Think about it!

Well…you don’t have to play it


Unfortunate reading caustic drama about everything and non-stop justifications that are at times, absurder then the previous logic, points provided :rofl:

  • something not working with alliances = blame events, alliance quests.

  • Summons not giving desired heroes = blame the process, but immediately share a single coin pulled 5*

  • Hero balance change = why done, why now, why not that one…… etc !?

  • Titan loot analysis after 4+ years has me Lmao :rofl:

  • this drama is endless … & most times, I am . :rofl: :rofl:


Then to complain, there is so much stress, burn out happening…. Takes the cake for me.

  • While we all can have off days, I still m wondering where is that burn out, stress… how do I miss it daily….!?

High time, one thinks about it… realistically !


That took the cake?
Sorry to hear about your cake.
You must be very deprived,
The word “Chore” has been used So much throughout the forum.
For good reason!!!

Chores lead to Burn-out

Particularly, when they pile-up!

Blame? Or observation?
I suppose that doesn’t really matter.
Only when others comment about it, then it must be time to swoop in and shame them. Call them "caustic" names. Tell them about the great strategies.
Only when it suits you, will there be :birthday:


If you have one person in an alliance doing all the work and that person leaves – it’s about time the rest of the alliance pull up their collective socks.

As for the too much to do … yes, there is. I used to do all that the game offered, even down to all the common quests. But that was a couple years ago. Now I do what interests me. I enjoy the core of the game – raids, wars, map stages. The rest I can take or leave as I choose. Generally I choose to ignore towers and mythic titans. I don’t even particularly enjoy regular titans that much, but I do hit them. I have also lately skipped most common quests that don’t get me gems or a summons token. I do enjoy the Tavern event, although the portal is absolute rubbish. I certainly don’t complete that for the summons.

So yes, you CAN choose to not do it all, and still enjoy playing.

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Lmfao, nice detective work :rofl:

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That is your own personal experience, and not something that applies to all.

I have never liked PVE stuff in this game, and I don’t think that will ever change. I’ve completed S3 because I wanted the rewards, but I am quite a bit behind in S4. I’m choosing to do a handul every month as long as I can auto-farm, but that is about it. I initially was finishing all the tower stuff but now it is too much of a time sink for me even when considering the emblem rewards. So I finish however much I feel like and then stop. I complete the challenge events and put in as much time as I feel like to get into top 10/5K, but if that doesn’t happen too easily I pull the plug and take the lower rewards. Initially I was making usre my AL was running 100% of the time but now it has long dry spells because all the clicking is so off putting (this is one thing you and I are 100% aligned on, by the way).

Disengaging from the above has no effect whatsoever on the aspects of the game I actually enjoy, and nor can I see it ever doing so. I still really enjoy raiding, tournies, and wars. And I enjoy building up different teams to play the above either more optimally or in a more fun way (hello Tree and Franz!)

You are probably referring to me here. I do think it is a more complex game in many ways, because there are so many hero combinations with so many different specials and rulings interacting with each other. Chess has far fewer pieces and rules, as is well known. To become a grand master in chess requires huge skill and talent but overall if you are low to middle skill I just don’t think chess is as complex as E&P to play well. Mock me if you will :man_shrugging:

At whatever spend/experience/luck level you are in the game the above still applies. You can be a spender who plays well or a spender who plays poorly, or FTP who plays well or who plays poorly. Can a skilled FTP player complete against a skilled spender? In some areas yes, in some areas no. But trivialising the key aspects that make you a better player is not helping anywayone


I stopped caring honestly. I used to get so mad if I did garbage in war and would yell and blah blah blah, now I just say meh whatever. Use my flags then turn off. I used to be aggressive with titans, now I’m probably getting C grades and I’m like meh. I finish events not caring what position I am. I finish at what I finish. Don’t care anymore. I’ll still play, but I’m just meh now on everything.

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To that I would say:

While plenty "still really enjoy raiding, tourneys and wars."
Some others find the saturations are not overly challenging, just boring…
Until Finally…

Others take the advice and…
begin the journey, of not even starting them!
As the Topic describes…

Just like anything else, everyone is at different stages of the game.
with different rosters
with different levels of base development
with different bank accounts
with varying amounts of time spent

It’s perfectly fine that plenty enjoy the game and are able to make posts without emojis in every sentence.

It’s also very understandable why other players are getting tired.
Looks like the dwindling numbers in events and tourneys would suggest
more and more are taking the “you don’t have to play it” advice

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My 20 cents,
Play the part of the game you enjoys a bit.
Play the game just to kill your extra free time.
And last for a ally never mis a titan hitting and use all war flags if opted in. Thank you. :blush::pray:

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That is your personal experience. Some of us need the rewards to field decently usable teams, so advising not to play them is only useful to the fraction of the player base who already has an abundance of heroes, emblems and other useful items.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: CAN. NOT. STOP. LAUGHING. This will never get old. To make matters clear, we’re referring to chess against sentient beings, not inanimate objects.


Chess has 16 pieces, E&P has 5. I wasn’t aware that it was well known that 5 > 16. I must have missed the memo. :rofl:

E&P rules: match at least 3 tiles of the same color. Those tiles will charge your heroes’ mana bar which, when full, will allow them to use a special skill. Each color is strong or weak against another.
I won’t bother to enumerate chess rules, as it would take a wall of text, but I can assure you it’s more than 3.

Your wish is my command my good sir. :rofl:

Nor does vastly aggrandazing them. The mechanics of the game are extremely simple to master for the average person. It can be done in about a week - and I’m generous. The rest is a matter of luck and owning decent heroes.

Now, it’s true that some players’ performance is abysmal despite a good roster, but the vast majority possesses the minimal skills required to master the game.
Therefore, in my opinion, a well-balanced individual, whose ego isn’t fragile to the point that they need to pretend that playing a basic match-3 game they’re good at is some sort of daunting intellectual achievement, would recognize that there are bad players, but not good ones.
I’m well aware that it’s an oxymoron, but when the overwhelming majority is good and a tiny minority isn’t, it’s a stretch to call oneself a good player, since almost everybody is.


Only thing I’m gonna say on the matter is:

< During my time playing this game I saw that a lot of people (let’s say 50%) don’t know how to make a proper team and select the proper items to score OK on titans.
< With how the game shifted, I’m 100% that more than 50% are lost on what they should prioritise, from events to farming to leveling to limit-breaking to anything.
< I’m not saying it is too much, it is just too overwhelming for the average type of player, average in playing the game.

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I’ve seen some very questionable F2P
But your are certainly NOT one that I would make the claim of being
"lectured by a spender"

I agree with your “100%”
And would not want to be a new player in today’s atmosphere. The direction of progress was a very clear path when you and I started.

I would say there is a difference between frustration and burn-out from all the added "new farming" we have to do. Along with the frequency of tasks that feel necessary so that you can be prepared to enjoy the parts of the game that you actually still enjoy.

Meaning, I believe those that experience actual burn-out are not clueless about gameplay. Sure there are some stubborn players. But to go for years and never learn must not be 50%

When the grind is displaced with fun there will be less of these threads.

When the grind is compounded by multiple new materials, and the fun is displaced with saturations

Here we are, wondering why
so many seasoned players level 50+ stopping to play and working harder than ever to recruit.


So many time and resource intensive events, they create a “buyers remorse” especially when random loot misses and guaranteed good loot was just, just out of reach.

Good luck with your alliance, maybe you and your teammates can share some of the workload and continue your journey together.

It can, but it depends on the alliance “culture”. If the alliance is really competitive, the expectation is that all the members are equally competitive and put in their best to try to get the highest score.

I personally don’t think the AQ was really that fun, but I prefer finishing all quests (if Ninja and Magic Tower weren’t paywalled, I’d do those as well) so I did it. Out of 25 members in our casual alliance, only 6 or 7 actually finished it (based on scores). Our goal was to crack 10k, which we did when one of the members completed the challenge in the last hour or so. Would our alliance fall apart if we didn’t make it? No, though maybe for the next AQ we may encourage a bit more participation and even just get points trying levels (i.e. level 1 for legendary). Even if they don’t pass it, at least they get points that add up.

Really? If we look at pieces functionally chess has 6 pieces per team…distributed over 16 fixed starting positions. EP has many many more possible pieces distibuted across 5 non fixed starting positions. Then there are tiles, which need to be manipulated. And how to manipulate them efficiently depends on the starting distribution of the tiles in combination with the functionality of the defending and attacking pieces. I’m not convinced that the vast majority of players actually understand how to do this well. Do you even game theory?


Chess is a game which is easy to learn, very difficult to master.

People laugh but E&P requires thinking as well. More so in the team build & synergy side but in the game as well. I’m used to puzzle games (I played Tetris non-stop for like 2 years as a kid, I got pretty hot at it). You need to plan ahead and see combinations.

I watched a hit the other week and straight away I saw a move that set up an on colour match on the 4th combination. The player did something else and ended up losing it. I’m not saying I’d have won but I’d have at least made a match and possibly set up another.

E&P is a simple game to learn but it’s also very hard to master. The difference here is we have to gamble a bit for our pieces. No dispute there but whatever pieces you have you need to build the best teams you can and that’s something else I don’t see often. Even before someone was complaining the board was rigged but they matched 9 tiles before the opponents special fired. But no heroes were charged…that’s not the games fault. That’s a team design issue. I get that might be the only team they have (seemed unlikely) but blaming the game for that is just silliness.

Completely off-topic but…

Some strategies of chess are similar. Chess also has board management. I try to keep my knights closer to the center of the board so they have access to the action in fewer moves. And try to keep my bishops towards the edges to encourage mistakes from my opponent, this way they act like snipers.

Likewise pieces in chess can be used to accomplish multiple tasks, such as sacrifice, blocking, forking the opponent, and splitting the action.

One big reason why chess has so many books written about it, is the player’s ability to plan many moves ahead. At higher levels of gameplay, chess becomes a contest over the future! This is NOT remotely possible in E&P

There are people who struggle with simple concepts in both games.
But strategy in this game is not so diverse to write thousands books about it. All strategies here have one core purpose, limit your exposure to RnG.
And all those strategies can be greatly supplemented with money… You can not spend money to buy stronger pawns in chess…
Maybe there is one book? From a player that claims costumes and vanilla S1 are the same thing.

I am sure I’m an idiot as I just can’t get this! So chess has 6 pieces per team disturbed over 16 fixed starting positions! And EP has many may more pieces disturbed across 5 non fixed starting positions !

I believe my eyes are playing tricks or may be these are visual hallucinations!

Or maybe this is the biggest joke ever :slight_smile:

Maybe google ‘how to play chess’

Just a suggestion.


You said it not me. It was the "functionally " bit that was key…

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