Thinking of joining a new alliance

Info about me i have 15 maxed 5* and a bunch of 4*. All the important ones are embleded heavy. My current alliance only can get up to 8* titans because we only have 13 members. We discuss war strategy as far as tank color that is it. I hit titans and i use every flag. My raid d tp is like 4675ish and i comfortably sit around 2600 cups. I dont mind being a noob in a alliance and getting a C rating on 9+ titans. I dont mind being a clean up man. As far as chatting i do sometimes and sometimes i dont. I dont have line neither nor do i seek to download it. I just wanna upgrade to the next level in my journey.


Come out Texas Warriors. Sounds like you’d fit right in.

Let me go look you guys up
20 and more characters

Check us in Pearl of the Orient Seas.

E&P Cartel would love to have you. Line me @ Lilly_frogg if interested

Hmmm… Not having Line, or access to Discord, might be a problem, but if you’re an active daily player, I’m sure you’ll find a new home here… TBD - Part Deux. This is us.

We’re chaining 11* / 12* titans, although we just took down a rare 13*, a group of active daily players too…

You’d be welcome to check us out, just mention you heard about us on the forum. Tagging our resident recruiter @Yates1876. You will be inundated with offers.

GL in your decision making. :wink:

Edit - I just noticed @Cdg you posted your thread in General Discussion, so have redirected it to Alliance Recruitment. Hope that’s OK.



Shop After Dark is a great home for you.

We are currently dropping Titans for the next POV and should be down to 8* by the start of the next one.

We have a great war strategy and a couple of great generals that have a vast amount of knowledge in war and can help build the best defensive team for every type of war (rush, attack boost, undead hoard, etc.)

If you are looking to get to the next level of your journey, Line is HIGHLY recommend. It is almost a must have for good communication, which is key, but you are able to share screenshots of your teams for review.

Food for thought and good luck!

Hi Cdg,

Our alliance coordinates tank colors and uses ingame chat as the primary form of communication. We don’t have Line or Discord.

We’re currently taking down 10* and 11* Titans.

We are full right now but we usually have a spot open every few weeks or so. Check out our recruitment thread and if you’re interested, we’d love to have a player with your background on our team when a spot opens. You would probably fall within the top 5 or so players in our alliance based on Team Strength. We have lots of players with deep benches but not many defenses over 4500! Just say something in the comments section of the recruitment post so we can hold a spot for you.

Good luck in your search!

Hi Cdg,
Valar Morghulis
I am one of the CO’s for the Pirate Horde…well known alliance plundering our way through the game. Both Guvenor and Zephyr have been with us at times. We are currently hitting 11/12 and 13’s titans. Killed a few 14’s when we were full which should be soon. We also try to call off titans quickly so that people can save battle items . Also never missed pov titan box, days to spare.

Our war strategy is a free for all for now which people seem to like. We have a few dedicated war clean up people a big undervalued skill imo. We have won 3 in a row and won 70% in Feb. Currently to keep the excitement going each leader is running 2 wars back to back and tank colours seem to be green purple and even yellow. I went 2-0 of course during rush attack. I am pretty much a bad ■■■ like A.Stark.

As an alliance we are mostly N.A but have members in Europe as well. It’s a fun group we do have line rooms for gameplay and war chat but not necessarily. Some chatter but not overwhelming. We are also not an alliance family so no jumping around.

Love to have you join us or chat further! Remember the lone wolf dies but the pack survives…hope you are a got fan!

The Arya Stark

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Hi @Cdg.

Maybe you could check SILENT IMPLOSION.
12* Titans regularly.
All flags used in war. Rotating tanks after loss. Strongest ones in rush attack.
Humor is mandatory.

Throwing the proverbial hat into the ring for consideration! :laughing:

Depending how comfortable you are with war strategy consider us at Fusion Fighters (led by Erazer).

Hi @Cdg!

My alliance, Diamond Infantry, is currently recruiting. We are fighting 13*-14* titans. I know that this might sound scary for someone who is used to fighting 8* titans, but don’t worry about it :slightly_smiling_face:

When it comes to wars, we coordinate both tanks and flanks and have a simple war strategy. And you can go after cripples with your last flags.

We do not use Line/Discord and have members from many countries (mainly Europe and North America). Some of us have been in the alliance for over 1000 days.

I think you would be a good fit. Good luck!

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