Things that will fix the game

The developers have done good by giving us more ways to win loot (wars, higher titans, rare titans, etc). However, the biggest and most irritating thing about this game revolves around gems and how dang hard and expensive they are. Additionally, the game is stale on the hero front. So I propose these major changes that I think will make the game more fun, fresh, and actually encourage more spending (which is a good thing).

  1. Increase the VIP package gem rate. I think as high as 85 gems/day. I think it’s fair to get one 10x summon a month from this.
  2. Increase the drop rate of gems so that I could earn about one 10x summon a month if I played regularly and participated in everything (wars, titans, wanted chests, etc)
    • I also propose two things to go along with that. 1. Reduce Mystic Vision time to half what it is now or more. 2. Daily login bonuses that increase each day and culminate at 30 days then reset.
  3. Add additional 4* heroes that are normal (not event or rare like the bunnies)
  4. Cut your gem package deal prices in half. $30 for one 10x summon with a 1% 5* drop rate is basically theft or fraud.

Before all of you defenders out there jump in to say that I’m just being entitled I will say this: I don’t feel entitled to these things and I’m not holding my continued play time hostage to these changes being made. I just honestly think they would drastically improve the game as a whole.

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Of course these things would be nice, but the chances you are suggesting in 1,2 ,and 4 are way too drastic to be considered by devs.
I’d like to see a small increase in free gems, your suggestion about faster vision and/or daily login reward is awesome for that. The rest of the gems related ideas indeed feel a little entitled. They would be nice, it’s hard to argue with that, but I myself don’t really see that much reason for that much chance.

3 is of course on excellent idea that I think everyone can get behind.

  1. The gems in the VIP pass are already half price and you get other bonuses so I think that payoff is great.
  2. I totally agree that gems should be more common from titans, chests, missions, and quests. Given that a gem is worth about one cent, it’s embarrassingly stingy to only include 18 gems for 28 flags in the gems II quest, and 30 gems for the final step in missions like raising food storage to level 20.
  3. I agree with this point as well. They added Khagan, Obakan, and Domitia after the other 5*s to even out the numbers for each color. I’d love if they did the same for 4s by adding another purple, yellow, and blue.
  4. I would love gems to be cheaper, but SG would never change the rate. I think the better change would be to increase gem drops in the game to make it easier for f2p and low paying players to get more summons.

That sounds sensible. How about a player competition to design some new characters? I bet there are some fantastic artists in the community.

I really like the idea of a bonus for regular logins, and extra 4* ( as wharflord says some colors need an extra one).

I can’t really get behind the idea of more gems from vip ( how many chests would I skip with 85 gems a day w00t!) , but it would be nice if the drop rates scaled better on titans etc ( like 1 gem per star !).

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