Think you're that good? Try the "Reborn Trifecta Challenge" in Guardians Reborn 🚦

Oh, you’re ranked globally? Who hasn’t been…

Oh, you one-shotted all your war opponents? Welcome to the club…

Oh, did you have a big titan hit? So did everyone else…

But can you do all three at once?

I challenge anyone looking for friendly competition to join Guardians Reborn, and beat me in all the categories at the same time. Cups, overall titan score, and War score.

The challenge only works if you’re in Guardians Reborn, do you have what it takes for some friendly competition to show off your skills?

Bonuses for war defense team hold up and highest titan hit.

I await a challenger…


It’s all luck based so your asking to see if someone is luckier than you? Lol I like the challenge but don’t need the aggravation these boards give me lol

Note, if I am bested -big IF! - as long as you are in Reborn, the Trifecta will change to your name for any other challenger.

Sure, we’ll call it luck. Overall consistent luck. Looking for friendly alliance challengers, not “I could do that if I wanted to”, but can’t and don’t folks.


Point taken I’ll go to my corner now lol

Good recruiting strategy tho


And thank you!

20 challenges

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Still seeking a champion. Someone came close at 2 of the 3. But not all three yet.

Come join an alliance where you push yourself to be better in the name of fun, and challenge your competitive side with good alliance mates.

Do you have what it takes to take all three?

Did it count when I did that to you in Dream Team on multiple occasions?

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You forget, I kept data on eeeeeeeeverything in the DT. Gavin was gold standard, I’m sure he pulled it off regularly. I’ll have to check the tape on you. :nerd_face:

Edit: Still good memories of the time you and I nearly single handedly took down that 11* together, though.

Haha, we do miss your stat tracking! And yes, we did a number on that titan for sure. 6LM just stopped by for a few days and a war, so was good to catch up. Keep working on those magic tricks.

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Kayo is looking for a new alliance to call home… for you

Let me start with some of the basics about me, and you can let me know if I’d be a good fit:

My defense team is about 4,250.
I’ve been with Guardians Reborn for a little while now, part of the Guardians family (Academy, University, Ascending, Warlords).
I’m routinely raided into the top 100.
Highest cups is 3,125.
I rest at about 2,600.
About 5 one shots per War.
A to B titan hitter.
I’m casually competitive, sometimes competitively casual.

This isn’t a brag thread, just looking for a new home… for you… and maybe you have similar numbers, could use an alliance with good players.

What I’m looking for:
Let me first say, I love the Guardians family, but you’re not in the alliance yet. I’m looking for people with some firepower, but I’m open to people willing to grow. People that are fun is a plus. I love Ridiculous Threads. If you hate drama, it’s probably because you love drama, so people indifferent to drama would be great. Players that likes to have friendly competition within their own alliance members for best scores. I like playing with players both foreign and domestic. And just all around good people.

Let me know if this would be a good fit, because I’m looking for a change… for you.


Edit: I’m just not rediculously intelligent enough for this thread :laughing:


I don’t think ppl are reading your post, it’s not obvious enough your recruiting and not leaving.

P.S. this a recruitment announcement, she’s not leaving she’s recruiting. Carry on…

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Recruiting?! Hardly. I’m just looking for a new alliance to call home… for you.

And my preferred pronouns are: Dr., Professor, Sir, and Captain.


@zephyr1 woah, woah, woah!

This was no recruiting thread. I’m trying to find good people new homes, here. Could be for any alliance.

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I mean, I do work in real estate…


Oh my bad Sir…

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I tried the trifecta, was excellent w a Chianti and some fava beans. 13/10 would try again


OMG why did Zephir merged :joy::joy::joy:
Hummm Mods dont ever give it a break!

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