Think about it!

Yesterday the chief governor finished playing in our Alliance. Without him, our alliance will not exist for a long time. Everything rested on him, communication, support, war, setting up defenses, waves of war … Everything! We understand this, a few more wars and our alliance falls apart. And emphasized textit’s very sad! And he stopped playing because the game began to take a lot of time. There are too many events and they happen too often. We do not have time to rest. The Alliance quest went on for 5 days, we spent five days improving it, in the end we didn’t get anything, we scored 52 million points, but this was not enough for the top 100. Atlantis followed. And again, you need to sit and farm for 2 days. And then immediately the Dressing Room. Events go too often! I remember the times when we were waiting for an event, we wanted it, it was a joy and it inspired us. Now the emotions are completely different - Oh, no! … And it becomes work, not leisure. And that’s why people quit the game. Think about it dear developers! The game should bring positive emotions! But our Alliance will not already. It will fall apart soon enough. People are already tired!


I’m sorry for your loss :sleepy: but events and quest are not mandatory. Actually neither is war. You seem like you want to keep your alliance together so maybe you could step up and fill some of roles that are needed to hold it together. Delegate some of the other tasks. Pick and choose your quests or challenges as time allows. Make the game fun instead of a second job. And if you find you are just not strong enough to find your drive to continue then at least I hope you find some joy. :two_hearts:


Ever thought that this could have been the major aspect that takes much more time than auto farming S2 levels or the minor quests? I am no friend of all these events coming up every (at least) 2nd day, but most of them don’t really take a lot of your time.


No, it’s the events that take the most time. Magic Tower, Ninja Tower, Alliance quest. The quest was the last straw, after which it was decided to leave the game. Guaranteed prizes for the top 100 and chaotically falling ones (or rather, the minimum chance that ether will fall 5 ) creates a huge imbalance between top Alliances and non-top ones. We spent five days stubbornly improving the levels, spent a lot of effort, time and expenses and did not get anything good. Only a few got the air 3 . 4 and 5 did not fall out to anyone in the Alliance!!! We have no chance against top players. They have stronger teams, stronger heroes, and now they are guaranteed to get Air for the top 100. How can we catch up with them? On the next quest, their heroes will become even stronger. but what about non-top players? We cannot compete with them, although we also spend a lot of time and resources. A lot of strength is spent, and the result is without rewards


Agreed that AQ loot was not great below Top 100 BUT that’s exactly as they advertised it. Finishing 101st was not overly different to 10,000th and that was clear as day from the reward tables.

So anyone that pushed for better loot hadn’t been paying attention really. Unless you could get Top 100.

I finished 484th individually but did so knowing my loot was likely to be rubbish. And it was but I enjoy Events and doing them everytime keeps you in practice for it. Loot from normal events and my placings are a lot better so I just used AQ as continued professional development really.

This sounds like your Leader spent a huge amount of time on management which with other events has gotten too much. And I sympathise with that and is a reason why I’m not a leader myself.

But it’s not all the game here I would say. It’s a combination of factors


It’s very hard to get into the top 100 in the alliance quest. For a start, if you have less than 30 members forget it, because there will be 100 with 30 who will get better scores than you.

Unless you were in a position to realistically get into top 100 rewards then you/your leader should have not tried pushing so hard.

Sounds like this leader is frustrated and trying to push for entering rather than prioritising. Even if it was too much they could always share the burden with co-leaders who can step up for certain events where coordination is required.

As I said elsewhere, Alliance Quest as designed will only destroy alliances.

Being a staple and a test of alliance development, the rewards are too brutally distributed, leaving a lot of ambitious alliances and players empty handed - and all they have to blame is their alliance. And for many, alliance is the last big reason to keep playing. Last straw to break camel’s back.

Not everyone can know up front whether they will make it or not. I can assure you that almost every alliance who finished in places 101-300 believed they can make it to top 100. The difference in score is very small there, and it’s usually up to 2-5 players who drag the score down. Even if you think you have everything perfectly planned and everyone’s ready. And you only know on Sunday evening that you failed, after everyone is drained dry.


And exactly this. Why are you so reliant on one person? Are there no co-leaders who can step up and do something?

I can also agree with this. Going from 100% chance to 20% chance is crazy. And as @Suicide_Bunny said it’s probably the straw that broke the camel’s back in your case but again -leadership should prioritise properly and if you have no chance of top 100 don’t try to hard and burn everyone (including themselves) out


I agree to a degree but you can know by past performance in the event and if you have pushed and used loads of flasks and items but still didn’t get there why would you expect to do it this time?

I’m making an assumption about the OPs situation though I will admit -maybe the finished 75th, maybe 130 and thought they could do it, in which case I understand your point but again they have made the decision to go for it and burn all the time and resources without a guarantee of getting there.

I’m looking at the situation as it currently is -in terms of whether the situation is fair and good, I agree with you totally that the rewards structure is awful and leading to issues as well as just being unfair on the car majority of players, but I’m saying that you can mitigate some of the issues by planning and prioritising or go in with full understanding that you might not get top 100 from the outset it you do go for it it’s a risk you are taking with your time and resources

Agree that in principal, players and alliances are responsible for their actions and decisions here. But that doesn’t make it any easier to accept it, does it. This is exactly what makes it frustrating, and what makes people leave or disband.

This alliance event was supposed to be fun. Supposed to bring alliance together. Designers should take responsiblity for the people to have that fun, not the players. This should be a festival and not hunger games. It being hunger games is what drives people away. Saying people brought it on themselves because they should know it’s gonna be rough is like telling someone they won’t get paid for a month of work at the quarry as they knew they were supposed to mine 10 tons of stone to get paid and yet they mined only 9.36 tons, shame on them!

Or maybe I am wrong and SG doesn’t care about this game being remotely fun, they just want the top to be as shiny and developed as they possibly can, so the rest of us herd follows them, blindly benchmarking against their rosters, left only to spend money to ‘be like them’, or else leave the train. If that’s the case, they are doing great job.


AQ as a design is pretty rubbish tbh so agree with the above. You’ve now got Event mercing where people are moving around to try and get a Top 100 placing. It’s causing issues all over for sure.

But the No spend November protest only cared about themselves in that regard. Anyone below Top 100 wasn’t there concern or there issue.

So sure I can see burn out and as @Suicide_Bunny states the Team that finished 200th was 100% pushing for Top 100 and didn’t miss by a lot. We were 400th ish and were only a few million away. 5 players going harder of effort but we didn’t mandate that and didn’t hassle anyone to do it.

We actually had a pretty chilled AQ tbh after some initial concerns about it (we lost 2 to a higher alliance on the proviso they returned, which they did)


While I agree that there are too many events, it seems the problem was that all responsibilities fell on a single person. Perhaps your alliance could organize a setup in which they’re shared amongst different members of a co-leadership before it falls aparts. I would never, ever sign up for something like this. :point_down: It sounds like a full time job, and I already have one. It was a burnout waiting to happen.


But the solution to my mind if it continues this way is to not care about it unless you are at the top.

I considered moving Alliances for it as well as I’m a fairly decent Eventer but in the end I really couldn’t be bothered with the hassle for 1 5* aether.

And that will be exactly the same next go around

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This game does take alot of time away from you depending on how much you want to do. It seems to me he wanted to do the things he wanted to do then realised how much time it took off him. Being in a alliance means all need to be active and help each other out. Lots of things can upset a leader or Co. It’s hard to keep a team together and also follow the rules. He took to much and burnt him self out. now the team hav realised how much the player did for you. obviously the player was to proud to ask for help when needed and came to a point enough is enough and just needed to take the pressure off by just leaving or taking a brake from it all to enjoy the game again .

This does happen alot tbh and its part of the game I guess.

But what’s happened has happened and now the team needs to find away to move on and get involved in the areas that the player run. Tough road ahead unfortunately but in time you will find a way to move forward.

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While I am sorry for your loss, personally for me, ONE thing is absolutely clear = There is NOTHING mandatory in this game for any player.

So issues of burn-out, heart-break, pain, frustration are not mainly connected to the game but are personal emotions, issues coming out via this game… Bcoz, every player decides how much he / she engages with this game & in what aspects will that person engage.

  • Challenge Events & now Alliance quests too are competitive events = a fact clearly know for 4+ years, so what is new there that players don’t know.
  • The mechanics of being bumped out by few points from a higher reward tiers is also clear & happened to many-many-mnay… many many many times = already well know !

There are alliances out there who keep advertising / promoting to be chill-out places for a FUN play environment.

It is IMPORTANT to look at what are the real reasons for all the running around / over engagement despite pain, burn-out aspects… and find a way to enjoy the process !

I keep reading the words = “people are already tired”… well personally, I couldn’t care less BCOZ, How does it affect me at all… ?!

  • Not trying to insensitive, but I seek out if these words are my experience… else, each player / person needs to find their own thing !
  • A game cannot do ANYTHING about it…bcoz, the game will keep introducing ways to engage players… who have to be smart to chose what matters to them !

Good wishes in getting game related clarities to decide for self, instead of concentrating on others’ scenarios = a losing cause, which solves nothing !

Happy playing !

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I don’t get it… ok, top 3000 players will get some aethers… big deal… it would have meant something, if aethers wouldn’t be available in aether quests and in store… The way they are now, aethers will be the “main course” for the next year or so, but from now on, everybody will be able to break a 5* hero every month, on average, as the aether quests unfold, depending on their luck of getting the 5th aether from another source. So, by the end of 2022, avrrage players will have about 15 - 20 LB 5* and an aditional number of 3 and 4*s., enough for a LB war party. At that point, aethers will probably become easier to get, just as it happened with emblems. So, by 2023, if the servers are stil on, we should expect a second level of limit breaking to become available. That leave us with a real problem though… as we all know, today’s top heroes (those that get aethers now) will be outdated and benched by next year’s new comers. Heroes will be released that will put Xnolphod, Ludwig, Krampus, Wolfgang & co to same, but level 2 LB will be very difficult for these new heroes, as they’ll need the first level of limit breaking first. So, here comes the dilema… will top players opt for further LBing their already broken heroes, or start over with the new and stronger ones that will probably need twice as many aethers? Decisions, decisions…


Sorry to know that your home will fracture soon.

To those of you who will continue to play on, hope you find a replacement home that meet your gaming needs.

Enjoy the time that you have left with your buddies.

Doubt that SGG will relent on the pace of events. If it’s possible, prioritise those that you want to push on and just complete the others for the completion rewards.



This advice always tickled me.

Once you stop engaging 1 portion of this game, then other portions become easier to also walk away from.
omg… this magic tower takes up so much time, and my children want to go sledding
Leads to 95% game engagement and go have fun with your family.
That moment is all it takes to realize what drag this game is.

The OP complaint: "it’s a chore…
when it’s supposed to be fun"

A Very Common Complaint…!

The first thing I ever passed on was a tower. I just didn’t have time, and then:

POV wasn’t really a chore, but it definitely annoyed me. There was so much work that needed to be done. Raid Energy, War, Trial, Tournament, Event, Alchemy… take a break and rest finger, then more alchemy, oh no… I have to do underwater levels when Season 4 is running… dang, now I have to wait ducks. I’m so tired… FINALLY…set alarm for approaching titan. Wake up in the middle of the night and use a Titan flag, WE filled so drop that too, whoops can’t… recruits filled… what’s this?
Complete Vanaheim stages, oh forget this… wake up tired and go to work.

So I quit worry about POV, and get whatever free stuff comes from it. I never tapped on it unless it said something free was in there. That was so liberating! The game actually improved a little. Still so many chores…

It’s the best advice ever!

for trolls: :point_up_2:that is satire

Stop engaging the content you don’t like. Before long, you stop engaging the game!


Hmmm not sure I can 100% agree on this statement. Yes they are personal emotions, the game changing causes this to people cause what they were once content/happy doing is perhaps no longer obtainable or possible. So I would argue a person can be consistent and the change of the game CAN cause frustration, burn out, etc all other aspects remaining constant.

iE if player used to finish all events. Now the game has more events, and they are harder, and longer. Player was happy finishing events, and now finds they cannot. The game changed not the player and they are reacting to the game change.


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