ve made lots of new friends and the distraction of the game has helped me through some frustrating and tough times. Play a board or two on easy, listen to some music, and get lost in tile flipping. Its my moment of Zen.

So thanks SGG. :tulip:


Thank you for providing an enjoyable game and more so an enjoyable forum for the community to grow. As a mod, I’ve had more involvement with staff than others and it’s been a pleasure.


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