Think I’m about ready for an epic raid rage


Just have to finish getting my heroes leveled up…


Are you on steraids?


Give me that purple flaaaasks :scream_cat:


Saving those for a menacing titan. Sorry. :rofl:


Same here mate…


We are going to be on an episode of hoarders soon…


Can’t see when I’ll ever use mine. Raids are a bit of schlepp I go through for the wanted missions… I’m normally relieved when I run out of raid energy. :wink:


i use mine when taking a 5 from 70 to 80. raiding for hams.


You get a 5* regularly enough to save your Raid Refills as a strategy?!? :astonished:
Wow. Jealous.



I’ll crack a raid flask to get the last heroes I need for a chest to reset the timer. Im not a fan of raiding, but every chest down puts me one closer to an elemental chest (I think).


May I join the club, please?

I do raids only for the chest. And in our alliance, titan flasks are used only in agreement with the management team :slight_smile:


I am going to raid your purple flak stash!!! Forget about the heroes, hams and irons, give the flasks and nobody gets hurt! :wink::joy:



Forget it, dear :smile:
I am saving those for a rainy day. :slight_smile:

Did 200k on a close caĺl 8* titan the other day - including 1 level up and 1 flask - and we killed it. Everybody got loot.

barricades her stronghold door :wink:


DARN… I should not have given myself away so easily!
whistles pretending to ignore the purple stash and the stronghold that hold it :notes::musical_note::notes:


I took azlar joon and sartana from 70 to 80back to back to back for my first three 80s. i used raid flask to help with the food. Now just doing jackal all my food stores are full.

But i’m doing a bunch of pulls tomorrow so who knows what that will bring? i have the scopes and capes but no good blue to use them on. hoping for Arthur.



ROFL :smile:

wakes up defense team and orders them to defend the keep door with their lives :wink:


Now that is an idea!
I got the very last ascension item for my first three 5* - joon, richard and obakan - within 3 days in December, and I felt like a bird mother, collecting food to stuff it into the open beaks of her hungry children … :wink:

I got them maxed now, but still panting from the excercise …


Yup I’ve got 6 scopes waiting and 5 tonics (1 more for Albi)…prob get both within two days (like you I got the final pieces all within a few days of each other in December).


Let us know if you pull anything good @Dante2377


Woohoo! I got arthur!!! hops up and down with joy


I got a rock…giphy