Things we would like to see in the game

Having been asked for my thoughts, here are a few things that I think could be helpful in the game and the reasons behind them;

The ability to “private message” another player - this should in theory just need an extra button on the View Profile page and would be a lot of help to us all.

Chat Thread Moderators - I very rarely go into Global due to the amount of spamming/racism/bullying that I see. If experienced players were appointed as Mods then this could benefit everyone.

Alchemy Lab - as mentioned on another thread, we have hundreds of useless items in our inventories. The ability to use them similar to th Barracks for troops would be great.

Reduced Wait Time Tokens - similar to Summon Tokens, these can be bought or won from chests/missions but reduce build or wait times by specified amounts. When you have to wait over a week for a build then these would be very appealing!

A monthly membership option - players could pay a monthly amount (for example £19.99) and receive a loot drop at the beginning of every month containing gems and items for use in game, as well as other benefits such as reduced build times, timer cooldowns etc.

Alliance wars, or Player vs. Player battles - more incentive for players to boost their alliance or test their strength against each other. Alliances could also gain points and rewards and these in turn would benefit their members and reward those that have been playing the game a long time, or indeed choose to spend a lot of money on it.

Just a few thoughts, but feel free to add more!


I like all of those. The time tokens are a great idea. Loot crate is interesting, though I find anything random in the game is not particularly favorable. I also really like the level up items idea.

Things I’d like to see to add to your list
Find player search
Second build queue
Ability to watch more ads if desired
Improved access to ascension items
Guaranteed epic+ buy. (It is harsh to do five or more draws at 300 each and get all 3*)
Hero comparison.
Rebalance troop upgrade cost.
Raise elemental chest percentage a bit at least.
Rest other epic chests (maybe 1000 monster?)


I would love a guaranteed 4* or 5* buy, though I bet I might howl a bit at the price… :sweat_smile:


Love to be able to construct/upgrade 2 buildings at the same time, maybe once you reach rank 10 or something.


What kind of hero comparison? I know a couple others are doing some spreadsheets… :slightly_smiling_face:

If I have multiple heros, it would be nice to compare them in game to decide what to take to battle.

Perhaps a rating that showed damage and damage resistance over time taking in to account the special attacks and the enemy colors.

Right now it is a bit vague as to what the stats mean. That could be by design, but if it isn’t, there is an opportunity for a nice player aid with some comparison functionality.

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Hi i been asking for private chat for over 5 months i use to monitor globle chat and try to keep it clean but i have gave up on globle chat i have to much to do then spend all my time in there

The only solution for private chat is to go to the app store down load line chat and invite people to be your friends and you can private chat wirh them in there.

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Nice post. You have a lot of cool ideas. I hope it encourages others to participate.

I do like a lot of your ideas and would like to include it would be nice if within your alliance you could donate resources to get upgrades or something that the whole alliance would get. What do you think about something like that?


Yes that would be great we could also use it as a reward sytem to reward our best player to keep there interest in the game


I think the highest fighters get neglected in Titan battles. I’d love to see this rectified.

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@MisfitMark… Just dropping you a line to make sure I don’t miss any of your great game hello:grin:

Would like to see a replay after titan battles, possibly to help better your score and a chance to do more

Limited time heroes get regular someday.

Hello i would to have trading produks within de alliance

An idea from our guild. We would like to build our own Troops. Exactly as we can do now with Heroes. This can also solve the issue of the tons of unused materials.

You can when you reach level 10. You convert a building to barracks (hint: don’t convert anything other than a forge) and then consume troops to increase the power of troops.

Did I get the wrong end of the stick here, or is that what you were really talking about?

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Pretty sure they meant creating troops like you do heroes in the Training Camp. Currently there is no way to do that, troops must be bought for gems or found during map farming.


Ah, yes. That makes sense, thanks.

Yes, crafting troops would be nice, wouldn’t it. :slight_smile: