Things you can buy with that money in your country (the most expensive E&P pack to date)

A continuation of a post I did regarding this stupid expensive pack

Curious to know what you could buy (entertainment, necessities, etc.)

That’s at least a month worth of groceries for me.

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A dinner out followed by heavy drinking

My house’s monthly utility bill… or 20 burgers with fries :stuck_out_tongue:

I legit started buying Tesla stocks rather than the deals on this game. I’m hoping to switch to c2p.


6 months of electricity bills or several years of consumables for firewood processing.

I can pay 8 months worth of my phone bill

3 months worth of my 17yo dog’s medication!

A nintendo switch lite + match 3 game that has no in-game purchases.

A week of heavy drinking to forget all the money I’ve spent on this game in the past :rofl:

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Only half a month of electricity during winter, but that’s another problem right there…

Two pairs of good shoes?

Everything is expensive in Norway…

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