Think of not playing anymore

Hello everyone. now after months of spending and huge I came to the point of thinking not to play anymore. I want to express my opinion now the game practically you see more and more who wins or not who can go forward or not. You can not spend for not even having a certainty of having heroes … after months of reloading gems bought packets femme 109.99 from 54.99 are at the limit … I have always looked for heroes 5 stars with single calls, from 10, Elementals … … And nothing … apart from lianna, marjana and joon in addition to some hero of the month I have nothing … heroes event or anything … only today I find myself with a few gems after yesterday I spent over € 220 in gems for make 5 calls from 10 to the event and I have not taken any 5 stars hero event apparte ser lancilloto … for me it is truly a shame to have calls like that … developers should start to seriously consider this problem … can call and not have heroes … And from how I see in the game we are many to have such a thought … why not put at least 1 hero safe after certain calls? at least to stimulate players to have a guarantee of having 1 hero … And then the game? now the strongest are only those who spend even 1000 euros a week … how can you compete with players like that? it’s impossible. we will get more and more to the point that we can no longer play against anyone because only those who spend will have the opportunity to have heroes weapons and objects ascension … try to find some solution. otherwise, even after spending a fairly high sum, I will not spend more and will get to uninstall


Just some thoughts:

I’m virtually a free-to-play player (only spent $55 over eight months). The game gave me my only 5* for free.

I had a player on my team who spent an obscene amount of money and was never satisfied, even though he had many copies of high level heroes, including Heroes of the Month.

Players may desire specific heroes and not get them, because everything is by chance. But spenders have a higher chance than free-to-plays do. I never spend more than I have, and I’m therefore never disappointed.

I hope this helps. :wink:


Also, given enough time F2P players WILL get some standard 5* heroes in TC20. The standard heroes may not look as flashy, but you can certainly do well with a team of them I’m betting. One day I hope to find out! :blush:


Good luck with that I’ve done over 50 TC20 heroes with no five stars so the chances are insanely small


I’m feeling ya on the TC20! I’ve done probably 75+ so far and not a single 5* yet from them. I’ve got three running now, each staggered so that I get one hero every 16 hours, lol. Was thinking to change them all to generate a new hero at same time, just to mix things up and maybe confuse the RNG. :rofl:


The chance of pulling a 5* from TC20 is certainly not ‘insanely small’; it’s about 5%. If you’ve completed 50 trainings and made nine then you’ve been unlucky - the chances of that happening are about 8%.

I have completed 95 TC20 trainings and have produced nine 5* heroes.

I dunno…I was hoping to get 4* while I waited on my 5*. My first easy-bake hero comes out of the TC20 oven today :grin:


I do have to admit, I’ve done rather well on drawing 4* heroes though. Will have to go check, but there’s very few 4* I don’t have (LJ comes to mind).

I wish you luck!

this game has given you nothing… apart from 3 awesome 5*s AND some HotM’s you got… nothing?
how… awful?.. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lol, I’d love to have Lianna, Marjana, and Joon. That’d be a sweet bunch of nothing for sure. :blush:


The OP makes a fair point that has been made elsewhere: there ought to be some backstop to limit runs of bad luck. E.g. a 10x pull that starts with eight 3* should skew the final results towards getting something good. Likewise, a 10x event pull that hasn’t given an event hero should skew odds in the later pulls towards an event hero.


Totally agree. 4x10 pulls without a single event hero is leaving a bad taste.


Previous time i do many pulls and was very disappointed of the outcome.

This time only 3 pulls with the gems i spare and get 2 merlins.
Not bad, but i guess my spending time is over.


I must agree. I’ve done 17 × 10 event pulls and then 10 single yet I received only 2 total 5* heroes Khagan and Richard, not even a single HOTM, I got 3 Merlin and 3 Lancelot. This is a huge issue in my book, it’s ridiculous. I’ve even taken video to show how sad and preposterous that is.


I’m sorry to hear your frustration, but I can only say have some patience… This game should teach you that, grind your way to TC 20, you’ll be surprised.

Also, I have spent 3€ and trust me im giving those spenders a run for their money, I’m looking to take over some day, I’m not too far away from that, money spending only accelerates stuff, but I’m at a point where I’m slowly solidifying my bench, the only gap between me and others are the exclusive heroes which I have no chance to obtain.

Also try taking down on 8*+ dragons, offers way better loot and often you get ascension materials, go further and don’t be discouraged. :slight_smile:


I… I… Want to see it.

It’s the same thing when you see an ambulance and you stop to observe.
You want to see but at the same time you don’t want to see.

I feel you bro, i really feel you.

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