Things need to get better

Things really need to get better for the people that can’t run up a lot of credit card debt.
I’m just sick of being a worthless waste of space in this game, there is nothing I can do to be better.

I hate myself.

Hating yourself ain’t fun, @thingsarefun. Reverse your way of thinking back !! NOW !!

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Whatever is going on in your life at the moment I sincerely hope it gets better!!!

We sometimes forget that there’s somebody behind the screen, because we get so caught up and fixated on the latest heroes, titans wars and achieving our own little in game goals .

Our pressures are those we put on ourselves over something that’s supposed to be fun!!! What we do we can also undo in the same breath .

Using this game as a remedy won’t fix it, it’ll only add to aggravation if your trying to compete with better equipped players .

Instead of competing with others be the best you can be with what you have, work on synergy etc . If your alliance is piling on the pressure change to one better suited to yourself . If needs be just put down the game for a few days .

When it stops being fun then it’s a problem.
Stay safe

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