Thinning the Green Herd

So, I’ve been struggling to get something decent going for green and finally just plunged into a couple of 10 packs. No great pulls, but now I’ve got a ton of greens in need of consolidation.

My objectives:

  1. Build a strong rainbow party. I’m currently at the level where my main party is four 4* and one 5*, with another 5* being leveled behind the scenes.

  2. Build a strong 3* party for events.

Here’s what I’ve got:

-Little John 3/60
-Jack O’Hare 3/60
-Hasan 2/25
-Friar Tuck 2/16

-2 Skittleskulls
-4 Little Johns

-3 Friar Tucks
-5 Isshtaks
-3 Berdins
-2 Carvers
-4 Beliths
-4 Briennes

I’m thinking that I should finish the Hisan, build 1 Belith and 1 Brienne, and eventually build the Kashrek and Melendor?

Should I even hang on to any of the others or use them all as fodder?

I have enough materials to ascend one of the 4* to the top level, but I don’t really want to waste them on Little John or Jack.


Looks like you didn’t have great luck on those 10 pulls. Ultimately LJ is well worth ascending but not as a first green 4.

kashrek is a one trick pony - dont eat him but save him until you need his benefit.

I’d spend the shields on Mel out of that lot - unless your other 4s have some healing, perhaps even then depending what rest of team is.

The 3s I’d eat except for a belith and brienne if I was interested in the low level event.

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For the 3* heroes, I’d hang on to Hisan, Belith, and Brienne. Between those three, you have pretty much everything you need for events.

For 4*, definitely keep at least one copy of every 4* or 5* hero you pull; you never know when you might need them later. Which one I’d recommend leveling to 70 depends a lot on what the rest of your party looks like. If you don’t have any healers or dispellers in other colors, definitely go with Melendor. If you don’t have a lot of attackers, definitely go with Little John.

The first 4* green I ever ascended was Little John, and he’s still one of my best since he pairs very well with my Chao for mana control.

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Hisan, Belith and Brienne are keepers. So are Melendor, Kashhrek and LJ, but not any higher than ^60.

Even if you have a 4* team with the other colors maxed, there is no reason to max any of these greens. Symmetry is not logic.

Since you went for those 10x pulls, why not try again with the Guardians. Good things might happen. The HotM is green.

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Thanks for the advice, guys. I definitely didn’t hit the jackpot on these pulls, but that’s how it goes. I’ve had some wins otherwise.

My current lead team is:

Sabina - 4/69
Little John - 3/60
Bold Tusk - 4/1
Grimm - 3/60
Vivica - 3/18

Azlar is the other 5* I’m building up to eventually take over BT, which is sort of painful that is who I need to replace. :slight_smile:

So as you can see, I’m pretty stocked with healers.

I think I’ll leave LJ where he is, finish my 3* guys, build Melendor to 3/60, and see what works best from there, unless I pull a bigger green somewhere.

How do you start a post like this? This game and this stupid forum site is about to make me quit

The OP asked a legitimate question and got some solid advice.

No-one is making you play or post.

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It was pretty simple, actually.

I had a question. I went to the place where people who might be able to answer it would be.

I asked it. I received answers.

Just like you, actually. You had a question. You went to the place where people who might have an answer were. You are receiving one right now.

I broke it down into little steps to make sure you felt completed from the answer.

We’re like brothers! :smiley:

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The forum prevents brand new users from posting new topics, likely to reduce spam. Once you’ve spent a bit of time here reading a few topics, you should be elevated to a basic user and get access to all the basic forum operations.

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Jimmer, not sure how long you’ve been here, but it seems there is a minimum sort of thing.

It won’t take long, but bear up for just a bit. Try searching a few hero names. A message will pop up saying hey you’re oir kinda player. Then you can post.

Too many big things here to pissss you off, so don’t waste the mad now


Lexinen just pointed out a different view on your question. I interpreted it as being a snarky post.

If you were asking an honest question, then I truly apologize.

In that case, as well, Lexinen has it right, I believe. There’s a time factor in being able to start threads, if I remember correctly.


Awesome. They provide no place for me to ask a question

Well, until then you’ve got a few eyeballs in this thread, at least.

What questions do you have?

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