Thinking about a change

I am in an easy going alliance, no pressure to be active every single day, nice people too, but not progressing at the rate it should/could be because leader is too nice, big ask but any other alliances like this that can help me grow quicker? 2600+ power

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Come and join Dwarven Cupcake Riot haha :slight_smile: We are hitting 6*-7* titans comfortably and have a very active and social alliance :slight_smile: A lot of our members are in the US but I’m from Australia :slight_smile: We seem to be on a lucky streak with wars at the moment too :slight_smile:

I am from Scotland which is why I miss the little chat there is

Nice haha. Even though we are on different timelines, we seem to still have plenty of chats. You’re welcome to drop in, stay for a couple of days and leave again if it’s not for you :slight_smile: I joined from a different alliance and it’s been great since :slight_smile:

You guys invite only?

I think so. It’s only 200 Cups though. The leader is probs asleep at the moment and I’m an elder so not sure if anyone can add right now

It’s 04.33 here, give you a message tomorrow?

Yeah cool. Or even just make the request and someone will accept. I might even actually be able to haha

This is awkward because I’d like to ask the name of your current alliance. It sounds like the perfect fit for the former member for which I just posted an ad looking for just such an alliance.

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It’s not awkward at all. One of the biggest parts of this game being enjoyable is finding a well-suited alliance for yourself :slight_smile: It’s hard sometimes when there’s so much noise around alliance recruitment all the time.

Just awkward asking him to name his alliance.

But it really does sound like s perfect alliance for our former team mate. Maybe he can have them respond to my post.

I think i am in one of your alliances princess, and don’t get me wrong I do like it but there are days with no chat whatsoever

Check out Squirrel brigade, Its not non-stop chatter but we do chat, with some peaks and valleys in activity depending on peoples outside of game plans :slight_smile: